Sims 4 Man Bun Hair CC (All Free To Download) –

It’s been too long since our Sims have had one bad haircut after another.

After all, a man’s short hair can only make you change places. And honestly, most of the men I’ve made have had the same 2-3 hairstyles for as long as I can remember.

But what if I told you that anything is possible?

Human buns don’t need to be presented. This is a famous hairstyle that all men who decided that short hair was not the way to go.

And here is one of the best CC’s for your loving boy Sam.

7. Anto’s hair makes the record dark

Consult this CC

Many bun hairstyles for men come with the idea that your sim should look like a hipster.

That’s as far from the truth as it gets!

There are many types of men who need to put their hair in a bun from time to time, and with the Anto Blackout Hair Recolor, your male sims can achieve this with a casual look at the back of their heads.

Instead of a nice pattern or a small bun on your head like you’re used to, this hairstyle seems to be stuck to your face while you’re doing something important, like working out.

It’s not too hectic, but the length of the Sims doesn’t mysteriously disappear when you need to change their appearance, for example. B. An outfit.

6. Human Chignon CC

Consult this CC

This style (created by Tumblr user The Rpe) is very classic for a man’s bun.

She’s right in the middle of your bun, and she’s pretty small, which means her hair isn’t too long when it’s down.

But he does the job for all your male needs Sima. Everything is pushed back and held back!

5. Celan Hair

Consult this CC

A human sandwich with a certain texture! This hairstyle has layers that are clearly visible through the back locks of the hair, making it a great option if your Sim needs to tie up her hair for the warmer months. Or physical activity.

But you can keep her hair shaggy and full of life at any other event!

What also makes Hair Caelan an option to consider is that it comes in 30 colors, not the typical basic colors you’d expect with traditional hairstyles.

So your male Sims can have fun coloring their hair too!

4. Rafael Ban V2

Consult this CC

Raphael Bun V2 has the attitude and style for the boldest sims you’ve ever made.

Whether it’s your teenage son going through an alternative phase or an adult male simulator you can always put in the front row at a hardcore show, this bun is guaranteed to match their outfits and lifestyle.

Just like the previous style, this CC bun for men has an incredible variety of colors, ranging from different shades to almost any color you can imagine.

Which seems to be very suitable for this type of hair.

3. Wing hairs

Consult this CC

If you’re looking for a man bun that has something to get you excited, this is the hairstyle for you and your sim.

Braided hair has one major attraction: the fringe.

This fringe is distinguished by its design and the way it falls in one large section on one side of the face, which looks casual, yet put together.

Another feature to look out for is the shaved detail on either side of the head. Not to mention that the texture of this hair has nothing to envy its cliffhanger.

If you want your Sim to look like she didn’t skimp on hair care, this is a good place to start.

2. Individual attachment

Consult this CC

This offset CC top knot is another variation of the shaved side knot, but this time the shaving is more of a fade. As you can see, the hair is much lighter than before.

Plus, this style is so versatile. It can adapt to almost any style your Sim chooses for them.

They can be used at sports simulators, or with people who are really professional and always take their work home with them, or even with players when it’s time to relax and play.

This style is inspired by what can be found in the City Living expansion pack, and is only available in the originally planned colors.

So it’s a good option if you like using custom content, but don’t want your sims to look too much like they’re blending in with the rest of your neighbors.

1. Shaved bread Messi

Consult this CC

Most of the men’s buns you find are tight from the back, well put together and very sleek.

But who doesn’t love something that only lasted a few seconds?

Let your Sims be comfortable and casual with these types of nonchalant hairstyles.

After all they had to do today, they deserve to wear what they want!

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Free CC, Mods & Poses –

Swimming pools, and by extension pool games, are two things that have become iconic in The Sims franchise.

In Sims 1 and 2, it was pretty easy. They had a blue rectangle, with a ladder and possibly a diving board.

Sims 3 offered us slides and pool bars, as well as the ability to have a pool party.

And now, with Sims 4, there are about a million ways to maximize the fun in the pool of The Sims, only made better by all the incredibly talented content creators.

So let’s warm up and discover some of CC Les Sims 4’s best pool nights, from floats to swimwear to messes.

10. Floating donut reserve

Consult this CC

Food carts are a must now.

And with these giant donuts, your Sims are sure to be in the mood for sweets in the summer.

Was it cheese? Maybe a little. But you know what’s cute? The donuts are floating!

With two color options and a net that looks so real I half expect to jump across the screen and swim in the pool myself, I’d say Chisa’s creator had the right idea.

9. Attractive teak chair

Consult this CC

There is always someone who would rather see others swim than go into the water themselves.

And these great Island Living lounge chair colors are perfect for your side ledge seating.

I love the bright colors compared to wood. And this room really stands out.

Mayusimsie gave us so many different shades and patterns that there is something for every style.

In fact, the chaise lounge beats the chaise lounge any day.

8. Woven swimsuit for you

Consult this CC

While the base game and expansion packs of The Sims 4 already offer a lot of fun swimwear (in my opinion), I think this creation from Bowl of Plumbobs is a must for your Sims’ swimming.

As someone who likes to make aesthetic sims whose outfits should always be of a high standard, I’m already excited about the possibilities here.

It’s things like this that make me appreciate all creators of user-generated content.

They always seem to go the extra mile to give you all the variations you could want, and Plumbing Bowl is no different.

There are thirty patterns in this swimsuit. Thirty.

