Unrailed! Beginner’s Guide to Jobs, Wagons, and Biomes

This guide covers the basic tips in the Unrailed section. We’ll also give you tips on how to master the game, the best cars, how to complete tasks, actions to take and tips for each biome. Of course, every team and every game is different, but for those who want to win this game, this guide is a good starting point.

No ramps! Beginner’s Guide


At first, when the train is moving slowly, it’s easy to multitask and rotate where people are needed, but as the train gets faster and longer, you’ll quickly find players passing each other, throwing bottles at each other, trying to accomplish the same task, and no one paying attention to the path ahead until it’s too late. Perhaps the main reason for this is poor planning. Giving each player a specific task means less confrontation with the other players and less attention to each of them. You can always move from one task to another, but try to stay consistent until the next station.

His first two jobs were as a miner and lumberjack. This work can be boring and tedious, but it is underrated. Your goal is to clear resources around the train to facilitate supplies and clear a path for the train. Clearing the main track should be a priority, as this allows the track to be cleared in advance and other obstacles to be overcome, such as B. the rock behind the forest on the track, or access to water that miners and loggers must always be wary of, or access to clear to stop the train, or an easier route. A very big problem is that the people working in a field don’t know their way around until the train gets stuck. You can pounce on players to strip them of their tools to take control, though toxic behavior is preferable to ignoring the path to follow, an important task underestimated by people looking for an easy job while trying to pick up the axe.

The next two men must drive the train. Usually one person is responsible for filling the wagons, while another person lays the rails. Of course, if there are no rails to lay, it is best for both players to fill the wagons. The most efficient way is to lay rails, obtain resources nearby, then return to the train and either resupply or close the train and lay the next rails. In the beginning, with a slow train and a few wagons, both players can fill the wagons and drive, but as you progress, filling the train gets harder and harder until one person is only concerned with filling the wagons while the others lay the track, essentially one person in front of the train lays the track and uses dynamite while the other is behind the filling.

Of course, this is not an absolute requirement for all jobs, but knowing what your role is is essential to getting to that point. One of the most important habits to avoid is leaving work when the car is not far from the station. Players with an axe or cleaver must continually clear material, both for the next turn and to make room for the front row, or the person laying the front row must stop the train or let it sway while the front row is cleared, which happens more and more often as the train speeds up while the fourth person fills the wagons to keep everything running smoothly.

Freight car

Just as there are good cars, there are no good cars. They all have their benefits, but the biggest problem is which one to take and when. I was skeptical of many of them for a while, but that always changes depending on the team and biome you join.

First of all, there are the basic cars you start with, warehouses, building materials and water. Water is a cart that can be set aside for a while, but must be renewed at least once before moving on to the next biome. Storage and rafters are the usual first step for most people looking to upgrade, unless the obligatory car is available at the first stop. It is useful to have a second hacker to speed up the build, but it is not recommended to do this before the second hacker is up and running, because your resources need to be used and not saved. Unused resources are a waste of resources and time. It is a good idea to have a tank car at the rear of the car, so that water can be refreshed at both ends of the train, either from the locomotive or from the water tank.

Next is the automatic constructor. This car should be available during the upgrade. At level 1, it is used exclusively for the disposal of wood waste. But after improving the car and its efficiency, it can be a big relief for the team. This cart can automatically collect wood and iron when fed with wood, which varies at each level and whose collection rate increases, into a storage cart. This can be a problem in later biomes when it collects the stone needed for the overlay, but the benefits of not having to fill the supply cart next to all the other carts outweigh this problem.

One second should have what most teams usually start with dynamite. This cart, powered by a single iron charge, creates a bomb in 30 seconds that explodes in a circle of radius 1 (a 3×3 square) with increasing range per floor. This can quickly clear a path or provide large amounts of resources if players run out of supplies. Starting each level with loaded dynamite is a very useful strategy to quickly clear a path for the train before it leaves. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to extend the range of the dynamite even further. The dynamite turns yellow (+1) when charged, and the explosion is great. With two upgrades it turns purple (+2) and is usually large enough to kill a fleeing player, but it goes beyond a very large radius. With three upgrades, usually 2 boosters and a loaded kick, Dynamite becomes purple (+3) and powerful enough to wipe out 1/3 of the entire screen and usually kill multiple players. NOTE Bombers count as grinding/mining, which is useful for getting these bolts when a player refuses to share an implement or when players don’t have time to leave their work, but can walk around and place dynamite.

The next one should be a ghost car. The longer the train stretches, the easier it is to figure it out. The ability to control the train is especially important in difficult situations where the train has to go through small gaps or when players fall behind to clear the track, forcing them to man up. Upgrading the ghosts increases the range (+1 per level), the ghosts get into other wagons, making it easier to move through the train. It is important that it is in the middle to make the most of the spool effect, preferably in the front half as the train gets longer.

The last one is supposed to be a supercharged station wagon. When loaded with iron, this wagon increases the span of neighboring wagons by one level (+1 span per level). This wagon is a must because it makes others more powerful, such as shipbuilding, dynamite, and dispensers, all with the goal of making it easier for players and quickly upgrading the wagons for players who don’t have many bolts (one tactic I’ve seen was to upgrade the wagon when the train was on fire, while in the Halloween biomass, it prevents the train from being on fire when the water wagon is upgraded. Ineffective tactic because this car should always be active and boosting others, but since the crew was short of rocks at the time, they should have saved resources). Just like Ghost tries to do in the middle, by increasing all the important carts.

A light cart is useful, especially if you’re trying to make it through the night, but you’ll end up using too much wood for a cart to be useful, especially if you enter the Halloween biome where night is no longer an issue. However, in the snow biome, most teams believe that a car light is essential because it can melt the snow at the same time as the lights at night. So he must be replaced before the engines of the next biome are improved.

Other vehicles

These cars are generally not used in all teams, but depend on the preferences of the participants. Just because they don’t need them doesn’t mean they aren’t useful.

The bucket truck is useful, but usually too cumbersome if the team is not well coordinated. When you put the bucket on the trolley, you can be sure it won’t get lost at the back and next to the water, ready for use. While charging, a small red bar appears next to the bucket, indicating that the bucket is charging and reloading everything within its range. The player can move faster by greatly increasing the power of the pickup and attack, and the dynamite is within his reach. The duration is very short, which can be improved with each level, but constantly going back to the train and chopping up resources wastes more time than raw dynamite, which is very useful in the final biome, Mars, however, where you have to attack the green vines to progress, because if the two miners/foresters team up and the third one brings a bucket for them, they can attack the vines for a while.

A miner is a car that looks useful on paper, but in the end is not worth the investment. A cart can mine resources within range 1 turn, with the range and speed of extraction increasing with each level. But they just sit next to the train, not in front of it. The reason why this cart is not so useful is that you always want to move forward, and as long as the players clear the road well, the miner’s cart is not needed. Especially if the train is going to be faster, players should focus more on clearing the track for the train and reducing resources in front of the train than behind it. The raw material train can loop along a narrow path to clear an area, but that’s usually a waste of track when dynamite is much more effective and explosive.

The conversion car is useful, especially in the beginning of the game. Each level increases the speed of conversion and the size of the stack. But since it’s not mandatory, the player should know if it’s important to take this car or not. In space, a spare stone can save you miles, and if you have a low resource level (some stations yield a lot of stone and very little wood, or vice versa), having this cart can help you in a pinch. This wagon is excellent padding, but the player usually has enough resources around the train to not need it, especially in later biomes.

Finally, a compass. This car is in the direction of the station, so you can walk. However, your route should be based on available resources and possible thoroughfares/bridges and not necessarily on the quickest way to the station. At this point, the updated version that shows the fastest route doesn’t work and makes the car unusable. It’s not worth the seat in the car.

If you get all your favorite cars, it might be a good idea to duplicate a few or take one of each. Each wagon can only have one, so it is not possible to have three. Two do-it-yourselfers raise the ship, which is ideal for high-speed trains, the double dynamite keeps the tracks clean. Dual compressors can line up cars to get more power, but they can’t charge each other. Most of the other carts can be picked up for convenience, but the compass, bulb, and compass make no sense due to the presence of duplicates (I haven’t seen any duplicates, but I also haven’t used them enough to confirm this).


Each biome has its own obstacles and strategies. Knowing what to expect can save you a lot of headaches. It is recommended to go as far as possible in each biome before moving on to the next step to save bolts, and your train should have wagon loads by the end of the second biome. Each biome also has a special bolt that looks unique and can usually spawn at the third station. This bolt gives two bolts and is needed for each of them to complete the game.

