Realme Watch S review, Best Smart Watch Under 5000 Rs? –

Realme Watch S magazine, best smartwatch under Rs 5000? –

Cheap smartwatches and fitness bands are currently at the peak of their popularity in India. After the introduction of Apple’s iWatch, most companies began to take more interest in smart clothing. Realme recently unveiled its two smartwatches, Realme Watch S and Realme Watch S Pro.

If this is your first time wearing a smartwatch or you’re looking for an affordable smartwatch, the Realme Watch S may be a good option. On the other hand, if you are a regular watch user and you want a better quality of construction, a clear display, an integrated GPS and an elegant look, choose the Realme Watch S Pro.

If your budget is less than 5,000 rupees, the Realme S watch is the best option. In this article, I will talk about the Realme Watch S, which has almost the same features as its predecessors. Let’s find out everything that can help us decide if it’s worth buying or not?

Realme Watch S Specifications:

Pay attention: 1.3-inch IPS LCD monitor with 360×360 pixels, 278ppi pixel density, auto-brightness, 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 protection.
Communication : Bluetooth 5.0, compatible with Android 5.0+.
The sensors: PPG optical heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensor, rotor vibration motor, 3-axis accelerometer, photosensitive sensor.
Sport modes: Outdoor running, walking, indoor running, cricket, outdoor cycling, strength training, football, basketball, badminton, yoga, aerobics, indoor cycling, table tennis, stationary cycling, rowing and elliptical.
Characteristics of physical fitness : Real-time heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level (SpO2) monitoring, sleep monitoring, sports monitoring, pedometer, meditation.
Other features : Light alert, alcohol reminder, smart notifications, phone search, weather report, music and camera control.
Evaluation : Protection class IP68
Belts: Removable silicone strips
Battery: 390 mAh
Dimensions : 47 x 12 x 260 mm
Weight: 49 g

Design and construction

I really liked the design and quality of construction of the Realme Watch S. The traditional round shape of the watch, as well as the tachymeter, give it a nobler and more attractive appearance.

In addition, the Realme S watch uses better quality materials, better display and, overall, something that looks much better on the wrist. It has a 46mm body with a bronze aluminum frame and two buttons on the right side that control all functions.

The back is made of matte black plastic and contains the sensors and charging pins. The watch comes with a 22mm silicone strap that is comfortable and durable. You can choose between different bracelet colors – black, green, blue and burnt orange, depending on your preference.

The other positive point is that the watch is very light. Although it is slightly heavier than its predecessor (49 grams), thanks to the good weight distribution it remains very comfortable on the wrist. It also has an IP68 rating, making it waterproof to 1.5 meters. We can’t say it’s completely waterproof, but it can handle the usual liquids, rain and sweat with ease.

On the other hand, if you want to feel sporty, you can also buy the Realme Watch S Master Edition, designed by famous Korean pop artist Graflex, which will definitely give you a decent sporty look. Overall, I have no complaints about the design and build.


The display now features a 1.3-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and a density of 278 dpi. The quality of the display is quite good, no problems with readability and the panel showed accurate colors.

The round dial is similar to other smart watches, but I have the impression that the diameter is slightly larger, which makes it easier to reach the controls. The frame is also very small and on the one hand, the chin is not as big as its predecessor. To protect the watch’s display, Realme has incorporated a 2.5 curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3, making the watch a rugged product.

What I like most about this smartwatch is the automatic brightness sensor, which was not present in previous Realme watches. When you leave or enter a dark area, it automatically adjusts its brightness to the backlight so you can see the screen clearly. You can also adjust the brightness manually between 5 levels.

Now we come to the dials. It has 7 integrated dials that are directly accessible from the watch. The advantage is that you get over 100 watch faces in the Realme Link application, and you can even create your own custom watch faces to match your style.


The autonomy of the Realme S watch is very satisfactory. With the huge 390 mAh battery, you can achieve a life of about 9 days with regular use. However, you can extend the life to 12 days by activating the low-power and night modes and reducing the brightness and usage.

For your convenience, Realme has added a simple but unique charging system. You need to place the charger on the back of the watch and it will automatically adjust the charging points on the back. Gone are the days when you had to pull on the leash to recharge. The S Watch charges in just 2 hours. You can use your power bank, mobile charger or laptop to charge the watch.

Software and user interface

The Realme Watch S uses a simple user interface and comes with 14 built-in applications. You need to download the Realme Link application to your smartphone to install a pair of smart watches. Installation is quick and requires no special precautions. Just follow the required procedure and you will eventually connect your smartwatch with your smartphone.

The navigation of the S-watch is quite simple: Drag the slider up to access the application drawer and drag it down to view all notifications. By sliding on the sides, you can display various health and fitness screens (heart rate, SpO2, meditation, sleep and daily activity data), weather, music management, phone search and quick mode switching.

As for the integrated functions of the watch, you can view all incoming messages or other important notifications on the smartwatch’s screen. Up to 10 notifications can be displayed simultaneously. The only thing missing is that you can see the notification, but not act on it. In my use, syncing notifications was a real headache, the day’s notifications were always there even after deleting the phone. Otherwise, they are well optimized for this screen and have plenty of content. You can also answer incoming calls using the clock.

The Music Control screen appears when you listen to music or a movie on your phone, and also includes YouTube and Netflix. However, the ability to launch applications from within the watch would be handy.

Functions and physical performance

I think Realme cares about its customers this time, so they’ve added some interesting features like continuous heart rate and SpO2 monitoring. The Realme watch also tracks your sleep and provides a detailed breakdown of REM, light sleep, deep sleep and wakefulness. You can view the recordings both on the watch and on your smartphone.

You will also get a detailed report of your heart rate, blood oxygen level, steps and training log in the application and on the screensaver. Although the watch doesn’t have built-in GPS, you can use your phone’s GPS, which provides a good analysis of your walk or run.

If you are more into sports mode or need a built-in GPS, then you should opt for the Realme Watch S Pro. Overall, all of these fitness monitors work pretty well, and I haven’t had many problems using them.

It has a special meditation function that is very useful during lock. You can get the weather right from the smart watch and set an alarm and a timer, which is definitely worth buying.

Now let’s move on to formatting options and accuracy: The Realme Watch S is equipped with the typical 3-axis accelerometer for measuring steps and repetitions, as well as a sleep monitoring stand. You get all the basic fitness and sports options, plus a few new features. It offers 16 different sports modes for outdoor and indoor activities like running, yoga and cricket. However, with the exception of running and walking, all other modes are not very useful.

Final words

All in all, I can say that the Realme Watch S is a good choice for you if you are looking for a nice and affordable smart watch. It doesn’t need to be charged regularly and looks much better than the fancy fitness bands you wear on your wrist.

The ability to change the straps to match your look is totally worth it. The only thing missing is a built-in GPS and IPX7 waterproofing. In short, it is an ideal choice for a budget of 5000 rupees and for the average user. However, if you exercise a lot, walk and run daily, you may want to up your budget and opt for the Realme Watch S Pro or another high-end smartwatch. More information can be found on our Youtube channel: .


Pros and cons


  • Elegant and high quality design
  • Decent build quality
  • A large and impressive exhibition
  • Protection of glass gorillas 3
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Numerous functions
  • Customer control form
  • SpO2 monitoring
  • Amazing battery life


  • Not suitable for bathing and showering
  • No built-in GPS
  • No support for iOS

Real S clock


Rs. 4,999

Rs. 7,999

Buy now

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