7. Pool day with dose packs for small children

Consult this CC

I’m totally obsessed with posing, but I’ve never thought of having my Sims pose in a pool. I’m a little confused.

If, like me, you’re sentimental and want to preserve your Sims for generations, you’ll love it.

These eight Simsulani poses are adorable, made for an adult and one or two children.

Finally, using poses in TS4 is very close to creating a photo album for your Sims. And who doesn’t have a van where they spent time in the pool when they were kids?

6. Floating pool

Consult this CC

The summer atmosphere is strong in this model.

Another net from Island Living gives us more floats, and these are practically neon!

I don’t know if anyone is as excited as I am, but here we go.

Nothing is as festive as neon, and you can decorate your pool with it if you want.

5. Hot air summer pool

Consult this CC

Here’s something else for those who don’t like color…. a coffin bank!

Not all Sims are made for sunny and happy summer days, are they?

It might be a little scary, but I really like it.

My personal goal now is to get the Grim Reaper on that car.

4. Pool Party Poseypack

Consult this CC

Now I have to get back to my addiction to posing. It’s really cool, I swear!

Mistress Nobody has created some very active poses for your Sims here, including diving and a Sim pushing another Sim into the pool.

Let’s face it: If you’ve ever hosted a pool party for your Sims, chances are it wasn’t as luxurious as you thought.

Every time I tried it, it was a mess, because that’s what you get when you have more than six Sims together.

That’s where the poses come in.

The beauty of this fashion is that even if reality means everyone is sitting in chairs instead of swimming, or half your guests are inside fighting for computer access, you can still put them at ease with poses like Madam. No one can come closer to what you had in mind.

3. Fan-shaped beach towels

Consult this CC

I usually choose a CC that fits Simlish’s play style.

But these cheeky Sims and Rellion meme-based towels are too good to pass up.

I really wish I could find such awesome towels in my real life, but again, my sims have the most fun.

At least at the edges, it won’t stain the lawn!

2. Swimsuits from the 1980s

Consult this CC

If you want your Sims to look cool while they try to stay cool, there’s nothing better than that.

These retro patterns are somehow totally radical.

Although I was not in the 80s and my local knowledge comes only from television, I love the clothes and styles of then as much as now.

These swimsuits actually go very well with the neon Lounge Float pool mentioned above.

I see an ’80s pool party in my sim’s future….

1. Mad Dreams on the Beach collection

Consult this CC

At the top of this list is a neat collection that contains everything you need to create your Sim’s pool party.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for an even bigger mess.

Our Sims’ house and garden often seem too empty and hollow, making it hard to remember to play with life.

Well, when it comes to pool days, the creator of the CC, Severinka, is right behind you.

Umbrellas, beach chairs, and my favorite: the beach ball. These are some of the many elements included in this package.

Bottles of sunscreen, drinks in elegant glasses and slices of pineapple complete this luxurious collection.

frequently asked questions

CC on Sims 4 for free ?

They’re there too, and you can even find an awesome SimPad for your Sims! Registration on the site is completely free, which means you can immediately download and enjoy the content without registering.

Sims 4 mod free ?

Enrich your Sims 4 experience with free custom content downloads that bring hair, items, and other additional in-game downloads. Mods allow you to expand gameplay or change it in other ways.

Is the Sims folder secure?

Downloading mods and CC is perfectly safe. The creators will not include any malware or viruses in their downloads. Creators create game content out of a genuine passion for The Sims, but many publish their downloads on websites with pop-ups.

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CAMP suggestions from a player(s) who love to build

I know under this sub-heading requests are often made for the CAP, and in the last three days we have seen many requests ranging from an increase in the budget, to adding more junk, more letters, and more postal options.

As an anonymous contributor to CAMPaholics who started this game in BETA and has a penchant for moving and rebuilding my camp, usually three times a week, I have encountered many quirks and construction tricks (which I will not mention here for fear of being reported) while building CAMPS. I’m still missing a few), but also a lot of mistakes. I want to share some of my ideas with you and also consolidate some of the ideas that have been put forward by the community.

Before I do, I have to congratulate the guy who created the saved inventory plans and the ability to have several of them; I know I’ll use them a lot once they’re in use.

Let’s start with the community’s suggestions from the last few days:

  1. Simplify construction restrictions. This is pretty straightforward; many building restrictions seem arbitrary, such as only being able to use two foundation stairs for the ground floor, or only being able to use the stairs on one floor (small floors with one tile for the upper floors), or only being able to use those stairs that are high enough for the actual stairs, such as the stairs from a modern kit. It is high enough to harmonize with the wall/plinth and would actually look like a staircase leading to the second floor of NICE. Lamps take up a lot of room in the budget and seem random, although most can be used for neon signs in camps that work as a business (‘s like mine). What bothers me the most is the impossibility of placing the lower floors in parts of the warehouse where the foundations cannot be placed. There are a few places (especially on monorails) where you can’t build a foundation, so you won’t have walls or floors unless you’re willing to use things like rugs and cabinets as walls. It’s doable, but not as clean and cheap.