The first biome, the levels, is simple and poses few problems. The first difference is the rain, which can cool the car and fill the bucket. So the water isn’t as inconvenient and the screws can be wasted elsewhere instead of being sprayed first thing in the morning. Your two obstacles are the bandits stealing materials and the rivers that you have to cross by holding the wood and laying it across the water when you see the silhouette of the bridge. At night, the screen gets darker and it becomes difficult to see the road ahead, as the view is only around the players and the train locomotive.

The second biome, the desert, is very similar to the first, except that it no longer rains there, so it is highly recommended to freshen up before entering. The bandits still exist, because the bandits and the rivers no longer appear. Instead, there will be fewer open spaces, more hard rocks in the middle of the map, and more concentration on clearing the path ahead of you.

In the third biome, the snow biome, there are no more bandits, but there are yetis that trample the ground and can knock players off their feet. Combined with the snow, it’s very annoying to lose things. Snow slows players down and can pile up high enough to hide items. The course forces players to pay attention to the layout of the levels. Trees are easy to identify, but stone, compared to hard rock, is difficult to distinguish, hence the importance of attention to detail. A light car is very important here, as the snow can melt, exposing most of the screen when you get in.

The fourth biome, Halloween/Ad, brings relief from the snow, but also its own terrors. The night will no longer slow down players or cause problems during the race. The first big difference is that water has been replaced by the value of lava, to fill the bucket with water this must be done by steam geysers, so access to water is a priority. Bridges have to be built with stone, which makes wood less useful because it always accumulates. Sasquatch replaces my drool, which must be removed with a bucket of water. We can’t kill them, so we can pick them up and keep them away from the lava to prevent them from reigniting, or we can blow them up with dynamite. A handy strategy is to blow them up in the train to set it on fire, which kills the slime and quickly extinguishes the flames. NOTE, for the achievement of easily releasing 10 silt, find one and bring it to the geyser next to the lava with the train/player, then proceed to burn and discard the silt.

The fifth biome, space, offers some relief at first, but can quickly overwhelm the player. Water is no longer an issue, players should rather worry about oxygen meters. Now, a bucket and a tank of water and oxygen bubbles and sillies. The players can fly, but many stone bridges have to be built to lay tracks for the train. The biggest obstacle here is the management and clearance of runways, as free resources can pile up and become a problem, as well as the adjustment to the management of oxygen meters. Meteors will occur that can destroy paths and roads. That’s why it’s very important to use a bucket as a shield to stop a meteorite in case it lands on an important place. No enemies to fear.

The last biome, Mars, has the characteristics of the fifth. Bioms, except that the train now runs on a normal surface so fewer bridges are needed, but lots of patches because the screen is full of resources and few open areas. Each zone has a path of green blocks from top to bottom that must be cut in the opposite direction to continue the movement. You have to attack it with an axe/pick to get through. On these vines are 3 heads that shoot fireballs at the player, killing the player unless the player is in an oxygen bubble, either with a hit or a bucket. Still no night, bridges have to be built with stone, and oxygen is always a problem. One of the advantages is the amount of resources, especially with dynamite: players rarely struggle with materials.

Tips and Things

Here is a brief section on bad gambling habits and why they are bad. Not everything here is bad, but maybe it’s better to spend your time somewhere else on the train.

The first, number one, is the early placement of the last piece. You need to give players enough time to lay tracks to start the next level, make the train stop at the beginning and clear the wood/stone around the station to avoid a claustrophobic start and make it easier for trains to line up.

Another bad habit is to finish a song early and hold it in your hand while waiting to place it at the end. This is useful when approaching the train, but some players tend to wait as soon as enough tracks are available, usually when the train is still at 15. Instead, you help build the rails and move them forward for the next round or clear a path to start the next round.

As mentioned earlier, not using the tool to transfer raw materials is a waste of time, because you have to clean the station instead. Obviously, making a stack of resources should be your next step, but only if you have nothing else to cut into.

Working with the axe/pickaxe is not easy, just boring. In addition to generating resources, you must constantly open paths and clear the way for other players. Lack of access to water or other materials is a problem that most people face. Operating a field is a real puzzle and it’s very bad, you always have to mine/chop around the tracks and keep moving.

On a similar theme: Don’t drop the tools to stack everything, leave everything scattered and keep generating new material, because once you stop generating, no one else will either.

In fact, making large stacks can be a visibility problem. Therefore, discuss in advance how large batteries should be constructed, whether it is one large battery or several smaller ones.

When making tracks, don’t turn your stack in the middle of a level. You’re wasting time trying to move the rails forward instead of putting them in place or using them to move the train forward, because in 9/10 of the cases they just get left behind. Even if you buy in advance, it would be best to extend the delay until the station is in sight, then you can stack them at the end.

Follow the easiest route when laying the track and coordinate with your team. If the crew is moving slowly or the train is coming, don’t build straight tracks, learn how to stop the train so your crew has more time to move forward.

When laying a track, avoid being in the middle of the track or crossing it unless necessary and coordinated. The location at the edge of the track provides more space and pushes the train against a rock wall that should not be accessible to people. Of course, if there are resources on both sides of the train, stay in the middle, but don’t give more work if the path can be simplified (Ex: at the top of the map, the train can be pushed straight, no one needs to go to the other side and try to squeeze unbreakable rocks, because the player doesn’t need to be on that side of the train, so plan before you block the side of the train.

Pay attention to your curves when laying the track.

Keep the train as straight as possible and in the clear spaces, so players don’t have to spend more time clearing wider tracks for the train, and have room to meander, which means more time for players on the track.

Note the total resources when reloading. Don’t waste wood on a light bulb or a rock in a charger if it means running out of tracks. Resource management is very important, and wasting cart mats instead of carts can end a run quickly.

It is very important to pay attention to the goal. In the beginning, it is important to set each screw to the maximum number of upgrades while the train is slow and reserve it for fast upgrades in the future. For example, missing simple objectives, like not killing animals or only having one player with the tool, is an easy mistake to avoid.

Try to learn each task in case a player dies or gets stuck behind a train. You don’t feel the pressure of not messing up track placement or making sure you clear the track or tracks in front of you when players get out of position.

If you are stuck, open the menu and select Restart. It gets you to the FORWARD of the train with what you are holding, which is useful in case of instability or in an emergency to move the rails forward. Expect a delay in closing, but it can save a race if you use it early enough.

You can get stuck in biomes for bolts to find a specific car you want to buy. Note that you have to drive at least to the next station AFTER you bought the car to upgrade, but all upgrades can be bought immediately.

Compare the forward and reverse gears before buying the bike. When the pace picks up, consider staying one or two laps longer to adjust to the speed, especially if the prep work is poorly done. If the bolts and trolleys are no problem, don’t hesitate to level them quickly.

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Warframe’s next-generation version lives up to the name in every way

I have almost 3,000 hours in Warframe. About 2,990 of those were spent on PCs. It’s not a criticism of the consoles, it’s just that Warframe is a beautiful thing on the PC. The game is so incredibly fluid and looks so fantastic on PC that it’s hard to switch to another platform for my ninja action. It’s always been hard to retire to consoles, and I only did it to convince friends to play.

But now that Warframe is on PlayStation 5, I can say with confidence that this problem has been solved. Digital Extreme’s next generation of excellent space shooter is a perfect example of the huge performance gap between the PS4 and Sony’s latest console. It’s also a great example of how the same game can become a whole new experience with increased graphical quality and scrolling speed.

After seven years of development, Warframe offers 45 different warframes to collect, hundreds of weapons and a wide range of missions, quests and activities to take part in. Almost everything in the game can be achieved through effort, though you’ll have to use the free premium in-game currency for many cosmetic options. However, when it comes to free games, Warframe is the fairest on the market, so don’t worry. All of which makes it an even more valuable addition to the potentially slim (but growing) PlayStation 5 series.

The difference between Warframe on PS4 and PS5 is remarkable. On Sony’s latest console, you can enjoy smooth and precise gaming with 4k resolution and 60 frames per second. This is exactly how you should experience the fluidity of Warframe. All of these extra frames make for an incredibly immersive motion system in the brilliance of Warframe. The increased resolution means everything you see is sharp and precise, with an extra layer of detail that brings the world to life.

It’s not just a matter of changing the settings, as Warframe on PlayStation 5 has one of the most significant visual improvements the game has received in years. The game’s new and improved rendering offers excellent results and better dynamic lighting, making Warframe one of the best marauding shooter games on the market today.

