Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Suit Only guide for Dartmouth

To complete the mission and unlock the Silent Assassin challenge in Hitman 3, all you have to do is kill your targets, leave no witnesses, get caught on camera and have no bodies discovered. In this guide we explain how to do this on Dartmoor without changing your costume, and how to remove your costume.


The charge we recommend for this location is not special. Whatever costume you choose, if you want to take the Dartmoor Exclusive Costume Challenge, you must wear one of Agent 47’s costumes.

Since we are also only pursuing the costume challenge with this guide, the starting point must be the main road. Either way, you’d be campaigning from there.

The two things you need to bring are a gun with a silencer, a will, and a coin. These are key elements of our strategy, and without them we cannot succeed.

Step 1 – Transition to discharge pipe

From your starting position, run home. You need to get there as fast as you can without being seen. Our path leads to the guards just inside the gate and through a breach in the wall. Agent 47 automatically crouches down as soon as he’s done.

Now go to the right and cross the creek here. Once you get to the creek, get up and keep walking towards the house. It’s important to run as fast as possible, because it’s faster and you’ll need the extra time later.

You have to keep running home. When you get close, dig in the bushes.

You can see where the journey is taking place. There is a drain pipe running through the house right in front of this area where these two walls meet. Quickly remove the bush wall and walk to the drainpipe. If you are on time, no guard will notice you. Now we have to climb the drainpipe.

Step 2 – Shimmy

At the top of the pipe jump to the left and start shining like your life depended on it. You have to go around most of the front of the house to another drain pipe.

Walk past each window until you reach the second exhaust pipe. You have to climb up and hang left on the ledge. That’s the balcony from Alexa Carlisle’s room.

Step 3 – Setup

Hide behind the ledge and go to the open window on the other side of the balcony. Rest your room now to save time. Here you see a male employee polishing various valuable items. We need to distract him.

Before we go any further, consider that Alexa Carlisle herself could be entering the room right now. If so, you’re taking too long. She should be close, but not in the room when you get there.

Go as far as you can through the open window in the room. The male NPC will turn around so you can go through the window and enter the room. Wait until he is in the room before you run to your left and go through the glass doors.

You must now pass through the bedroom and adjacent laundry room.

There will be a colleague to nominate you. This should be easy.

Once he was removed, it was time to hide the body. Take her back to the room. There is a closet right outside the door where you can store it. No one will see you do it.

Once you’ve dragged her body through the door, stop and toss a coin in the corner of the laundry room. This initiates the process of distracting the guard outside the room. He’ll make our lives miserable in seconds if we don’t take care of him right away.

Once you’ve hidden the woman’s body, return to the laundry room and overpower the guard.

You may still have time to hide the second body in the same closet before Alexa Carlisle leaves the room, but you shouldn’t do that if she’s already gone.

Step 4 – Death

As Alexa Carlisle emerges from the room, she heads straight down the hallway. It’s convenient that there’s a rather large chandelier of moose antlers begging to be thrown on the old bag’s head. Help him with your stupid gun by pulling the wire from which it hangs. If you don’t already have it, you can use it to open Cupid’s Find the Dartmoor challenge.

If you haven’t hidden the second issue yet, do it now. The guards drag Alexa’s body to the laundry room and find something else.

Step 5 – File

Once you’ve ruled out your target, it’s time to grab the iron from the laundry room and head to Alexa Carlisle’s office to pick up the files. There’s a guard standing with his back to the door. Throw the iron at his head and put his body in his coffin under the stairs.

Press the button on the nice red chair behind the table to open the safe behind the painting on the wall. Either develop a security code for yourself, or enter it if you already know it, and then take the file.

Step 6 – Result

It’s easy to leave here and go back to where you came from. It’s very safe there and you won’t be noticed unless you walk right past the only guard.

But if you want to go further, grab a priceless Fabergé egg off your desk, grab an iron and head out to the balcony. Make sure the guards don’t see you there.

From now on, we go to the right side of the balcony. If you look there, you’ll see a guard on a lower level. Throw the iron as far to the right as possible. You want to distract him so he doesn’t notice you jumping off the balcony.

Get off the balcony, go down through the gutter and then hang on to the eaves of the house to the left. They want to hang themselves under the ledge of the balcony to get past the guard.

Work as far as you can. Notice the direction in which the guard is looking. You want to jump over the edge while he looks away. Once he appears, jump over the jump and throw a Fabergé egg at his head to make him fall.

You don’t have to hide your body. He won’t be found here. Now go over the ledge to the right of where the guard was and go through the third and final gutter.

Slide the hose as fast as you can. Some NPCs will notice you, but once you’re down, they won’t see you. The next step is to go down through the opening in the wall on the left. You can use a lead pipe nearby to distract NPCs who might be around where they see you.

Once you’re down, the exit is in sight. We try to cross the wooden bridge where the caretaker and the gardener are now. Grab an axe from a nearby woodpile.

Don’t kill anyone. If you do, you will not unlock the Silent Killer Challenge. Instead, use the axe to distract the bridge keeper and the gardener.

When they’re distracted enough, run to the bridge. You must have plenty of time. The only thing to watch out for is a two-man patrol passing by your location. But once they’re gone, they don’t come back for a long time.

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