  1. Other theme building kits. I’d like to see more; what I have is a modern construction kit (white panel walls, with foundation and porch stairs). I know there were a few kits, but aside from the SCOREBOARD glass and cell wall kits, which to my knowledge have not been on sale at the Atomic Store since, there were no new options for use as an outdoor structure. No, I’m not talking about prefabricated structures (like a flying fortress, cheese dome, or greenhouse dome), although those are fresh, they are much harder to integrate into a building because they don’t have the flexibility that a foundation with walls can achieve.
  2. Other display options. It’s also a bit of a problem; the current showcases are inflexible. Some of them are easy to use, for example. B. wall panels for weapons, but, as with decoration, some are difficult to use in most buildings, either because they do not match the style of desert buildings dictated by other furniture, or because they are not suitable for use outside the museum. If we had additional displays, like B. a mat with multiple displays that we could slap on any surface, we could decorate more easily.
  3. Disorder in the camp and accommodation objects. It’s kind of an extension of the above; a lot of people REALLY want the chance to show off their cool stuff. I broadly agree and have a personal suggestion below.

I won’t go into all the bugs, but I continue to find it annoying that you can’t put wooden barriers on the floors (only the foundations) and that you can’t put support posts. I’m sure there are many reports of bugs in the CAMP system, and they hear plenty of them.

Here are some of my own suggestions, taken from informal conversations with other people or gained after the game:

  1. Triangular (or wedge-shaped) foundations / floors. Someone mentioned it in a conversation on a Reddit thread, and I wanted to talk about it here.I’m not new to building angular buildings, but I think it would be easier to make better structures if we had triangular bases, like in many other survival games with tree mechanics (like Rust or Unturned). We could have been a very different population in a very different kind of game, but the foundations of the triangle would have added a lot more in terms of building possibilities. We could have functional round towers.
    The problem is that you have to determine which angles will work, and one size fits all would not be a good idea. If you only add a view/dimension of the base or ceiling of a triangle, it is easier to implement an equilateral triangle. The sides are all the same size, so you could give the sides the length of a whole wall and do that, although it would take three solid triangles to offset the width of two square platforms, if that means anything. Personally, I would suggest a 67.5/67.5/45 shim with a wall width of 1 laterally between A and B, so that two shims are at a 90 degree angle in space, which would facilitate the transition between two square shims, although I would want both if that were an option, because the number of possibilities these two simple things offer is greater than one can imagine without seeing it in practice.

  1. Partial walls / foundations. We already have half walls (vertical) and we have half a block for the upper floors, but we don’t have half walls (horizontal) and half a block of foundations.I was able to use the foundation bumping to get half walls to some extent, but it’s still a whole wall cut in half with another wall in the middle.

  1. Ceiling wallpaper. It’s talked about so much in the community, I’d love to see it. Even though many ceilings are not flat, if the ceiling wallpaper flattens the lower level, that’s fine too, because many designs are just worse because the roof doesn’t match the interior of the building.
  2. Models. Display cases for clothing/armaments. That would be great, especially since some people have cool outfits/costumes that they would love to show off, but can’t (because they can only give their ally one set). Maybe even a bunch of mannequins with poses for him to hold and display weapons.
  3. Search for advertisements/suppliers. I can’t tell the difference between the rifle on the wall and the TS/E/25 rifle on the wall. If we could examine it and see what the stances/effects are on it, we might be more impressed with the presentation of the weapon. But from a functional standpoint, it would be good for other players’ items, since you can’t see the weapon/weapon mods in a given vending machine, since you can’t even see the silhouette of the weapon in the menu.
  4. More functional strength equipment. So you can hardly call it that, but the workshops in FO4 were able to make devices that had a lot of functionality, such as time delay switches. While most of these objects already exist in 76 (and new keyboard switches have even been added), it seems to me that we could get more functionality out of these objects. For example, for example… For example, the power button turns on for a short time (say 2 seconds) before turning off again, which is very handy for things like doors and speakers. It is possible to connect one of the transmitters to the terminal to send an output signal to the devices connected above it and activate them only when the transmitter detects something (this way you can set sirens to be activated only when the transmitter detects pipes). Actually, I wish the atomic plant could program the light panels on tube
    via the terminal to say a series of messages as they pass by.
  5. Bicycle items more often in the atomic store. This is hard to justify, except that it seems to take a whole year for some lots or items to be back in stock, even if they are in high demand or popular. I know it can affect sales, but I feel like more people would buy these packages if they were sold more often. The biggest obstacle for me when shopping in stores is timing, because I want to buy things, but sometimes the things I want are only available at a time of year when I can’t afford them. If he came back in a month, I’d be here, even without the discounts.
  6. CAMP Lighthouses. Camps can be lively, but it would be nice if they felt like a popular place. Something like a flag or a beacon to attract Universal NPCs who then leave the camp without any real functionality would be cool. Bonus points if these tags are grouped according to what they attract. Perhaps a raid flag to attract raiders, or a beacon to invite settlers, or even a communications station for the Brotherhood to drop by during patrols or rest periods. Having one of them in your camp with an ally makes for lively scenes where visitors to your camp can look into your shops, but notice that you and your ally are in a bar where three or four Wastelands and another player are, which can be a great opportunity for roleplaying. We already have a flexible system for that – it’s itinerant vendors who come by from time to time while we have a few active CAP allies.
  7. A random arrangement. This is my response to the request in paragraph 4 for interference in the Community’s proposals. It would be nice if there was a functional item that we could put in our inventory, and like the ammo converter, go up and select (non-legendary) items from our inventory to make a mess of. They are removed from the inventory and placed in the camping items menu as camping items, where they are shown as a display case, but without the display case, as a person in the middle. These items can eat up a budget in your warehouse just like any other constructed item, and the unit will simply refuse to add more if there is not enough budget to add more. All these objects have models anyway, so in many cases it would be cool to have some practical versions.
  8. Allies, collectors (and my beacons when added) in the underground shelters. One of the most common problems of people who use shelters is that they feel empty/empty. Most people don’t use them because they’re not very practical to use (you can’t draw resources from them, and camps have more creative freedom), so why not ask someone to put allies, collectors, and other npc items in a hideout? It will make him feel alive. Even if you remove the functionality of the collector, it will likely be placed for the personality and life it brings to the person. As for the allies: If I had the ability to place an ally (or several) in a lair, I could really access the daily/radial quests or functions of some/most of my allies without having to launch them into my camp, which just takes time.