Warframe’s environment design has always relied heavily on elements like lighting objects to add depth, but it looks much better with new renderings, which is honestly hard to describe. Playing the role of Excalibur and activating your raised sword to see the flickering flames of the sword fall beautifully on your Warframe is a beautiful thing.

If there’s one element of the PlayStation 5 that I’d like to see in PC games, it’s the touch controllers. Digital Extremes did a good job of using this new feature to add weight to the weapons. Shooting the string of my Parisian bow, feeling the tension build up in the adaptive triggers and then releasing the shot is fantastic, a whole new level of immersion that I wasn’t really expecting.

What’s even more exciting is to think about what Digital Extremes could offer in the future if they were able to fully utilize the power of the PlayStation 5 and add even more features to the game that simply wouldn’t work on the PS4. And if you’re afraid to leave your friends and your clan behind as you move on to the next generation, fear not. There’s cross-gaming between PS5 and PS4, so you can always play with your friends and enjoy 8 hours of group refereeing.

The next generation of Warframe demonstrates the increase in quality that developers can achieve on this new hardware, and it has especially affected my opinion of the excitement of thinking that old games can find their place on new consoles. If each game manages to do what Digital Extremes has done, I’ll be splitting my time more evenly between console and PC for the first time in a long time.

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The World is Full of Secrets (2018) Blu-Ray Review



A very unusual and unknown film, A World Full of Secrets is kind of an endurance test for those expecting a traditional film because they don’t care how most films are made or what they expect. It follows its own path and in its composition almost resembles a student film.


Five teenage girls tell each other scary stories day and night and try to scare each other. But as night falls, the stories intensify and by the end of the night, the girls’ entire lives will change forever.

Review :

Five Waifish teenage girls (played by Helena Burger, Dennis Gregory, Ayla Gutman, Alexa Shae Nisiak and Violet Piper) hang out at home one afternoon and decide that each of them will tell the others a scary story to see who can tell the scariest story of all. Stories are told in their entirety, some lasting up to 20 minutes or more, straight from a character to the camera, and the camera never wanders away, and all the stories have something in common: They refer to violence against young women, some of them even going so far as to describe in detail how these women are raped, humiliated and/or murdered in a gruesome way. Between stories, the girls order a pizza or challenge each other to do strange things, like mocking fate to show them their future, or speculating about Lucifer in strange rituals. At the end of the night, the girls meet a fate that is left to the imagination of the viewer, but through the voice of one of the girls, which has aged, we learn that something unspeakable happened to them all night.

A very unusual and unknown film, A World Full of Secrets is kind of an endurance test for those expecting a traditional film because they don’t care how most films are made or what they expect. It follows its own path and in its composition almost resembles a student film. These are very long shots in which the young actresses deliver extremely long monologues (with mistakes that were not intentional). This is certainly brave on the part of writer/director Graham Swan, but it’s also annoying, especially since the dialogue seems to have been recorded and recited from memory like a play. The words never come out of the characters’ mouths, and the film suffers a lot from stilted delivery. However, the film appeals to you if you are patient and pay attention to details. There are clues as to how these girls are doing, and sometimes it feels very real and disturbing. Girls end up getting kidnapped? Tortured? Raped? Murdered? Who knows? Another strange and inexplicable aspect of the film is that for some reason it was shot in 1996. Why 1996? What about 1979? Or 1987? What’s a year? The fact that the film is narrated by an old woman gives the impression that the survivor of these events is looking far back in time to remember that fateful day, but 1996 seems too young. It’s one of those crazy choices director Swann makes, and I don’t mind it. There are some great moments in the film, but all in all it’s an odd duck.

The World is Full of Secrets was recently released on Blu-ray by Kino Lorber, and although the cover says nothing about the film, it includes an audio commentary by Swon, a deleted scene and trailer, and an insert booklet with an essay about the film.

PixARK Review –

Minecraft has become something of an icon in the gaming world. She created a formula so simple yet so well executed that many people are addicted to it. As with all successes, there have been numerous clones, some really good and some not so good. Which brings us to Pixar, an offshoot of the ARC: Survival Evolved, the game that brought us an open world of survival on an island full of dinosaurs. This is what happens when two worlds collide.

It should be noted that this is not a friendly game for newcomers. You will find many menus and flashing instructions, so it is better to read the instruction page. If you think you can just spawn in this world and take things at your own pace, you are sadly mistaken. There are systems upon systems to handle, including menus for things like crafting, skill points, inventory, maps and more. If you plan to invest your time in this game, it may not be much, but if you just want to get out there and build a few things, it may be quite difficult.

Once you get used to the interface and systems, it’s time to go on an adventure! But don’t go too far, because you’ll soon encounter dinosaurs that are 60 levels above you. This game has a heavy RPG mechanism, so it requires you to level up and ship weapons and equipment. Normally, it would be nice if the RNG game wasn’t terribly against you. When you start the game, you are randomly placed on a map that usually sends you to areas where the enemies are more numerous than you. The fact that the combat is confusing at times doesn’t help either. Sometimes enemies don’t suffer any damage when you hit them, and sometimes enemies that you can hit at random become healthy again. It’s not always clear what the enemy is up to and how, which makes the battle less exciting than it might have been.

Maybe you don’t want to fight the dinosaurs and maybe you just want to escape and explore the world. Well, be careful where you go, because this game makes the journey around the world as tedious as possible. The game’s map makes the world seem huge, but every time I ran in one direction, I quickly ran into an invisible wall. It’s especially annoying when you walk into a cave and hit one, forcing you to awkwardly jump to get out. Also, the movement in this game is terrible. Your character has strange movement animations that make even walking a routine, so even tasks like jumping over a block seem harder than they should be. It’s even worse when there’s almost no solid ground in the game, because every 5 feet there are blocks you have to jump over to move forward. It’s hard to imagine how bad the controls are without playing with them. Imagine if you had to stop every ten seconds and spend the same amount of time jumping over a block.

As mentioned earlier, this game has role-playing mechanics, but they’ve also infused them with elements of survival, making the game slower than it should be. You have standard RPG stats like health, strength and stamina, but you also have stats about hunger and time. You may be able to influence them by increasing their skill points, but this takes a lot of time. Of course, the developers wanted players to suffer for a long time to make the game fun. Increasing your values as slowly as possible, even if you put a few points into a value, it seems to make almost no difference. To be honest it’s not too hard to get levels in the game, you can just kill enemies to get EXP or just hang around because you always get a very slow increase in EXP. There are letterboxes that offer side jobs that reward you with very meager EXP’s, but they’re not really worth it and make it seem like a half-finished job.

The brutality of the game can be summed up in the simple difficulty of extracting and placing blocks. The most basic and important feature of Minecraft, which every clone pays precious attention to in order to stand above all other game features, is done terribly in this game. The blocks are much smaller, so they are harder to touch. Also, there is no grid to indicate which block you hit, so extracting or placing blocks sometimes seems random. You might think it’s just a problem because of the third-person camera view, and maybe the first-person view is much better? Well, maybe he will if I ever find him. Changing the camera image should be as simple as pressing a button, but I’ve gone through all the menus and controls and still haven’t found a way to change the camera image. Again, a feature that should be so simple and practical becomes increasingly annoying and unnecessarily complicated.

So I’m not a fan of the game’s mechanics, controls or menus, but unfortunately the game continues to disappoint in the graphics department. He struggles to stay at just 30 feet per second, but usually at 20 feet per second. You might have a little sympathy for this, given the number of dinosaurs you’re trying to put on the screen, but then you realize how far away the map is drawn. It’s so short that you’re practically surrounded by a plume of fog for only a few feet, and even that may give the game more credit than it deserves. To make matters worse, the game has low resolution in docked and portable states. How can this game have so many technical shortcuts and still look horribly useless when Minecraft on the Switch has a smooth frame rate, large render distance, and sharp resolution. There is no excuse for the strong optimization of this game on the Switch.

While you can ignore all these problems, it is interesting to note that this game has both online and local multiplayer modes. We couldn’t try the local multiplayer mode because you have to play with someone who has a second copy of the game. As for online multiplayer, you can create your own servers and let people join other people’s worlds, or you can join other people’s worlds. Each server can hold up to 64 players, but every server I connected to only had a few. It should also be noted that all the problems mentioned in this study occurred in solo mode. As you can imagine, online multiplayer doesn’t offer a much better experience. Playing with others makes the game more fun, but only at the expense of the enjoyment of interacting with others, not the quality of the game itself. If you must play this game, online multiplayer is preferred if you have a good internet connection.

