Top 19 Best Gore Anime Updated Recommendations

Top 19 Best Recommendations for Gore Anime – Gore is a genre movie that shows real or not real violence, in a genre movie or an anime that shows very sadistic scenes like murder, mutilation and other sadistic acts.

For those of you who like anime gore. I give you the best recommendations what anime gore comps you should watch out for. The following list :

11. Genocyber


Gore’s first best anime is Genocyber. Many anime fans say that this anime is the saddest of the gore, because of all the death scenes, the best being the death by mutilation.

Genocyber is a special project developed by a mad scientist to create a gigantic weapon. This anime story focuses on the two different female characters involved in the Genokyber project, Elaina and Diana.

Elaina is a beautiful girl but lacks sensitivity in thoughts, while Diana is a beautiful girl who is weak but very gifted in the field of clairvoyance. But unfortunately they don’t know each other very well.

12. Whole


The next best anime gore movie is Ganz. This anime is considered a hit with a unique story mixed with gore, which makes it a bit different from other gore anime.

This animated film tells the story of Kurono Kei and Katau Masaru who are hit by a train but do not die, but find themselves in a room with a large black sphere.

Then the big black sphere said that they were actually dead, while their bodies were now just discarded, and that if they could score 100 points by killing the aliens, then their wish would be granted. It is from here that the adventures of Kurono Kei and Katau Masaru began.

13. Elf song

Fairy song

Fairy song

Best Anime Gore, including Legacy Anime, is quite popular. The story of a Diclonius named Lucy who manages to escape from a non-human government research lab.

Diclonius himself is a man with invisible horns and telekinetic hands. Because of this condition, Lucy has terrifying powers and abilities that allow her to effortlessly kill or move objects without touching them (invisible hands).

The target may die suddenly in a sadistic manner, due to a broken or cracked body, the sudden appearance of limbs or loose internal organs. In addition, this anime also features Ekki.

14. Cadaveric accumulation

Corpse Party

The Dead Man’s Day

If you are one of the fans of anime gore or horror, you probably know one of the best anime gore. Because the anime called Corpse Party is very popular among anime fans.

The story is about a group of students playing a traditional Japanese game in a school building shortly after an earthquake strikes. After that, students do not stay in the school building.

The result is several mysteries about the past of their school buildings, not to mention having to survive the hunt for psychopaths who are everywhere. And to get out of here, they have to meet some conditions.

15. Blood C

Blood C

This animated film tells the story of a girl named Saya Kisaragi who lives with her father who is a temple guardian. His father taught him the techniques of the sword and how to fight.

My appearance, Kisaragi, was more or less that of an ordinary girl, but who would have thought that behind such an appearance was a monster killer who protected others.

16. High school for the dead

Lycée des morts.

The story is that of a group of school children who are trapped and must survive a zombie attack and a nuclear war. Inevitably, they must fight and wipe out the zombies that try to attack them.

Note that in addition to the gore and harem elements, this anime also features an ecchi scene. So be careful when watching this animated film.

17. Dead man’s wonderland

Dead man’s wonderland

Dead Man’s Wonderland is a prison where there is a system of fighting between inmates. The loser has to give up one of his organs every time he loses.

The anime story begins with a student named Ganta Igarashi playing with gadgets in his class. Suddenly, a man dressed in red appears and hovers at the window of the school building.

Then a mysterious bright red silhouette quickly destroyed the school building, killing many students. Ganta was arrested by the Reds and locked up in a prison called Dead Man’s Wonderland.

18. Hellsing Series


The Hellsing Series

The second best anime gore is the Hellsing series. Hellsing itself is a special organization whose goal is to exterminate vampires and monsters. The story revolves around one of Hellsing’s members, Alucard.

Alucard is a vampire himself, working at the behest of Hellsing. Alucard has his own reasons until he wants to join an organization that aims to destroy his own people.

Alucard is one of the vampires who can regenerate quickly, it is even said that he is approaching immortality.

19. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Set in 1983, this animated film is about a man named Maebara Keiichi who has recently moved to Hinamizawa. Then he was invited to a club whose activities consisted only of matches.

One day a year there is a festival. But Maebara Keiichi felt something strange about the festival where one person was lost or killed in each of the 4 years.

Out of curiosity, Maebara Keiichi became interested in the matter until he finally got involved and joined him.

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