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Swimming pools, and by extension pool games, are two things that have become iconic in The Sims franchise.

In Sims 1 and 2, it was pretty easy. They had a blue rectangle, with a ladder and possibly a diving board.

Sims 3 offered us slides and pool bars, as well as the ability to have a pool party.

And now, with Sims 4, there are about a million ways to maximize the fun in the pool of The Sims, only made better by all the incredibly talented content creators.

So let’s warm up and discover some of CC Les Sims 4’s best pool nights, from floats to swimwear to messes.

10. Floating donut reserve

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Food carts are a must now.

And with these giant donuts, your Sims are sure to be in the mood for sweets in the summer.

Was it cheese? Maybe a little. But you know what’s cute? The donuts are floating!

With two color options and a net that looks so real I half expect to jump across the screen and swim in the pool myself, I’d say Chisa’s creator had the right idea.

9. Attractive teak chair

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There is always someone who would rather see others swim than go into the water themselves.

And these great Island Living lounge chair colors are perfect for your side ledge seating.

I love the bright colors compared to wood. And this room really stands out.

Mayusimsie gave us so many different shades and patterns that there is something for every style.

In fact, the chaise lounge beats the chaise lounge any day.

8. Woven swimsuit for you

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While the base game and expansion packs of The Sims 4 already offer a lot of fun swimwear (in my opinion), I think this creation from Bowl of Plumbobs is a must for your Sims’ swimming.

As someone who likes to make aesthetic sims whose outfits should always be of a high standard, I’m already excited about the possibilities here.

It’s things like this that make me appreciate all creators of user-generated content.

They always seem to go the extra mile to give you all the variations you could want, and Plumbing Bowl is no different.

There are thirty patterns in this swimsuit. Thirty.

7. Pool day with dose packs for small children

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I’m totally obsessed with posing, but I’ve never thought of having my Sims pose in a pool. I’m a little confused.

If, like me, you’re sentimental and want to preserve your Sims for generations, you’ll love it.

These eight Simsulani poses are adorable, made for an adult and one or two children.

Finally, using poses in TS4 is very close to creating a photo album for your Sims. And who doesn’t have a van where they spent time in the pool when they were kids?

6. Floating pool

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The summer atmosphere is strong in this model.

Another net from Island Living gives us more floats, and these are practically neon!

I don’t know if anyone is as excited as I am, but here we go.

Nothing is as festive as neon, and you can decorate your pool with it if you want.

5. Hot air summer pool

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Here’s something else for those who don’t like color…. a coffin bank!

Not all Sims are made for sunny and happy summer days, are they?

It might be a little scary, but I really like it.

My personal goal now is to get the Grim Reaper on that car.

4. Pool Party Poseypack

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Now I have to get back to my addiction to posing. It’s really cool, I swear!

Mistress Nobody has created some very active poses for your Sims here, including diving and a Sim pushing another Sim into the pool.

Let’s face it: If you’ve ever hosted a pool party for your Sims, chances are it wasn’t as luxurious as you thought.

Every time I tried it, it was a mess, because that’s what you get when you have more than six Sims together.

That’s where the poses come in.

The beauty of this fashion is that even if reality means everyone is sitting in chairs instead of swimming, or half your guests are inside fighting for computer access, you can still put them at ease with poses like Madam. No one can come closer to what you had in mind.

3. Fan-shaped beach towels

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I usually choose a CC that fits Simlish’s play style.

But these cheeky Sims and Rellion meme-based towels are too good to pass up.

I really wish I could find such awesome towels in my real life, but again, my sims have the most fun.

At least at the edges, it won’t stain the lawn!

2. Swimsuits from the 1980s

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If you want your Sims to look cool while they try to stay cool, there’s nothing better than that.

These retro patterns are somehow totally radical.

Although I was not in the 80s and my local knowledge comes only from television, I love the clothes and styles of then as much as now.

These swimsuits actually go very well with the neon Lounge Float pool mentioned above.

I see an ’80s pool party in my sim’s future….

1. Mad Dreams on the Beach collection

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At the top of this list is a neat collection that contains everything you need to create your Sim’s pool party.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for an even bigger mess.

Our Sims’ house and garden often seem too empty and hollow, making it hard to remember to play with life.

Well, when it comes to pool days, the creator of the CC, Severinka, is right behind you.

Umbrellas, beach chairs, and my favorite: the beach ball. These are some of the many elements included in this package.

Bottles of sunscreen, drinks in elegant glasses and slices of pineapple complete this luxurious collection.

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They’re there too, and you can even find an awesome SimPad for your Sims! Registration on the site is completely free, which means you can immediately download and enjoy the content without registering.

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Enrich your Sims 4 experience with free custom content downloads that bring hair, items, and other additional in-game downloads. Mods allow you to expand gameplay or change it in other ways.

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Downloading mods and CC is perfectly safe. The creators will not include any malware or viruses in their downloads. Creators create game content out of a genuine passion for The Sims, but many publish their downloads on websites with pop-ups.

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