I’ve only talked about this game in glowing terms, so if I have to mention something positive, it should probably be the artistic style. Technical problems aside, the game looks great. It has a beautiful, colorful aesthetic that really sets it apart from any visualization you associate with Minecraft. If the models of the characters are a little rough, the dinosaurs all look fantastic. It’s always a pleasure to watch them run, and they have very solid animation.

The general problem with this game is that it’s too far removed from what made Minecraft great: Simplicity. The mining, the fighting, and even the simple movement are fantastically executed in this title, which PixARK should have copied. The fun and engaging simplicity of Minecraft is ruined here, and that’s precisely the biggest problem with the game. Then there are the technical problems and the lack of charm. The game doesn’t even have a soothing soundtrack to listen to while exploring, which means the game has almost every repairable quality you can imagine.

Pixark warehouse
  • Charts – 5/10
  • Sound – 2/10
  • Gameplay – 2/10
  • Late complaint – 3/10


Final thoughts : AFDB

PixARK is a Minecraft clone that should be avoided. There is a lot of boring content in this game. Everything that should be a simple function becomes much more complicated than it should be. When you walk around, it feels like a chore, you know you’re not comfortable. It feels like an unpolished early access experience, not a finished game for $40.

Jordan is a gaming fanatic who grew up in a house shaped like a shovel. Years of cheap horseplay have made this man the quality researcher he is today.


How to load…


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Astromonkey’s Revenge Review –

If you’ve always wanted to strap a jet pack to your back and cross an alien planet to become the greatest hero who ever lived, hop aboard the Willy Train and prepare for an unprecedented adventure.  Willy Jetman shows aliens with eyes on ropes, overcrowded garbage trucks, a flying fish, a magic spell, a crazy monkey and the most boring hero of all: Astromonkey’s revenge.

By boredom, I mean more restraint.  Willie’s not the smartest guy, but he’s a lazy street sweeper who knows how to use a lot of guns.  Gladys, a recycling spacecraft, took him to a distant planet called Gravos to recover the debris from a terrible accident. Willie talks about Gladys like she’s a garbage truck, and that’s the attitude she has. Willie is equipped with a machine gun and his courage is fueled by his crazy mind.  But he ends up acquiring a zealous mind, and you have to help him save the natives by killing other natives.  You need to earn enough resources to buy weapons, which you can find in caves, mines, forts and waterways.  There are many hidden places to discover and places to explore.

I know this game falls into the category of adventure games, but it has many aspects of Metroidvania.  These are maps where you can level up Willy, earn new weapons and items, and go anywhere you don’t run out of items.  It’s not what I would call an extremely difficult game like Hollow Knight, but it kicks your ass pretty often and boss fights can be excruciatingly hard.  One of them in particular keeps sucking you to the boss, while the smaller creatures just bombard you to the point where you need to hunt to upgrade your weapons.  So if you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll find it here.

There’s a lot to be said for the learning curve in games.  This one has a very short learning curve when it comes to the controls, but what can make it difficult for you is mastering the Willy jetpack so you can hover where you want to shoot the creatures that are attacking you.  They activated it the right way, and at first I thought I would put the buttons back.  After about an hour of playing, I found that using the default key scheme and working with it worked very well.  At first I was a little frustrated because I was pressing the wrong button to shoot.  I also accidentally pressed the wrong button and activated mine to blow myself up.

If you die, you will be sent back to the last rescue point and lose all progress made up to that point.  It’s really in your best interest to get to the rescue point as soon as possible after doing something difficult, because it’s happened more than once that I’ve died after a boss fight because I didn’t take the time to get my health back to the rescue point.  In fact, the backup system is exactly the same as in Castlevania: Symphony of the night.  This game reminds me of the fun I had the first time I played this great classic.  Remember, it’s a completely different experience, but there are still many things that made SotN one of my favorite games.

The graphics are supposed to be a style of pixel art, and they are very colorful; I would even say very beautiful.  We’re not talking about Bloodstain-like images here: The ritual of the night.  But comparing apples to oranges is just as good.  The character design is brilliant, and there’s a wide range of enemies you can fight to earn the title of Galactic Hero.  I’ve never noticed a delay at any level, and everything is going very well.  When you enter a new part of the world, the delay is less than a second and you are immediately taken to the next area.

Well, anyone who has prepared my previous reviews where the game has good music knows that I absolutely love video game soundtracks. Often, if the music is really good, but the gameplay is kind of bad, I congratulate the game for the soundtrack.  This game has some of the most memorable music I’ve heard in a long time.  This is not an orchestral symphony that will make you cry.  I’m talking about fun, bubbly tunes that make you want to hum them, and they start to stay with you even when you’re not playing.  Very, very good. The game is good, but the music makes it almost perfect.

Speaking of games: The controls are very strict.  The gravity mechanic works very well in comparison to the jetpack.  The controls are very good. If you jump off the jetpack just before shooting, you’ll shoot a lot faster.  This can help you get out of the many pitfalls and strengthen your combat strategy. You can literally feel the urge to float, just away from the spiky objects and the terribly hot lava.  There are evil barriers that architects have invented to make you angry. They’re going to fight the boss and say it’s not that hard.  The next one might end up in an asylum. A few times I cursed so hard that my poor puppy ran into the next room.

I have a minor complaint that could be corrected with the update. Once you have equipped your mines, you have a counter that tells you how much you have left.  By killing the enemies around you, you will be rewarded for killing as many people as possible using the combo system.  This combined counter is located directly behind the remaining ammunition list.  Since it’s probably as easy to fix as the mistakes the quarterback made in the Super Bowl, I doubt it will take much time.

If you’re looking for a slightly less frustrating experience than Hollow Knight and you like the Metroidvania play style, this game should keep you entertained for hours. Willy has a lighthearted story, liveliness, funny music and a good laugh or two. Sometimes a game can bore me very quickly, but this one has me begging for more, and I can’t wait to play it while I’m at work or doing adult things I don’t want to do.

Willie Jetman: Astromonkey Revenge Review
  • Charts – 9/10
  • Sound – 10/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Last call – 9/10


Final thoughts : EXAMPLES

The near perfect combination of action-adventure and Metroidvania style makes this game a must for lovers of side-scrolling games, platform jumping games and level games like Castlevania : Symphony of the Night and Metroid.  There’s a lot of fun to be had even if you don’t like these types of games, because Jetpack really adds a level of fun that you can’t get with a triple jump.

Jay has been an avid gamer since the days of intelligence.  His hobbies include building personal computers, 3D modeling and printing, and spending time with his kids and dog.


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Lego Jurassic World Review –

I’ve been saying for a long time that Lego games are underrated. While Mario, Crash and Spiro sit comfortably on 3D iron thrones these days (Yooka-Laylee is probably sitting in a plastic deck chair right next to them), the genre was pretty boring not too long ago. Mario was in postmodern 2D, Spy tried to sell you Skylanders, and I think Crash might have been in rehab.

Traveler’s Tales (TT) Lego Star Wars video game attracted a lot of attention when it was first released in 2005, but no one thought it would essentially carry the 3D platforming genre past a generation of consoles. Over the years, not only has each new release been a constant success with young audiences thanks to Lego’s endless bag of licenses, but TT has always tried not to skimp and continues to offer charming 3D marathon collections with an amazing amount of content and replay value. And if the gameplay formula has remained largely unchanged since the days of Lego’s Star Wars, it’s only because the simple, addictive platformer has aged surprisingly well.

Such is the case with Jurassic Lego World on Nintendo Switch. We’re only a year away from the release of Jurassic World: Warner Bros. has unearthed this fossilized 2015 game giant and brought it to life with crazy voodoo DNA on the Nintendo Switch.

The game follows the events of the first four films of the Jurassic Park franchise, reinterpreted in Lego. In a way, the title is a bit misleading, as Jurassic World only represents a quarter of the game. So to get to Chris Pratt’s Lego, you have to go through a lot of Jeff Goldblum’s Lego first. All kidding aside, don’t be fooled because your dollar buys you four movies. Most tabletop games don’t fit into one Lego game, but certainly enough to fully immerse you in the legend of Jurassic Park. I’ve only seen the movies once so far, and now plastic dinosaurs haunt my dreams, so I say good job.

