Farming and Monster Taming RPG Ova Magica Announced

Farming and taming monsters: the announcement of Ova Magica for PC and consoles

Developer ClaudiaTheDev announced the Ova Magica RPG for PC and consoles, which allows you to breed and tame monsters. The game is inspired by beloved classics like Harvest Moon, Azure Dreams and Rune Factory.

A trailer was also aired, as well as an announcement by Daniel Amerman of the League of Legends office. Check the trailer underneath:

The trailer also launched the Ova Magica movie Kickstarter yesterday, which will be up and running for 30 days until the 25th. February will be implemented. Each sponsor who supports the game will have access to a limited edition physical version of the game for the Nintendo Switch, which will be accompanied by a quality certificate confirming that they are the original owner and sponsor of the game. It also includes more physical and digital rewards.

The story of Ova Magica begins when you settle in the sleepy town of Clover. Their mission is to revitalize a piece of vacant land on their dream farm – and take care of the cute and mysterious creatures known as Blobs. The drops have special abilities that allow them to do everything from farming to protection when shipping rare materials for crafts.

But that’s all Clover Town is about now, as weirdos from all walks of life have their own routines and interests. Train with beautiful creatures, take care of your farm and make friends among the people of Clover Town.

Features :

  • Breeding and training : Ova Magica expands the farm simulation genre with a creature rearing simulator! These cute spotted creatures come in over 80 varieties, and they can be crossed with each other to create an almost infinite combination of new spots. Love them well and pay attention to their favorite foods and habits so that they grow strong.
  • Agriculture: Build, manage and expand the farm of your dreams. Farming is usually hard work, but that is not necessarily the case with Ova Magica. Treat your drops well, and you can grow anything from common crops to tasty fruits and mushrooms of other sizes!
  • Urbanism and progress: You can become a member of the clover community by sharing your farm’s success! Helping others is important, and you can help build new buildings, get involved in community initiatives, and discover new opportunities throughout the city.
  • Romance: Over a dozen unique NPCs with their own personalities, characters, interests and plots populate Clover Town. Players can play as male or female, and are free to pursue any character, including characters of the same gender. From a sensitive chef who dreams of opening his own restaurant to a hardcore punk builder who wants to create his architectural masterpiece, who will you meet in Clover Town?
  • Fighting blood: Take on your strongest Drops group in active battles against other Drops Trainers or against the strongest inhabitants of the Drops worlds you’ll explore throughout the game. Learn new skills, develop your drops, learn the strengths and weaknesses of each type of drop and prove that you are the best drop coach you can be.
  • It’s done: Ova Magica Drops add a unique touch to crafting, using their special abilities to find new materials in drop worlds dug from ore blocks or grown on your farm! Collect an increasingly powerful and varied assortment of farming tools and equipment to grow and create new things. Also make furniture to decorate your house, or clothes to decorate your character!
  • Activities : Variety is the spice of life, and if you don’t cultivate it, there’s plenty. Spend your free time doing various activities such as mining, bug fishing, mini-fishing games and helping residents prepare for seasonal festivals.

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