Why there is no open world Fantasy RPG that just focuses on the exploration without well-established characters instead of finishing a line near story.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Why there is no open world Fantasy RPG that just focuses on the exploration without well-established characters instead of finishing a line near story.

Sorry about the title, there may be, but apparently it’s not on my known list, which means it may not be popular enough to reach the casual gamer. The closest is probably Zelda, but I don’t have the Switch and it’s still in the minority.

Second, since English is not my native language, I may beat around the bush and make many grammatical errors, so please feel free to point them out to me so I can correct them. Apologies in advance.

Here are a few points from my title:

  • Discover fantastic RPGs: worlds like Witcher, LOTR or Monster Hunter, mainly swords, shields, bows and magic. Tolkien or Dark Fantasy worlds depends on your taste, if you don’t like Fantasy you can define it as GTA, RDR2 or others, because it is not the main point of this post. I used Fantasy because that is the world I like the most.
  • Focus on exploration rather than a linear story: Basically, there is no such thing as too much storyline, so it should be done as quickly as possible (at least the storyline conveys that feeling). I’d like something generic: there’s a demon lord, everyone has to put him down, and in order to meet the demon, I don’t have to perform a specific task that requires other components. I know it’s one of the core RPG points, but at least don’t make it too obvious, or there are substitutes like: There’s a holy sword, which again is an effective demon lord, but I can completely ignore that and replace it with an extra effort to get stats. I know most people want to find the sword eventually, but this way it doesn’t look like a task and focuses on finding/selecting materials. In summary, minimal blocking content (A must do B to do C to do D and go from there).
  • Unknown characters: I was born normal, like other NPCs, not as someone important, like a chosen one or a son of the gods, but as a simple bastard. The only thing that sets me apart from the others is that I have the power of a protagonist.

Just a few more points to add to make my game perfect:

  • Well-crafted subplots: Since the main plot is somewhat uninteresting, it would be good if the subplots were well written like in TW3. It would make me feel more like I was on a journey and exploring.
  • Coop: I would love to have a collaboration with walkers to clean a dungeon, it also shows my stats because I can compare to others, what do they have that I don’t, maybe there is an area that I missed? Where did they get that suit?

Basically, I want the character I play to represent my journey, not a written character. For me, it’s really a role-playing game.

What do you think? Is there a game I missed?

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