How is Lego Jurassic World different from other Lego games? Well, not so much, because the most surprising mechanism of the game is that Jurassic Park is probably the first Lego-adapted franchise to not include any fantasy elements in its gameplay. Star Wars, Harry Potter, and even Batman tend to play up their more supernatural themes to some degree to make them work as game mechanics. I can count on my hands the number of times a character from the original Star Wars trilogy uses the Force. But in Lego games, the Force is used all the time for everything from opening cabinets to disarming attacking Droids. Jurassic Park, on the other hand, is set in our world, and while it takes some freedom from science fiction, it mostly respects the possibilities of the real world. So I was curious how much fun a Lego game could be if you removed the fancy spells and powers and replaced them with arrows and dinosaur bones.

Again, TT makes me look like an idiot because, no, the game is always fun. While Lego Star Wars and Lego Marvel focus more on unique abilities and combat, Lego Jurassic World is more of an open world presentation based on a puzzle, and it turns out to be a great way to put the story into a playable form. You don’t spend much time fighting dinosaurs as you maneuver around the island, dodging the dinosaurs and eventually capturing them. Most levels take you into an open environment where some sort of threat or blockage prevents you from advancing to the next part of the level. Of course, your job is to neutralize the threat and move on, but how to do that is usually not easy. After that, you’re left to your own devices, exploring the environment and interacting with a variety of NPCs and scenery. Eventually you’ll find a way to move the scene forward, whether it’s building something, destroying something, or destroying something and then building something.

Between missions you can roam the real Jurassic Park, the game’s central world, with a map, jeeps and the usual Lego assortment. It’s a super charming way to tie all the films together, and it was actually one of my favorite parts of the title as a whole.

The gameplay remains as consistent as ever, and it feels great on the Nintendo Switch. The HD textures are fantastic whether anchored or in the bag, and the cooperative drop-in/out mode of the previous entries is alive and well here. This is an absolutely welcome feature at a time when local multiplayer is usually on the endangered species list.

While Lego Jurassic World seems to meet all the criteria for an acceptable Lego game, there’s a big problem in the audio category. Early Lego games didn’t really care about the voice acting, but told the whole story with slapstick and movement, like a ridiculous cartoon. But with the growing popularity of games and the penchant for tabletop games to tell more and more interesting stories, Lego games have started offering full dialogue and actor voices with the 2012 Lego DC Super Heroes 2.

Since the Lego DC games were original stories rather than adaptations, having her play it in her voice was no problem. But when you adapt something like a movie, it can get complicated. Instead of rewriting the dialogue or using sources for Goldblum’s impersonators, TT used the film’s original sound, worked all the animation around it, and recorded bits of the original dialogue to fill in some of the gaps.

They’ve done it before with varying degrees of success, but in the Jurassic Park series they really had to re-record everything. It’s not to denigrate the original performance, that’s not the point. The very fact that a sound recorded 25 years ago, combined with a new sound, will be unpleasant and uncomfortable no matter what you do. Subtle changes in sound quality when an NPC interacts with one of the main characters are enough to disrupt the tone of the entire scene.

This seems like an incredibly small thing, and those who are less sensitive to sound quality might ignore it completely, but when your honesty is focused on consistency, even a small deviation like this doesn’t sound good. The most recent Lego games have improved a lot, both in terms of writing and voice acting, but this title remains a delicate compromise in this process. It seems like a great opportunity to go back and redo some things instead of just providing a one-to-one port.

Overview of the Lego legal world
  • Charts – 7/10
  • Sound – 6/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Late Call – 8/10


Final thoughts : GRAND

Lego Jurassic World is an incredibly easy to learn platform game. It’s a solid return to old school adventure games and a super fun way to explore the history of the franchise. It’s certainly not as dense as Lego triple A, but this game shows a lot of love for Jurassic Park fandom, and fans noticed it almost immediately.

Evan Rude is a journalism student and amateur gambling historian. His favorite Guitar Hero III song was Even Flow.


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40-Minute Nintendo Direct Airs September 4 –

Every September, we get used to the new Nintendo Direct, where Nintendo usually announces more information about games that have already been announced for the fall. They have shown surprises in the past and we expect the same from them this time.

Nintendo has already confirmed that more information on Pokémon Sword & Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3 will follow. While the Direct will feature 40 minutes of Switch game information from 2019, we’re sure there will be some games from 2020.

You can watch Nintendo Direct LIVE on channel 4. Watch September 2019 at 3pm PT / 5pm CT / 6pm ET via Nintendo’s website or YouTube channel.

Tune in 9/4 at 3pm PT for #NintendoDirect with about 40 minutes of info on the 2019 #NintendoSwitch games, including #PokemonSwordShield and #LuigisMansion 3.https://t.co/d1Xx3bDbhq pic.twitter.com/S8w1HkTg62

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) September 3, 2019

Last year, new information was revealed by Nintendo Direct. Speculation for this Direct includes everything from the popular Metroid Prime trilogy to Wii U ports like Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World. This might also be the perfect time to introduce Super NES games for the Nintendo Switch Online service! Is this all going to happen? Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long to find out!

For reference, here’s the official Nintendo Direct press release from last September. Look at everything that was shown a year ago, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store:

2018 September Nintendo’s Direct Public Relations :

In a new video presentation from Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that new games from Nintendo’s two main series are currently in development for the Nintendo Switch system. Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch (working title), the new main game in the Animal Crossing series and Luigi’s Mansion 3 (working title), will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch in 2019. The video presentation also introduced the new software and hardware suite of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Direct revealed a diverse lineup of games for the Nintendo Switch, including an extensive collection of classic FINAL FANTASY games, an HD remake of the popular Katamari Damacy, and an adaptation of popular card and board games like Carcassonne and Pandemic. As if that wasn’t enough, Nintendo Direct also revealed new details about Nintendo Switch Online, introduced a solid lineup of Nintendo 3DS games, and revealed more details about previously announced Nintendo Switch titles like Yoshi’s Crafted World, DAEMON X MACHINA, and Mega Man 11.

Nintendo Switch announcements continue, said Doug Bowser, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo of America. With the arrival of new games from the Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion series and an influx of new titles from our development partners, there really is something for everyone in the ever-growing Nintendo Switch library.

To watch the full Nintendo Direct video, please visit https://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct. Here are some of the highlights of the video:

Switch Nintendo

  • Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch (working title) : The new main game in the Animal Crossing series is the first since Animal Crossing: New Leaf appeared on the Nintendo 3DS in 2013 and is expected to be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.
  • Isabelle is fighting! Isabel from Animal Crossing takes a break from her duties as assistant mayor and is just a pretty puppy. She has made her way onto the list of Super Smash Bros. top fighters. Ultimate.
  • Luigi Mansion 3 (provisional title) : The next installment of this scary series is currently in production and will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2019.
  • Nintendo Switch Online : With the Nintendo Switch Online application, members have access to online games and online backup of compatible games, a collection of classic NES games – Nintendo Switch Online with additional online games, special offers and a smartphone application with features that make online gaming sessions for supported games more fun and engaging. In addition to Splatoon 2, other online games support voice chat through the application, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS and Mario Tennis Aces. Nintendo Switch owners will not automatically become members when the service launches on the 18th. The month of September is beginning. You must purchase an individual or family membership to continue playing compatible games online. For pricing information and to pre-order a 3 or 12 month individual membership from select resellers to be ready when the service launches, visit https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/pricing. A seven-day free trial will also be available. Since the release of 20 NES games, including Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda and the recently announced ice hockey and professional wrestling match (the first since its release in 1987) are available, with new matches being added regularly.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System Controller : Play NES – Nintendo Switch Online will be even more authentic with the new Nintendo Game System Controller, which is only available to Nintendo Switch Online owners with a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership in the US and Canada. This replica of the famous original NES controller sells for $59.99 and can be charged when connected to a Nintendo Switch system. NES controls can be used from 18 years of age. September can be ordered in advance. For more information, visit https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/special-offers.
  • The new Super Mario Bros. Luxury: Up to four players can enjoy this updated version of the Wii U classic when it releases on the 11th. January for Nintendo Switch. Mario, Luigi and Toad return as playable characters, along with Bunny and Toadette, who can also transform into the Peach Crown when they receive the Super Crown, giving newcomers new ways to play with friends and family. New Super Luigi U, the first platformer to feature Luigi, will also be included in New Super Mario Bros. You Deluxe at no extra cost. There are 164 courses between the two games. Mamma mia!
  • Yoshi’s treacherous world: Play as the adorable Yoshi and travel through a world of household items like boxes and paper cups in this new adventure for the Nintendo Switch platform. Once you’ve passed the stage of perfect construction, you can start at the door and go back to the beginning on the back of the board to discover secrets. Yoshi’s Craft World will be released on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019.
  • Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate set: This upcoming Nintendo Switch Bundle includes the Nintendo Switch system, complete with controllers and a Super Smash Bros. dock. Ultimate and the download code for Super Smash Bros. Ultimately for the suggested retail price of $359.99. Nintendo Super Smash Bros Switch. The Ultimate Setlaunc arrives on the 2nd. November on the market. (The game’s download code will not be active until the game’s launch on December 7).
  • FINAL FANTASY Extravaganza! Nintendo Switch releases high-definition versions of some of the most popular FINAL FANTASY games of all time. These include FINAL FANTASY VII, IX and X/X-2 HD Remaster, as well as the recent FINAL FANTASY XII : AGE ZODIACAL. This is the first time any of these FINAL FANTASY games have been released on a Nintendo system. Starting today, FINAL FANTASY XV Pocket HD Edition is available for download in the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, three more games from the FINAL FANTASY universe will be released for Nintendo Switch soon: The level edition of WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY MAXIMA will be released on the 6th. November, Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! this winter, and the Nintendo GameCube FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Remastered Edition with online multiplayer and no cable connection arrives on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Kupo!
  • TOWN (tentative title) : GAME FREAK, the developer of the Pokémon series, has developed a new RPG for the Nintendo Switch. In TOWN, players must fight invading monsters within the walls of a village. The launch of the Nintendo Switch is scheduled for 2019.
  • Super Mario party: Up to four players can shake the Joy-Con to the beat in the new Sound Stage mode, while River Survival mode features the first four-player co-op mode in the series. Plus 80 new mini-games, a single-player road game, an online Mariothon mini-game, and more. The Super Mario party’s on the 5th. October for Nintendo Switch is coming to stores and is available for pre-order today in the Nintendo eShop and on the game’s website.
  • Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu! And Pokemon: Come on, Evie! Throughout the adventure, players can use their Pokémon partners (Pikachu or Eevee) to overcome obstacles using secret techniques. For example, these features can only be used by Pokémon partners. B. Cutting down trees, traveling in the water or floating in the air. Both games will be played on the 16th. November exclusive to Nintendo Switch. A Pikachu and Eevee themed set for Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con, Pokémon: The Let’s Go! game and the Pokéball Plus Controller will be available the same day.
  • Katamari Damacy REROLL: Na naaaah naaah naaah. Fans of the revolutionary game Katamari Damacy can hum the theme song at any time. But new fans will join the chorus when the HD remastering of the classic comes to the Nintendo Switch, with HD Rumble, gyro and multiplayer support via Joy-Con controllers. Katamari Damacy REROLL is coming up on the 30th. November in the Nintendo Online Shop for the Nintendo Switch, with a physically packaged version coming in winter 2018.
  • Asmodee Digital: The literal table mode makes table games perfect for the Nintendo Switch. To prove it, Asmodee Digital offers a complete adaptation of successful card and board games such as Carcassonne, The Lord of the Rings : Living Card Game, Pandemic, Munchkin and Catan Switch on Nintendo from December.
  • DEMON X MACHINA: The world and its inhabitants are on the verge of extinction in this elegant action game, which began at E3. As a mercenary, the player controls a mechanized suit called Arsenal and faces an escaped AI. Defeat enemies and acquire parts that you can equip on the fly or bring back to the base to make new weapons. Use additional tactics, switch from projectile to melee attack, or fight on foot to gain advantage in battle. DAEMON X MACHINA will arrive at the Nintendo Switch in 2019.
  • Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle: Some of Capcom’s most classic arcade games such as Final Fight, Captain Commando and Knights of the Round are coming to Nintendo Switch with four-player local or online play. This includes games that were never released on home consoles, such as Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit. A digital version of the package will arrive this winter in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.
  • Cities: Skyline: This critically acclaimed building game is available today on Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch. Players can manage resources, improve quality of life, fuel businesses and drive growth anytime, anywhere.
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: When the critically acclaimed strategy game for the Nintendo Switch launches on the 16th. In November, it will feature an exclusive four-player multiplayer mode via wireless LAN.
  • Mega Man 11: The Blue Bomber is back! Mega Man 11 rocks at 2. October on the Nintendo Switch. A free demo is already available in the Nintendo Online Shop. Players can also unlock useful in-game items for use in the full game by pressing the existing Mega Man amiibo action figure or the new Mega Man amiibo action figure exclusive to Mega Man 11 – amiibo edition.
  • Upgrade to version 4 of Splatoon 2 : Starting tonight, the first set of weapons from the Kensa collection will be released as part of Splatoon 2’s new 4.0 update. This well-known coat of arms is painted with an elegant monotone pattern. As part of this update, significant changes will also be made to Splatfest. In early October, version 4.1 will bring a new scene, new songs and new Kensa Collection weapon sets with new submarines and special weapons. For more information, please contact the Squid Research Lab Tumblr.
  • Updated Mario Tennis Aces Version 2.0 : After downloading the free update of the action-packed sports game on the 19th. In September, players will have access to a new online co-op mode where they can participate in timed missions with other players. Players who complete missions during these missions will receive special outfits, characters with different colors, and more. Also be on the lookout for new playable characters like Birdo, Shy Guy, Koopa Paratroopa and Petey Piranha.
  • Diablo III: Eternal collection: The Nintendo Switch version of this classic action game takes players on a journey through Sanctuary, where they can defeat infernal armies and powerfully plunder in one of seven playable classes. Up to four players can venture together in local or online multiplayer. The Nintendo Switch version of the game includes an exclusive Legend of Ganondorf armor set, compatibility with all amiibo miniatures, and more. Diablo III: The perpetual collection comes on the 2nd. November on the market.
  • Starlink: The Battle of the Atlas: Run and defeat Wolf’s team in Star Foxmissions, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Starlink : The battle for the Atlas takes place on the 16th. October for Nintendo Switch.
  • Two RPGs on the way! Fans who love role-playing, anytime, anywhere, are in luck! The world ends with you: SQUARE ENIX’s latest remix will be released on the 12th. October out, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Land, which is available for pre-order at the Nintendo Online Shop starting today, will be available for Nintendo Switch on the 21st. In stores and Nintendo eShop, or on September 14. September for owners of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2Expansion Pass.
  • Warframe: New fans can join more than 38 million players to participate in the free cooperative space action game Cosmos Ninja at Warframe’s launch on the 20th. November for Nintendo Switch.
  • NBA 2K19: The top-rated basketball simulation returns to the Nintendo Switch with NBA 2K19, available now.
  • NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 : Get ready to play in the sequel to the NBA arcade game you’ll see on Nintendo Switch this fall.
  • Just Dance 2019: In Just Dance 2019 for Nintendo Switch, players no longer have an excuse not to dance to Camila Cabello, Bruno Mars and Cardi B – at home, in the park or even at the dentist! Just Dance 2019 will take place on the 23rd. October on the market.
  • FI-A 19 SPORT : EA SPORTS FIFA 19 is fast approaching and players can make an advance purchase to stay on the ball when it is released on the 28th. September for Nintendo Switch comes to market.
  • Team Sonic Racing : It must be FAST! And very fast. The Sonic Racing team is coming to the Nintendo Switch this winter.
  • LEGO Supervillains : Why so serious? Play the role of the Joker, Harley, Lex Luthor and other best of the worst in the new LEGO DC Super Villains, released on the 16th. October for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo 3DS

  • Kirby’s extra spicy thread: Kirby’s Epic Yarn, a popular Wii game for Nintendo 3DS, is changing direction. The original Wii version has all the steps assembled, but this Nintendo 3DS version has a few new features, like the ability to make big balls out of string, collect beads, catch the wind, and play two new modes with familiar faces: King Dedede and Meta Knight. Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn is scheduled for release on the Nintendo 3DS system family in 2019.
  • Mario and Luigi: The Inside Story of Bowser + The Journey of Bowser Jr : One of the most famous games in the Mario & Luigi series is being redesigned for the Nintendo 3DS. In addition to updated graphics and refined gameplay, a new story follows Bowser Jr. as he assembles an army, forms formations, supports allies with arsenal moves, and generally (at best) wreaks havoc. Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser’s Junior’s Journey comes out on the 11th. January proves that two adventures are better than one.
  • Luigi’s mansion: Two players, each owning the game, can work together to explore and capture ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion, a remake of the classic Nintendo GameCube game coming to Nintendo 3DS. The new version of the game also offers amiibo support. Touching one of the four compatible amiibos reveals where the Boos are hiding and heals Luigi as he talks to Toad, among others. Luigi’s mansion will be vacated on the 12th. October for the feeding of the Nintendo 3DS family.
  • YO-KAI LOOK AT THE BLASTERS: Whether players are challenging Red Cat or a team of white dogs, YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS allows players to team up with friends locally or online for the most action-packed series of battles. Free Moon Rabbit Crew software update on the 27th. September will bring new missions, new areas to explore, a new Yo-kai to befriend, and a new Big Boss Yo-kai. YO-KAI LOOK AT THE BLASTERS: Red cat housing and YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS : White Dog Team is now available for Nintendo 3DS.

