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It’s been too long since our Sims have had one bad haircut after another.

After all, a man’s short hair can only make you change places. And honestly, most of the men I’ve made have had the same 2-3 hairstyles for as long as I can remember.

But what if I told you that anything is possible?

Human buns don’t need to be presented. This is a famous hairstyle that all men who decided that short hair was not the way to go.

And here is one of the best CC’s for your loving boy Sam.

7. Anto’s hair makes the record dark

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Many bun hairstyles for men come with the idea that your sim should look like a hipster.

That’s as far from the truth as it gets!

There are many types of men who need to put their hair in a bun from time to time, and with the Anto Blackout Hair Recolor, your male sims can achieve this with a casual look at the back of their heads.

Instead of a nice pattern or a small bun on your head like you’re used to, this hairstyle seems to be stuck to your face while you’re doing something important, like working out.

It’s not too hectic, but the length of the Sims doesn’t mysteriously disappear when you need to change their appearance, for example. B. An outfit.

6. Human Chignon CC

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This style (created by Tumblr user The Rpe) is very classic for a man’s bun.

She’s right in the middle of your bun, and she’s pretty small, which means her hair isn’t too long when it’s down.

But he does the job for all your male needs Sima. Everything is pushed back and held back!

5. Celan Hair

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A human sandwich with a certain texture! This hairstyle has layers that are clearly visible through the back locks of the hair, making it a great option if your Sim needs to tie up her hair for the warmer months. Or physical activity.

But you can keep her hair shaggy and full of life at any other event!

What also makes Hair Caelan an option to consider is that it comes in 30 colors, not the typical basic colors you’d expect with traditional hairstyles.

So your male Sims can have fun coloring their hair too!

4. Rafael Ban V2

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Raphael Bun V2 has the attitude and style for the boldest sims you’ve ever made.

Whether it’s your teenage son going through an alternative phase or an adult male simulator you can always put in the front row at a hardcore show, this bun is guaranteed to match their outfits and lifestyle.

Just like the previous style, this CC bun for men has an incredible variety of colors, ranging from different shades to almost any color you can imagine.

Which seems to be very suitable for this type of hair.

3. Wing hairs

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If you’re looking for a man bun that has something to get you excited, this is the hairstyle for you and your sim.

Braided hair has one major attraction: the fringe.

This fringe is distinguished by its design and the way it falls in one large section on one side of the face, which looks casual, yet put together.

Another feature to look out for is the shaved detail on either side of the head. Not to mention that the texture of this hair has nothing to envy its cliffhanger.

If you want your Sim to look like she didn’t skimp on hair care, this is a good place to start.

2. Individual attachment

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This offset CC top knot is another variation of the shaved side knot, but this time the shaving is more of a fade. As you can see, the hair is much lighter than before.

Plus, this style is so versatile. It can adapt to almost any style your Sim chooses for them.

They can be used at sports simulators, or with people who are really professional and always take their work home with them, or even with players when it’s time to relax and play.

This style is inspired by what can be found in the City Living expansion pack, and is only available in the originally planned colors.

So it’s a good option if you like using custom content, but don’t want your sims to look too much like they’re blending in with the rest of your neighbors.

1. Shaved bread Messi

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Most of the men’s buns you find are tight from the back, well put together and very sleek.

But who doesn’t love something that only lasted a few seconds?

Let your Sims be comfortable and casual with these types of nonchalant hairstyles.

After all they had to do today, they deserve to wear what they want!

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