Stardew Valley – Getting Started Guide

In this guide you will find some of the most useful tips you should know on your first days in the Stardew Valley. If you are a new player to Stardew Valley, be sure to check out the detailed guide below.

Starting work at Stardew Valley

Basic control

  • W – Up
  • A – go to the left
  • S – go down
  • D – go to the right
  • Left-click – Use a tool or item position
  • Right-click – Controller/Task
  • Escape – Open the menu
  • F – Open Diary
  • M – Open the map window
  • Y – Open the emotion menu
  • T – Chatbox
  • F4 – Screenshot mode

Preparation for first harvest

  • Use an axe, pickaxe and scythe on the trunks, stones, grass and bushes on your farm to remove about 15 tiles.
  • Use a hoe to plough the soil and plant 15 parsnip seeds provided by Mayor Lewis.
  • Use your watering can to water the seeds and soil.
  • Continue to water the plant daily until it becomes a plant. Your parsnips will be ready to harvest in 4 days.
  • Plants need water to grow every day. The starter irrigation can only water one tile at a time and can be recharged in any pond, river or other water body.

The Valley of the Stars


  • Energy limits power. One of the most important ways to overcome this problem is through diet. Eat is the default action, which uses a right click or X input, with the food highlighted in the inventory, then click Yes in the confirmation window to eat the food. Most crops and many fodder crops can be used for energy recovery.
  • Sleeping at the end of the day gives the players their energy back. After 12:00 a player does not regenerate 100% of its energy. When a player goes to bed exhausted or has to sleep at 2 a.m., he wakes up in the morning with about half his energy level.
  • In multiplayer, staying in bed gives you energy over time.

The Valley of the Stars


  • To raise the skill level, the player must perform certain actions related to that skill. XP farming is earned by harvesting adult plants and feeding animals. You win XP by feeding or felling trees. XP is produced by crushing stone and ore deposits. Fishing and the use of crab buckets will increase the efficiency of XP fishing. Killing monsters increases the battle XP.
  • As the skill level increases, the player earns money to develop recipes (at all levels except levels 5 and 10) or professions (at levels 5 and 10).
  • Occupations (levels 5 and 10), for example, can boost the player’s performance. B. More purchased items, additional selling price, lower stock usage, and others. The choice of occupations at level 5 determines the available occupations at level 10.

The Valley of the Stars

Villages and Friendship

  • Giving gifts to villagers increases the value of their friendship. You can give a gift by selecting it from your inventory or by choosing it, pressing a hotkey and then left-clicking on the person you want to give the item to. Once you’ve made friends, the villagers will send you recipes or gifts by post, give you access to their rooms and treat you differently in the dialogues. Unique cutbacks and interactions can also occur when making friendships. The player must also earn a high level of friendship in order to be able to date and eventually marry a villager.

The Valley of the Stars

And that’s it for these Stardew Valley tutorials. Do you have any other suggestions? Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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