Warframe’s next-generation version lives up to the name in every way

I have almost 3,000 hours in Warframe. About 2,990 of those were spent on PCs. It’s not a criticism of the consoles, it’s just that Warframe is a beautiful thing on the PC. The game is so incredibly fluid and looks so fantastic on PC that it’s hard to switch to another platform for my ninja action. It’s always been hard to retire to consoles, and I only did it to convince friends to play.

But now that Warframe is on PlayStation 5, I can say with confidence that this problem has been solved. Digital Extreme’s next generation of excellent space shooter is a perfect example of the huge performance gap between the PS4 and Sony’s latest console. It’s also a great example of how the same game can become a whole new experience with increased graphical quality and scrolling speed.

After seven years of development, Warframe offers 45 different warframes to collect, hundreds of weapons and a wide range of missions, quests and activities to take part in. Almost everything in the game can be achieved through effort, though you’ll have to use the free premium in-game currency for many cosmetic options. However, when it comes to free games, Warframe is the fairest on the market, so don’t worry. All of which makes it an even more valuable addition to the potentially slim (but growing) PlayStation 5 series.

The difference between Warframe on PS4 and PS5 is remarkable. On Sony’s latest console, you can enjoy smooth and precise gaming with 4k resolution and 60 frames per second. This is exactly how you should experience the fluidity of Warframe. All of these extra frames make for an incredibly immersive motion system in the brilliance of Warframe. The increased resolution means everything you see is sharp and precise, with an extra layer of detail that brings the world to life.

It’s not just a matter of changing the settings, as Warframe on PlayStation 5 has one of the most significant visual improvements the game has received in years. The game’s new and improved rendering offers excellent results and better dynamic lighting, making Warframe one of the best marauding shooter games on the market today.

Warframe’s environment design has always relied heavily on elements like lighting objects to add depth, but it looks much better with new renderings, which is honestly hard to describe. Playing the role of Excalibur and activating your raised sword to see the flickering flames of the sword fall beautifully on your Warframe is a beautiful thing.

If there’s one element of the PlayStation 5 that I’d like to see in PC games, it’s the touch controllers. Digital Extremes did a good job of using this new feature to add weight to the weapons. Shooting the string of my Parisian bow, feeling the tension build up in the adaptive triggers and then releasing the shot is fantastic, a whole new level of immersion that I wasn’t really expecting.

What’s even more exciting is to think about what Digital Extremes could offer in the future if they were able to fully utilize the power of the PlayStation 5 and add even more features to the game that simply wouldn’t work on the PS4. And if you’re afraid to leave your friends and your clan behind as you move on to the next generation, fear not. There’s cross-gaming between PS5 and PS4, so you can always play with your friends and enjoy 8 hours of group refereeing.

The next generation of Warframe demonstrates the increase in quality that developers can achieve on this new hardware, and it has especially affected my opinion of the excitement of thinking that old games can find their place on new consoles. If each game manages to do what Digital Extremes has done, I’ll be splitting my time more evenly between console and PC for the first time in a long time.

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