How to Use Syncplay to Synchronize VLC Player on Multiple Computers

Syncplay is an open source computer program that is compatible with multiple operating systems. It’s completely free software. It also supports multiple languages. First of all, you can synchronize your video files even if you and your friend are on different networks!

To use Syncplay and synchronize videos with the VLC player on multiple computers, you need to

  1. Start Syncplay.
  2. Select the server and enter the server password (if available).
  3. Create a room within the server and invite other members to join.

Syncplay works with VLC, MPC-HC, MVP and many other media players. But here I focused on the VLC player. Since VLC is another open source free program. Then let’s get started.

But we need to install Syncplay first. If you have not yet installed Syncplay, please follow our installation guide.

Synchronization Installation Guide

Download and install Syncplay

Syncplay is available on the Syncplay website.

  1. First go to and select your operating system. Downloading will start automatically.

  1. After downloading Syncplay, select the desired language and click OK.
  2. Then agree to the terms.

  1. Finally, select a destination folder and check the box on your desktop to find it easily.

  1. Click on the Install button and it will try to install.

VCR error140.dll (option)

After the installation process, try performing Syncplay on the device. Sometimes it doesn’t work on many Windows devices and gives this error message.

If your computer displays this, you don’t have to worry, there is no problem with your computer. Easily download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.

You can find the download page here:

After the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistribtable, Syncplay must be executed on the device.

Now let’s learn how to synchronize Syncplay with the VLC player. But first download the VLC player if you don’t already have one.

Its use is completely free and safe. You can download it at

Syncing the VLC player on multiple computers with Syncplay

Syncplay has a fairly simple user interface. So it is very easy and fun to use. Follow the steps below to play the videos on Syncplay.

Step 1: Configuration synchronization

  1. Open the program Syncplay. If you have followed our installation instructions correctly, a similar window will appear after opening Syncplay. In some cases, Syncplay may not be able to recognize the path to the media player. In this case, you need to click the Browse button and manually select the path to the VLC station.

  1. After selecting the path of the media player, you must enter the server address. Don’t worry if you don’t have servers. You can select any server integrated in the software. Or you can create your own server.

  1. Then you need to enter the password for your server. If you have selected one of the built-in servers, you do not need to perform this step.
  2. After entering the server password you can create a username. For example, I put my username as Achellice.

  1. Now make a standard room for your friends. It’s very simple. Click on the pencil icon. Enter a name for your room and click OK. For example, I created a document called ABCD.

  1. Then choose your room. Pay attention to the name of the piece. Because your friends have to come into the same room to sync the videos.

  1. When you have finished filling out the form, click Save Configuration and start Syncplay. You will be redirected to another window and your VLC player will start automatically.

Part of the configuration has been completed. Now let’s move on to the synchronization part.

Step 2: Configure it on any computer you want to synchronize.

This part’s pretty simple. All you have to do is tell your friends/colleagues to follow every movement.

Don’t forget that your buddies have to choose the exact server and room number. Otherwise they cannot get into your room and synchronization is not possible.

Step 3: Drag and drop videos to Syncplay

Once you’ve installed all the computers. Now it’s time to enjoy the show.

It’s also quite simple. When all the above parts are finished, you will see a window similar to this one.

Now you need to drag and drop the video file you want to view on Syncplay. Note that Syncplay does not offer streaming services. So each computer must have the same video file as the computer you want to synchronize. But it doesn’t have to be in the same size.

After dragging and dropping the video file in the window, you’ll see it like this.

I’m fine. I’m fine. Everyone to the registration room, I’m ready to watch! And Syncplay syncs the videos to the VLC player on all computers.

If all the above steps are followed carefully, any computer can watch any video on Syncplay remotely!

Chat function

Syncplay is excellent software. It even allows you to chat with any member. Type the message in the notification field and click Send.


  • Syncplay is a relatively new open source program. Still going on. So you might find some mistakes. You can report it on their homepage.
  • Video piracy is a crime. That’s why we don’t encourage players to play pirate videos on Syncplay.
  • The Windows scanner may consider Syncplay to be malicious. But that’s because it’s only available on the Syncplay-website and not in a certified store. In addition, Syncplay is considered safe by jotti and VirusTotal.
  • Do not download Syncplay from any source other than the official site. Because he can be evil.


Syncplay is really cool software to use in this time of pandemic. It is free and open source software, so the developers were not paid for their great creation. But you can always donate money if you can. Donations will motivate developers to make even cooler software like this one.

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