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  • Returning player with the questions of the meeting

I played D3 on the computer a few years ago. I recently got the Switch version and I have some questions about GR constructs. I am currently using the skeletal mage Necro Rathma. I find I have the damage necessary to make a GR 60+, but not enough survivability. I have only one chance out of many…

  • Introducing

I haven’t seen an official suggestion thread yet, it would be cool to have one! Anyway, here are a few things I think are cool. Our apologies if any of these have already been suggested or confirmed. – Make the player a character or a real person in the city. (Maybe add the ability to vote and….

  • A new player with a boot camp problem

As the title says, I just took the game in hand. And for the past three hours, I’ve been trying to complete my third training camp mission. This, after we were introduced to filming. My team’s AI is a piece of garbage, while the opposing team has God knows what veterans. As I understand it.

Send CAMP offers to players who like to build for Fallout games.

Top 10 most anticipated video games of 2020

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be included in the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason to release it in that year. Upcoming games that are only announced and do not have a major release date are therefore not eligible.

Top 15 new games for 2020 [PART I]

By 2020, there will be a lot of… in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games waiting for you in the first half of 2020.


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Review – The Medium (PC)

I continually encourage the Bloober team, even though their career has largely been a collection of projects that have not reached their full potential. Blair Witch and Layers of Fear has some interesting ideas, but it suffered from poor execution. Meanwhile, Observer, a game that wasn’t even supposed to be a survival horror, was scarier and more disturbing than their own horror titles. Medium is Bloober’s latest horror game, and he’s got some interesting ideas that advance the genre and bring it back to the past. Was this game a success or a failure for the company?

The bracket uses a fixed camera angle to create a great effect.

You step into the shoes of Marianne, the medium with the title, a person with a special connection to the afterlife who helps a recently deceased person make the transition from the spirit world to the afterlife. Shortly after losing her adoptive parents, she receives a phone call from a mysterious man named Thomas, who tells her to go to a place called Niva Resort, a place of brutal carnage. Marianne must know the truth about what happened there, because it was never discovered.

Medium doesn’t have the best writing style in the world, and he often uses horror terms (intentionally or unintentionally), but his story is quite entertaining. It was an interesting idea to put them in an engaging mystery that revolves around an enchanted place and the connection to the main character. It contains interesting NPCs and unexpected twists. Marianne is also a fascinating character: I wanted to see their journey to the end.

The medium sees Marianne passing through the real material world and the spiritual world, a place between life and death. It gives an amazing effect like you’ve never seen before. At key moments in the story, the screen splits in two and you begin to control Marianne simultaneously in both the physical and spirit worlds. Objects that stop Marianne in one world will also stop her in another, like a broken ladder in the material world or a swarm of moths in the spiritual world. If the material world is an obstacle, Marianne can leave her body for an out-of-body experience, which allows her to deal with the spiritual world alone. But if she lingers too long, she will get lost.

The split screen gave BlueBer a chance to try something different with quality scenes and gameplay.

It’s an interesting idea used to great effect, and almost every part of The Medium goes even further into the game of dual reality, managing to keep it constantly at the center of the game while finding new ways to mix things up that I won’t spoil here. You’ll spend most of your time walking around Niva Station and solving the puzzle together. If you’re not looking for a walking simulator, Medium might not be for you. Running speed is pretty slow, and running speed isn’t much better and is often zero anyway. Overall, I still find it very entertaining, with plenty of tension building, but without relying on jumpy scares.

One of the key features of The Medium, beyond its dual reality, is its use of fixed and dynamic camera angles, a strong return to the genre’s past. It’s used beautifully here and seems to be an homage to the old school of the Order of Evil and Silent Hill. This can cause minor control issues as you move from one part to another, but it is never enough to be a problem. It is possible to get absolutely amazing shots with this camera angle, and I really hope it will give the genre…. will breathe new life With moderation, of course.

There are some interesting concepts to the puzzles in the game, such as moving the hand of the clock to control time in another dimension, but overall none of the puzzles in The Medium are challenging or even thought-provoking. They often revolve around a simple interaction with something in the environment and then retreat to another area. I was hoping for more complexity, because there was a lot of potential in the whole multidimensional game.

Medium exhibits some additional problems when his threats are introduced. Graphically, these monsters are great, but when coupled with the gameplay in general, they are a bit disappointing, especially because of the game’s stealth mechanics. Marianne can get down on her knees and hold her breath. and that’s it. During her journey, she is particularly haunted by The Maw, a terrifying abomination that appears in the spirit world.

Soon after his encounter, you will find that he can also enter the material world, where he can continue to pursue you. But he can’t see you, and you can’t see him, but these short bits are just totally boring. All the stealthy sections are really easy to follow with clear routes. Fortunately, these hidden sections are few in number and some of them turned out pretty good.