Please note that Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS family systems come with parental controls, allowing adults to control the content their children can access. For more information on other features, visit https://www.nintendo.com/switch/ or https://www.nintendo.com/3ds/.

Craig has been covering the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published in various media. He is currently an editor and contributor to Age of Games.


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A Hat In Time Review –

2017 has been a year of competition for the kind of 3D platformers. Crash Bandicoot celebrated its past with the N-Sane trilogy, Yooka-Laylee tried to prove that old formulas can still have a certain charm, and meanwhile Super Mario Odyssey reminded everyone who was still on top. But of all the pretenders to the throne, none was more charming than the Hat at the time.

This adorable Kickstarter game from the developer of Gears For Breakfast innocently stole the show when it was released in October 2017 and has since gained more and more fans in the PC space. While the charming platformer eventually made its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it never made its way to Nintendo’s system. I still do. Publisher Humble Bundle has finally brought A Hat in Time to the Nintendo Switch.

Those unfamiliar with the history of the original game will be pleased to know that, in keeping with the tradition of platform games, there is very little narrative. You play the role of the Hat Kid, a mute protagonist who loves elegant hairstyles. As you return home in your spaceship, you have an unfortunate run-in with the mob. Setbacks will occur and your ship will run out of fuel. Then work with the mafia resistance movement to pick up the missing pieces and continue the journey home.

Much like his influence as Hat Kid, you have a number of jumps and attack maneuvers that you can use in combination to pass just about anything. When you are transported from your ship to another stage, you enter the open and colorful world below and basically have the freedom to run and jump wherever you want. Each action has its own goal, but traveling the world in a unique way to achieve it is part of the fun. For just $5, you can take advantage of the Seal the Deal extension, which includes additional worlds and unlockable features.

In A Hat in Time, the devil is definitely in the details, as every scene, NPC and animation is full of charm. The inclusion of the whole voice adds more personality and the dots bring the world to life in an incredible way. The five-year development cycle after Kickstarter funding shows that every game mechanic and addition to the world has been improved to perfection.

Unfortunately, this attention to detail makes it all the more noticeable and when there is a connection, certain problems inevitably arise. The first comes when the second players start playing together. While other versions of the game use a local split screen for this, the switch port allows both players to be on the same screen and the camera can be stretched far back to keep everything in view. This isn’t working right. The camera is never at the desired angle and no matter how hard it tries to follow both players on screen, it only really works when both players are standing side by side throughout the game. In single-player mode, that problem disappears, and the camera is actually one of the best I’ve ever used in a 3D platform game. I don’t know if it’s because Switch’s hardware has been emptied or if it’s a conceptual idea that it would be too hard to play with the shared view in portable mode, but it’s a very neglected feature here.

The second major problem in the port is diving into the framework. Framerate fans won’t be happy about this because framerates are simply not compatible. Again, this could be attributed to the Switch hardware not being able to keep pace with the gaming consoles that usually play this game, but I’d rather the game be down to 30ps than constantly going from 60 to 24 and vice versa. Thankfully, this is by no means a WWE 2K18 situation – this game is still playable, even if it slows down. It’s a shame that these small problems occur when everything else is working so well visually.

But you can’t talk about the things that drag down the presentation, let alone the loading times in this game, because they’re fucking outrageous. The loading times of the original version weren’t really surprising either, but they’re very noticeable on the Switch port. There were times when I was convinced my game had crashed, only to see a particularly long loading screen. To make matters worse, those download sessions have an absolutely cryptic title. After that, if only one thing is fixed in some sort of patch, I really hope something is done about the load times, because they slow down what would otherwise be a great experience on a hybrid console.

Despite some of these technical problems, Hat in Time still manages to entertain and provide a very enjoyable experience. While there’s no shortage of platform games on the Switch, good 3D platformers are rare. I had a great time with this project, and if you’re not embarrassed by some of the problems I mentioned, check it out!

Examination of shell in time
  • Charts – 7/10
  • Sound – 10/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Late Call – 8/10


Final thoughts : GRAND

If you were waiting for this game to appear in your Switch library, play it. It is always an absolute pleasure to live. Technical problems aside, this unique indie gem can even compete with Nintendo’s most iconic games. If you’re still looking for the real love letter to the platform fans of the late 90s, check out Hat in Time.

Evan Rude is a journalism student and amateur gambling historian. His favorite Guitar Hero III song was Even Flow.


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New Horizons Yard Ideas (For Your House & Villager Houses) –

So you’ve personalised your home as much as you can, but you still don’t know how to decorate your garden.

We’ve all been there!

Have you ever been to another player’s island and seen their incredible footage and wondered how they do it?

Well, this list will definitely help you! Here are some of the best garden ideas for New Horizons. So if you’re looking for lots of inspiration for your garden, look no further!

20. Rural

image source @karenborja

Why not liven up your garden with this dream design?

Fall asleep to the sound of the waterfall that happens at your bedroom window every night.

And even add your favorite rustic path leading around your home.

You can also build a small fireplace on the bank. Your friends will love gathering around the campfire at sunset.

Even add a small tea set for you and your date.

19. Private lake

image source by @Sina00528229

This should be the perfect backyard for those chilly nights.

Invite your friends to spend an evening by the lake, roasting marshmallows and telling stories.

To create this garden, start by creating pathways to enhance the area around your garden on the side of your house.

Then try adding a few tree stumps and a small wooden fence around the perimeter.

And don’t forget to add a bunch of fairy lights to create an evening glow.

18. Clifftop Court

image source by @KalynMi54779875

I know the people of your country will love having a garden with a view!

It’s perfect for early risers. What could be better than watching the sunrise?

Build your garden around one of your cliff houses and create your favorite path to the front door.

You can also add a sidewalk tile pattern that runs on either side of the courtyard, as well as stone seating.

It takes a few extra trees and flowers; you can even add a few bushes if you want.

17. Restaurant

image source @cableknitdragon

Who wouldn’t want their own restaurant?

From funky patterns to neon lights, there’s something for everyone.

Bring your outdoor space to life with the famous checkerboard floor, and you can even create your own pine design.

And we can’t forget the dining room and seating areas, so pick your favorite colors and bring them with you.

Complete the look with a neon jukebox and light up your garden with an ice cream cone.

The equipment of the catering staff is optional, but welcome!

16. Timber yard

Image source by @WillagerPosition

This courtyard is a must for the rustic garden lovers among you.

Arrange lots of plants and piles of leaves in your garden to make it greener.

You can even add a few trees and mix cedar and hardwood for a fresher look.

Just work in the dirt to create a workspace. Then add a bouquet of mushrooms and flowers.

Add a few planks of wood in this area as well, which is easy to do with a custom design.

With this garden, your residents will get rid of their gardening gloves every day.

15. Spacious room

Image Source by derndern626

A great idea for anyone who wants a large garden with plenty of room for activities!

Put hedges around the outdoor area, and don’t forget to add deciduous trees wherever you like.

You’ll need several custom locations for this design, as you’ll need several to create your perfect stone path.

You’ll need a few extra slots to make the quilt: one for the quilt and one for the tassels that go down the sides.

Finally, you can add wooden chairs, a ukulele and a stack of books. And of course, don’t forget your table.

14. Elegant courtyard

Ideaimage source from @ShybieFotia

This urban style paved patio brings fun to your island.

With perfectly matched flowerbeds, your residents will enjoy this elegant addition to their home.

Mark your garden with an iron fence and place stone paths around the perimeter.

An upside-down fireplace makes for a cute little shelf that can hold books, flowers, and even garden tools.

Then add a few iron chairs and floor lamps to complete the look.

13. Storage space for outdoor kitchen

Image source by Folly

This model even has its own small cooking station. What’s better than a snack outside?

Bamboo fences also fit perfectly into the design of the house!

