How to Play Downloaded Online Videos on Mac and Windows

Every desktop, laptop and even smartphone has a built-in video player that can work quite well for playing video on your device. So why do you need another video player to play the video content you just downloaded?

The answer is very simple: People tend to download third-party media players because regular media tools cannot read all formats and resolutions. Sometimes media players are not compatible with the video format stored on your device.

In this article, you will find information about the best media players that allow you to play all kinds of videos on your Mac and Windows operating system.

Before we tell you about the best media players, we recommend you to find out the best video download tool that allows you to save all types of videos on the Internet.

Video charger from SmallSEOTools

The SmallSEOTools online video downloader is one of the finest tools on the internet. With this video downloader, you can save all kinds of clips to the Internet. This free video downloader is integrated with over a thousand different video sites where you can get video content. Also you can also buy Instagram likes from gpc as they are very good at it.

You should know that the process of this video charger is quite simple. Just copy the URL of the video from the source and paste it into the URL field of the utility. The uploader takes less than ten to two seconds to retrieve the desired files and place them in local storage.

Best media player for playing downloaded video content on Mac and PC

There are hundreds of applications and tools for video playback available online. We have only listed the best ones below.

VLC Media Player

Image / VideoLVS

It is an open source media player that can be installed and used on all types of devices, including PCs running MacOS and Windows 10. You should know that this media player can play any media file. It doesn’t matter if the clips are broadcast on DVD, via webcam or in audio format. The VLC media player can play them all. This media player has a very neat and clean interface, free from any kind of advertising. Here are some of the interesting features of this video player:

  • Plays any media file available on the disc.
  • Customizable interface for better usability.
  • Compatible with all types of devices including Windows, Mac and even Android.
  • No publicity.
  • Ability to take screenshots of video clips.

This player is free, you can try it out on the developer’s site, VideoLan.

GOM player

Credit : GOM Laboratory

This is another premium media player that lets you play video content stored on all types of devices and operating systems. This player has become very famous for its ability to play 4K, UHD and even 360-degree video. The player works well and if you want to enjoy unbuffered streaming, then this service is for you. This media player has many functions. However, the most desirable is the ability to read damaged files.

  • With this player you can play videos in different formats.
  • You can easily recognize and synchronize all the subtitles of the downloaded video.
  • This tool allows you to view videos in 360 degrees.
  • The paid version of the tool contains no advertising or restrictions.


Credit : Cocoa

This media player has made a name for itself in this competition because this software program can be used by users who want to enjoy 3D content at home. This tool is very efficient and is considered the best player to watch movies in 3D quality. The Sweat Player has an infinite number of functions for the user’s enjoyment. Some of the strengths of this player:

  • Ability to take photos during video playback.
  • Performance acceleration to reduce buffering.
  • Supports all types of devices and operating systems.
  • Subtitle recognition and synchronization.
  • Video editing functions!

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

Credit : Gabest

This is another media player software that allows you to stream video on both Windows and Mac operating systems. The MPC-HC reader is quite simple and can be used by anyone without prior knowledge. The best feature of this tool is its customizable interface, which allows the user to make it a fun place to watch videos. The strengths of this media player :

  • Clean interface.
  • Ability to read all types of formats downloaded from the internet.
  • Configuration functions.
  • No publicity.

Although it works on all types of devices, you should know that it is most compatible with Windows operating systems. The player is free, so you can install it without any restrictions.

With one of these players, you can play all kinds of video clips that you have downloaded from a reputable video downloader. Also check out the best ps4 emulators in 2021.

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