Since Maw is a mechanically weak opponent, he brings an additional layer of terror to Medium.

Overall, the sound design is excellent. The actors did well for the most part, in some scenes of the episode they seemed either too cheesy or poorly planned. Every time they had to deliver, they did. Especially Troy Baker delivers phenomenal work as The Maw, he manages to take an already scary enemy to an even scarier level. To top it off, the soundtrack was composed by legendary Silent Hill composer, Akira Yamaoka.

While it’s not technically the best game I’ve seen lately, the presentation is fine. The aforementioned fixed camera style makes for amazing cinematic moments and keeps the tension in the stratosphere. The spirit world can also be visually stunning, and it’s one of the parallel dimensions of Silent Hill that I prefer in recent memory. That said, even if the game is installed on an SSD player, stuttering images and texture pop-ups are common during play. This is never unplayable, but it can have a negative effect on some scenes.

Medium is on its way to being a great horror game that in many ways comes close to being a true sequel to Silent Hill. The return to classic camera angles from years ago is a delight, while Dual Reality has intelligently advanced the genre. Unfortunately, the lifeless puzzles and sneaky intros completely derailed the game. I hope this isn’t the last time we see this franchise. There’s great untapped potential for great sequels here, if Blueber decides to give the film a second chance.

While not the most visually stunning game in recent memory, the presentation and inimitable artistic style are breathtaking. Most of the game’s exploration can be exciting, but the puzzle and stealth sections are very tough.
A trembling voice plays the key. The sound design is excellent, with a great soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka and an excellent performance by Troy Baker. Medium has strong ideas and great execution, but lacks challenge and tension, a must for horror games.
Last block: 7.5

Support is now available for Xbox and PC.

Viewed on a PC with RTX 2060, Ryzen 5 3600X and 16 GB of RAM.

A copy of Medium was provided by the publisher.


How do you load…

Try it!

frequently asked questions

Medium narrow ?

Medium is one of the few games that focuses on history. … Medium is a psychological horror story at its best, told in a way that is only possible in this format.

Does the medium reach the computer?

Medium is a brand new franchise for the team, so it will be interesting to see what other innovative things the Bloober Team does with it. The dual reality gameplay already seems incredibly ambitious. Medium comes on the 28th. January 2021 for PC and X-series.

How do I play a card game?

Speak aloud while playing the card. With this series of two words, you and your partner are trying to find Medium. Medium: This word connects the two words on your cards: a word that suggests the two words, a word that defines them, or a word that acts as a compromise between the two words.

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The origins of Lady Dimitrescu, the sensation of Resident Evil Village

Who is Alsina Dimitrescu? We’re immersing ourselves in Japanese legends and Hungarian nobility to find inspiration for the character that stole the hearts (and blood) of Resident Evil Village fans.

If you have visited the internet in the last few days, it is not possible that you do not know them: She wears a dress almost as white as her skin, has a fearsome smile and is about three feet tall. We’re talking, of course, about Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, the villain from Resident Evil Village who took control of the entire community in seconds (literally).

Sure, maybe the effect she gets is the exact opposite of what Capcom wanted us to feel (or maybe not?), but whether you fear her or dream of her walking all over you, it’s clear that Lady Dimitrescu has every chance of becoming one of the greatest villain icons in the Resident Evil series.

At first glance, everything points to her being a vampire, especially given the clues the girl leaves in the demo when you meet one of her daughters (who also has beautiful minions), or the fact that Resident Evil Village is based on European folklore. But what’s really behind Lady Dimitrescu, and what materials did the Capcom artists use to design her?


And we must first go to the source of all this: Japan. Of all the urban legends that exist about ghosts (or yokas), one of the most popular refers to Hachishakusama, a name that translates as two and a half feet tall. This detail immediately reminds us of Lady Dimitrescu, but that’s not all.

Her appearance is also very similar to that of the villain in Resident Evil 8 Village, as she is often described as a woman with long black hair wearing a white dress and hat. It is said that she has a deep, almost masculine voice and that she constantly repeats the sound po po po.

According to legend, Hachishakusama spies on young children by stalking them for days (or even months), and when she stops… She kidnaps him to take him away from his family and eventually kills him. If it served as inspiration for Lady Dimitrescu, it may give us a clue to her role as an enemy in the game: Will she relentlessly pursue Ethan as the story unfolds? Is Lady Dimitrescu Mr. X/Nemesis of Evil Village?

Erzsébet Báthory

And if you found it disturbing, wait until you hear about a real character-based inspiration: Erzsébet Báthory was a Hungarian nobleman who lived from 1560 to 1614. As a member of one of the most powerful families of the time, Erzsébet is known as the murderer who has the most lives on her conscience in the history of mankind.

And no, it’s not a legend or a myth: About 300 people have testified to Erzebet’s brutal practices, including beatings, burns, limb mutilation and skin bites on her face, hands and other parts of her body, and she is suspected of practicing cannibalism. Victims are often young girls between the ages of 10 and 14.

She was arrested in December 1610 with four servants (Dorothea, Ilona, Catherine and Janos) accused of being her accomplices. Mutilated bodies and dead or half-dead prisoners have been found in his castle. Your punishment? She was sentenced to what would be house arrest today (the laws were… different in those days). She died in her castle at the age of 54, but to this day the whereabouts of her body are unknown.

And, wait, here comes the interesting part: the story of Erzebet’s torment and murder has grown over the years and become part of national folklore, gradually taking on a vampiric aspect.