I love the addition of fruit trees here. So make sure you add a few trees to connect all the manholes.

Stone seats and colorful flowerbeds are always a good idea, too.

Complete the final project by adding pretty little custom leaf designs scattered throughout your garden.

12. Recreation room

image source by @MyJadeBeanACNH

Roald seems to like his new garden. And I don’t blame him!

It is also very easy to create.

Add a few of your favorite trails going around the yard.

You will also need seating, perhaps wooden furniture to match the theme.

You can also add bamboo furniture if it better suits the theme.

Finally, add a few patterned pillows to give a more uniform look.

11. Tropical Court for entrance

Image source by @adrianarraquel

Take a vacation in your garden with this tropical design.

With a multitude of shrubs, flowers and coconut palms, create a summer atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat all year round.

Create your own little garden by building fences and brick walls around the outside.

Of course, don’t forget to add a bouquet of plants…. In this case: The more, the better.

And no tropical paradise would be complete without a pet parrot!

10. Picnic

image source by @sammyborras

Did someone say picnic in the garden? Yes, please.

Choose your favorite custom design for a quilt, or you can also find custom designs to add tassels to the ends.

Create a small path leading to the front door and fill this garden with many types of flowers.

Also add a little bamboo. Then you’re ready to come back with your favorite book and a whole lot of snacks.

9. Bamboo

Image Credit: RossWeisz

I love this design, whether it’s for your home or one of your residents.

Put on your terraforming shoes and get to work: The first step is to create a rock and form a waterfall that flows into a small river.

You can then place some bamboos and bamboo objects in your garden.

The look wouldn’t be complete without the cypress barrel, so be sure to place it next to the river.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can also add custom stone details in the area. A professional job!

8. Bunter Court

Image credit of @ACOUSTlCHEART

If you are proud of your garden, then this bouquet is for you.

Stand out from the surroundings by making your garden as big or as small as you like.

So go wild by filling your garden with as many flowers and flower species as possible.

Add a small bench where you can read and watch the sunset.

And don’t forget to add a little lake in the corner for style points!

7. Library courtyard

source image by @420KannaGoginja

This garden design is for all bookworms.

What’s the point of having your own personal library on your doorstep?

Restrict your home with a hedge or fence of your choice. This creates a small, comfortable space where you can isolate yourself from the outside world.

And this is the best part: At the edges some boards appear. They already come with books and are also customizable, so you can change the colors to match your theme.

Add plants, tables and of course a comfortable chair. At least one.

6. Farmhouse

Image source by @move through run

If your favorite activity is farming the land, you should try this site.

You can create your own agricultural area by placing a few dirt roads side by side and putting plants on them.

You can add pumpkins, seedlings, flowers, mushrooms or other items to make these fields look like your own.

Then add a few trees and a hedge to complete your country style garden.

You’ll have your own farmers market before you know it!

5. Zen Garden Yard

image source by @chichilittle

Create your own little Zen garden with this furniture.

I love the way this idea is in front of the rock!

To try it yourself, create a waterfall from a nearby rock that flows into a small pond.

Also, bring some stone floors and complement them with a stone basin and some bamboo elements.

You can also bring some cherry blossoms, including the popular cherry blossom lamps.

4. Pleasant courtyard

Image Source by @AcnhLetizia

Nothing like an easy day, right?

This farm has everything from a recreation area to a learning area, so you can call it your own.

A section of the area around your home with your favorite fence made of wood is perfect for this idea.

Complete the yard with items such as a brick oven, a clothesline and some plants.

Don’t forget to create a small lake that runs through your garden. And don’t forget to add the cutest little lounge area.

Complete the set with rotan chairs, a table and of course your favorite rug.

3. Magic

Candlelight source

It must be a dream farm!

You can create this amazing garden by covering the lawn with rocks and custom toad leaves. Looks like a house out of a storybook, doesn’t it?

Add lots of flowers and don’t forget to water your garden with a variety of small and large star fragments. You can also add new lights for a truly magical experience.

And of course, don’t forget the croissants.

No wonder Celeste snuck into that magical courtyard. It is the ideal place to observe the stars on a clear night.

2. Farmhouse

image source : @abiacnh

This farm is a hoot. And that’s why I’m here!

Create this rustic masterpiece by adding your favorite stone walkway to the space around your home. And don’t forget to get rid of any weeds growing in the area.

Line the edge of your garden with a series of waterfalls for a more zen atmosphere.

Don’t forget to add a few extra stones and a bouquet of flowers. In a way, a very rural Japan.

Finally, add as many plants as you can to complete this great garden design.

1. Private pool

Kimmercy fountain

Who wouldn’t want a pool in their backyard?

It’s my favorite garden design, from the beautiful waterfall to the rocking lawn chairs.

You can also do this by cutting a small space on the side of your house and placing a few custom-made floor stones in it.

Put some deck chairs on the side. But don’t forget the most important part: the pool!

Complete the look by creating a path behind the door and lining it with flowering shrubs.

There’s nothing like a dip in the pool after a hard day of fishing and bug catching.

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Pikmin 3 Deluxe Coming To Switch On October 30 –

It’s been rumored for a few years, but now it has become a reality! Pikmin 3 is making the jump from Wii U to Switch as Pikmin 3 Deluxe. This version will include new content, new co-op modes, and a smattering of difficulty settings. The game released on October 30, 2020 for $59.99. Check out the new trailer and official press release below. And hey, at least we know of one confirmed first party Switch title for the remainder of the year!


At the far reaches of space lies a mysterious yet oddly familiar alien world … filled with cute creatures, hidden surprises and larger-than-life fun. Clear a landing zone, because the Pikmin 3 Deluxe game is headed to the Nintendo Switch family of systems on Oct. 30. Pikmin 3 originally launched on Wii U, and now it’s making the leap to Nintendo Switch with new content, more options for cooperative play and a range of settings that make it easy for newcomers to jump in. These tiny Pikmin are ready to make your acquaintance in their biggest adventure yet, so take a peek at your Pikmin platoon in the game’s debut trailer.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe isn’t your garden-variety adventure. Command a crew of three explorers and a squad of adorable Pikmin in a quest for survival packed with puzzles to solve and copious critters to battle. After a crash-landing, you’ll explore a variety of lush environments, such as the snow-covered Distant Tundra, the Twilight River and the Garden of Hope, all teeming with wondrous and formidable lifeforms.

“Pikmin 3 Deluxe brings this classic franchise to life on Nintendo Switch, introducing a new audience to its beloved characters and gameplay, while also welcoming back returning players with new challenges,” said Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the Nintendo Switch library of software continues to grow with a variety of games for everyone to discover and enjoy.”

Pikmin 3 Deluxe delivers a full suite of additions and enhancements, including the ability to play the whole Story mode in co-op with a friend, new side-story missions which can also be played in co-op and all the Mission mode DLC stages from the original game’s release. With new difficulty options, lock-on targeting, optional hints and the choice to play at a more relaxed pace, it’s easier than ever to join in on the Pikmin fun, enjoy the game’s beautiful scenery and get a taste of what this vibrant world has to offer. Fun features from the original game also return in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, such as the in-game camera, which allows players to snap photos of the game’s lush environments and curious creatures from a pint-sized perspective.

With a number of Pikmin to befriend and command, you’ll have a willing team at your disposal to tackle whatever obstacles you face. Different colored Pikmin offer a variety of helpful abilities and strengths for your missions. For example, Blue Pikmin can breathe underwater, helping you collect items other Pikmin can’t reach, while Winged Pikmin, distinguished by their pink hues and fluttering wings, can fly over terrain such as water and pits. Strategically selecting the right Pikmin for the task at hand, delegating projects and changing between captains can help secure victory.

For seasoned players who are ready to deploy their Pikmin-plucking skills in some new challenges, Pikmin 3 Deluxe adds new side-story missions featuring Olimar and Louie exploring planet PNF-404. And for a bit of friendly Pikmin-flinging fun, there are even head-to-head multiplayer matches available in Bingo Battle.

Your large team of small Pikmin are ready to join you as you embark on a giant adventure! To learn more information about Pikmin 3 Deluxe, visit https://pikmin3.nintendo.com. Pikmin 3 Deluxe launches in stores, in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and on Nintendo.com on Oct. 30 at a suggested retail price of $59.99. For those who want to begin their planetary exploration on day one, pre-purchase is now available.

Craig has been covering the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published across a wide spectrum of media sites. He’s currently the Editor-In-Chief of and contributes to Gaming Age.

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