It is said that she bathes in the blood of virgins to stay young, and some believe that the real inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula can be found in Erzsebet Bathory, hence her nicknames as the Bloody Countess or Countess Dracula. On the other hand, her staff had become legendary, no longer servants of the castle, but three witches in the Countess’ service.

Sound familiar? This is almost literally the background of Lady Dimitrescu: a woman with vampiric tendencies who lives in a castle in Romania with three witches and a man (her brother, in the case of Resident Evil Village), and whose hobby is to capture local virgins.

There is no doubt that Capcom took inspiration from the legend of Erzsébet Bathory for the creation of Lady Dimitrescu.

What do you think, are you looking forward to meeting Mrs. Dimitrescu in person? Reminder: Resident Evil Village will be evacuated on the 7th. May for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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How to use the 30-30 Repeater in Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem

With each new season, a lot of new content is added to Apex Legends. Still, it’s been a minute since any of these new features became a new weapon. Season 6 brought us the Volt SMG, but amidst all the hype surrounding the new map and added vehicles, there were no new weapons in Season 7. However, 8 Squadron brought a brand new heavy weapon called the 30-30 Repeater. Let’s see how it works.

30-30 Repeater: Statistics and classification

First, let’s look at the 30-30 repeater in all its parts.

Image by respawn

Type of weapon: Type of ammunition for assault rifles: Heavy. Type of fire: Magazine type
single fire : Extended heavy duty log
Optical type : Near and medium range optics
Stock type : Standard stock
(30-30 repeaters do not accept jumps and do not have loop slots).

Extended dashboard

The 30-30 repeater is a heavy rifle that starts with 6 shots, but has more speed than the winger.

Extended logging level Pictures of
There’s no newspaper. 6
Level 1 8
Level 2 10
Level 3 or 4 12

Game and strategy

Of the weapons currently available in the game, the 30-30 Repeater can be described as a heavy weapon equivalent to the G7 Scout, as well as a heavy weapon equivalent to the DMR Longbow. In a way, it is the golden mean between these two weapons, both in terms of fire intensity and damage.

The 30-30 breech is also the only single-shot assault rifle. (All other AOs have at least one other firing position besides the single shot, although the G7 requires a jump for the second position.)

Repeat load 30-30

Another unique feature of the 30-30 bolt action is that each shot has a charge counter. Unlike the Sentinel sniper rifle, the loader is automatically part of the weapon and requires no external parts or sources. Here is the damage to the base in relation to the loaded fire:

Basic Responsible
Legs 32 43 (11 other injuries)
Body 42 57 (15 other wounded)
Chapter 74 100 (26 additional indemnities)

To load a shot, pull the trigger and release it when the load counter is full. The display appears either on the weapon itself or on the equipped optic.

Thanks to the loading element, this weapon is best at the top end, usually with a 3x HCOG Ranger or 2x-4x variable AOG optic. But because you can fire quickly with less damage when you pull the trigger, the weapon is still somewhat useful in hand-to-hand combat.

Restart and linkage

Like the Mastiff rifle, the 30-30 repeating rifle loads one bullet at a time. This means that if you run out of ammo during a fight without having another weapon handy, it’s almost a death sentence if you and your opponent don’t have a good distance between you. Nevertheless, the brand new Gold Extended Heavy magazine is ideal to be combined with a 30-30 repeater because of its special capabilities. If the weapon is equipped, it will recharge over time.

However, the time required to do so means that the weapon must be able to be reloaded more quickly in conjunction with a 30-30 repeating rifle. It is not advisable to combine it with a mastiff or other sniper rifle. It is preferable to combine it with another assault rifle, an LMG or SMG.

Overall, the 30-30 repeater may not be for everyone, but there are certainly ways to take advantage of its unique play style and performance if you take apart every element of the weapon and think strategically.

TL;DR : Repeater 30-30. Single-shot assault rifle. Either you load the shots or you pull the trigger. If possible, get a log gold to counteract the slow single-track fills. Similar to the playing style of the G7 scouts, although closer to Longbow in some ways. Base of 6 strokes and max. 12. Works best in close combat, choose a lens of your choice.

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Farming and Monster Taming RPG Ova Magica Announced

Farming and taming monsters: the announcement of Ova Magica for PC and consoles

Developer ClaudiaTheDev announced the Ova Magica RPG for PC and consoles, which allows you to breed and tame monsters. The game is inspired by beloved classics like Harvest Moon, Azure Dreams and Rune Factory.

A trailer was also aired, as well as an announcement by Daniel Amerman of the League of Legends office. Check the trailer underneath:

The trailer also launched the Ova Magica movie Kickstarter yesterday, which will be up and running for 30 days until the 25th. February will be implemented. Each sponsor who supports the game will have access to a limited edition physical version of the game for the Nintendo Switch, which will be accompanied by a quality certificate confirming that they are the original owner and sponsor of the game. It also includes more physical and digital rewards.

The story of Ova Magica begins when you settle in the sleepy town of Clover. Their mission is to revitalize a piece of vacant land on their dream farm – and take care of the cute and mysterious creatures known as Blobs. The drops have special abilities that allow them to do everything from farming to protection when shipping rare materials for crafts.

But that’s all Clover Town is about now, as weirdos from all walks of life have their own routines and interests. Train with beautiful creatures, take care of your farm and make friends among the people of Clover Town.

Features :

  • Breeding and training : Ova Magica expands the farm simulation genre with a creature rearing simulator! These cute spotted creatures come in over 80 varieties, and they can be crossed with each other to create an almost infinite combination of new spots. Love them well and pay attention to their favorite foods and habits so that they grow strong.
  • Agriculture: Build, manage and expand the farm of your dreams. Farming is usually hard work, but that is not necessarily the case with Ova Magica. Treat your drops well, and you can grow anything from common crops to tasty fruits and mushrooms of other sizes!
  • Urbanism and progress: You can become a member of the clover community by sharing your farm’s success! Helping others is important, and you can help build new buildings, get involved in community initiatives, and discover new opportunities throughout the city.
  • Romance: Over a dozen unique NPCs with their own personalities, characters, interests and plots populate Clover Town. Players can play as male or female, and are free to pursue any character, including characters of the same gender. From a sensitive chef who dreams of opening his own restaurant to a hardcore punk builder who wants to create his architectural masterpiece, who will you meet in Clover Town?
  • Fighting blood: Take on your strongest Drops group in active battles against other Drops Trainers or against the strongest inhabitants of the Drops worlds you’ll explore throughout the game. Learn new skills, develop your drops, learn the strengths and weaknesses of each type of drop and prove that you are the best drop coach you can be.
  • It’s done: Ova Magica Drops add a unique touch to crafting, using their special abilities to find new materials in drop worlds dug from ore blocks or grown on your farm! Collect an increasingly powerful and varied assortment of farming tools and equipment to grow and create new things. Also make furniture to decorate your house, or clothes to decorate your character!
  • Activities : Variety is the spice of life, and if you don’t cultivate it, there’s plenty. Spend your free time doing various activities such as mining, bug fishing, mini-fishing games and helping residents prepare for seasonal festivals.

What do you think of Ove Magicka? Post your comments below.

Unrailed! Beginner’s Guide to Jobs, Wagons, and Biomes

This guide covers the basic tips in the Unrailed section. We’ll also give you tips on how to master the game, the best cars, how to complete tasks, actions to take and tips for each biome. Of course, every team and every game is different, but for those who want to win this game, this guide is a good starting point.

No ramps! Beginner’s Guide


At first, when the train is moving slowly, it’s easy to multitask and rotate where people are needed, but as the train gets faster and longer, you’ll quickly find players passing each other, throwing bottles at each other, trying to accomplish the same task, and no one paying attention to the path ahead until it’s too late. Perhaps the main reason for this is poor planning. Giving each player a specific task means less confrontation with the other players and less attention to each of them. You can always move from one task to another, but try to stay consistent until the next station.

His first two jobs were as a miner and lumberjack. This work can be boring and tedious, but it is underrated. Your goal is to clear resources around the train to facilitate supplies and clear a path for the train. Clearing the main track should be a priority, as this allows the track to be cleared in advance and other obstacles to be overcome, such as B. the rock behind the forest on the track, or access to water that miners and loggers must always be wary of, or access to clear to stop the train, or an easier route. A very big problem is that the people working in a field don’t know their way around until the train gets stuck. You can pounce on players to strip them of their tools to take control, though toxic behavior is preferable to ignoring the path to follow, an important task underestimated by people looking for an easy job while trying to pick up the axe.

The next two men must drive the train. Usually one person is responsible for filling the wagons, while another person lays the rails. Of course, if there are no rails to lay, it is best for both players to fill the wagons. The most efficient way is to lay rails, obtain resources nearby, then return to the train and either resupply or close the train and lay the next rails. In the beginning, with a slow train and a few wagons, both players can fill the wagons and drive, but as you progress, filling the train gets harder and harder until one person is only concerned with filling the wagons while the others lay the track, essentially one person in front of the train lays the track and uses dynamite while the other is behind the filling.

Of course, this is not an absolute requirement for all jobs, but knowing what your role is is essential to getting to that point. One of the most important habits to avoid is leaving work when the car is not far from the station. Players with an axe or cleaver must continually clear material, both for the next turn and to make room for the front row, or the person laying the front row must stop the train or let it sway while the front row is cleared, which happens more and more often as the train speeds up while the fourth person fills the wagons to keep everything running smoothly.

Freight car

Just as there are good cars, there are no good cars. They all have their benefits, but the biggest problem is which one to take and when. I was skeptical of many of them for a while, but that always changes depending on the team and biome you join.

First of all, there are the basic cars you start with, warehouses, building materials and water. Water is a cart that can be set aside for a while, but must be renewed at least once before moving on to the next biome. Storage and rafters are the usual first step for most people looking to upgrade, unless the obligatory car is available at the first stop. It is useful to have a second hacker to speed up the build, but it is not recommended to do this before the second hacker is up and running, because your resources need to be used and not saved. Unused resources are a waste of resources and time. It is a good idea to have a tank car at the rear of the car, so that water can be refreshed at both ends of the train, either from the locomotive or from the water tank.

Next is the automatic constructor. This car should be available during the upgrade. At level 1, it is used exclusively for the disposal of wood waste. But after improving the car and its efficiency, it can be a big relief for the team. This cart can automatically collect wood and iron when fed with wood, which varies at each level and whose collection rate increases, into a storage cart. This can be a problem in later biomes when it collects the stone needed for the overlay, but the benefits of not having to fill the supply cart next to all the other carts outweigh this problem.

One second should have what most teams usually start with dynamite. This cart, powered by a single iron charge, creates a bomb in 30 seconds that explodes in a circle of radius 1 (a 3×3 square) with increasing range per floor. This can quickly clear a path or provide large amounts of resources if players run out of supplies. Starting each level with loaded dynamite is a very useful strategy to quickly clear a path for the train before it leaves. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to extend the range of the dynamite even further. The dynamite turns yellow (+1) when charged, and the explosion is great. With two upgrades it turns purple (+2) and is usually large enough to kill a fleeing player, but it goes beyond a very large radius. With three upgrades, usually 2 boosters and a loaded kick, Dynamite becomes purple (+3) and powerful enough to wipe out 1/3 of the entire screen and usually kill multiple players. NOTE Bombers count as grinding/mining, which is useful for getting these bolts when a player refuses to share an implement or when players don’t have time to leave their work, but can walk around and place dynamite.

The next one should be a ghost car. The longer the train stretches, the easier it is to figure it out. The ability to control the train is especially important in difficult situations where the train has to go through small gaps or when players fall behind to clear the track, forcing them to man up. Upgrading the ghosts increases the range (+1 per level), the ghosts get into other wagons, making it easier to move through the train. It is important that it is in the middle to make the most of the spool effect, preferably in the front half as the train gets longer.

The last one is supposed to be a supercharged station wagon. When loaded with iron, this wagon increases the span of neighboring wagons by one level (+1 span per level). This wagon is a must because it makes others more powerful, such as shipbuilding, dynamite, and dispensers, all with the goal of making it easier for players and quickly upgrading the wagons for players who don’t have many bolts (one tactic I’ve seen was to upgrade the wagon when the train was on fire, while in the Halloween biomass, it prevents the train from being on fire when the water wagon is upgraded. Ineffective tactic because this car should always be active and boosting others, but since the crew was short of rocks at the time, they should have saved resources). Just like Ghost tries to do in the middle, by increasing all the important carts.

A light cart is useful, especially if you’re trying to make it through the night, but you’ll end up using too much wood for a cart to be useful, especially if you enter the Halloween biome where night is no longer an issue. However, in the snow biome, most teams believe that a car light is essential because it can melt the snow at the same time as the lights at night. So he must be replaced before the engines of the next biome are improved.

Other vehicles

These cars are generally not used in all teams, but depend on the preferences of the participants. Just because they don’t need them doesn’t mean they aren’t useful.

The bucket truck is useful, but usually too cumbersome if the team is not well coordinated. When you put the bucket on the trolley, you can be sure it won’t get lost at the back and next to the water, ready for use. While charging, a small red bar appears next to the bucket, indicating that the bucket is charging and reloading everything within its range. The player can move faster by greatly increasing the power of the pickup and attack, and the dynamite is within his reach. The duration is very short, which can be improved with each level, but constantly going back to the train and chopping up resources wastes more time than raw dynamite, which is very useful in the final biome, Mars, however, where you have to attack the green vines to progress, because if the two miners/foresters team up and the third one brings a bucket for them, they can attack the vines for a while.

A miner is a car that looks useful on paper, but in the end is not worth the investment. A cart can mine resources within range 1 turn, with the range and speed of extraction increasing with each level. But they just sit next to the train, not in front of it. The reason why this cart is not so useful is that you always want to move forward, and as long as the players clear the road well, the miner’s cart is not needed. Especially if the train is going to be faster, players should focus more on clearing the track for the train and reducing resources in front of the train than behind it. The raw material train can loop along a narrow path to clear an area, but that’s usually a waste of track when dynamite is much more effective and explosive.

The conversion car is useful, especially in the beginning of the game. Each level increases the speed of conversion and the size of the stack. But since it’s not mandatory, the player should know if it’s important to take this car or not. In space, a spare stone can save you miles, and if you have a low resource level (some stations yield a lot of stone and very little wood, or vice versa), having this cart can help you in a pinch. This wagon is excellent padding, but the player usually has enough resources around the train to not need it, especially in later biomes.

Finally, a compass. This car is in the direction of the station, so you can walk. However, your route should be based on available resources and possible thoroughfares/bridges and not necessarily on the quickest way to the station. At this point, the updated version that shows the fastest route doesn’t work and makes the car unusable. It’s not worth the seat in the car.

If you get all your favorite cars, it might be a good idea to duplicate a few or take one of each. Each wagon can only have one, so it is not possible to have three. Two do-it-yourselfers raise the ship, which is ideal for high-speed trains, the double dynamite keeps the tracks clean. Dual compressors can line up cars to get more power, but they can’t charge each other. Most of the other carts can be picked up for convenience, but the compass, bulb, and compass make no sense due to the presence of duplicates (I haven’t seen any duplicates, but I also haven’t used them enough to confirm this).


Each biome has its own obstacles and strategies. Knowing what to expect can save you a lot of headaches. It is recommended to go as far as possible in each biome before moving on to the next step to save bolts, and your train should have wagon loads by the end of the second biome. Each biome also has a special bolt that looks unique and can usually spawn at the third station. This bolt gives two bolts and is needed for each of them to complete the game.

The first biome, the levels, is simple and poses few problems. The first difference is the rain, which can cool the car and fill the bucket. So the water isn’t as inconvenient and the screws can be wasted elsewhere instead of being sprayed first thing in the morning. Your two obstacles are the bandits stealing materials and the rivers that you have to cross by holding the wood and laying it across the water when you see the silhouette of the bridge. At night, the screen gets darker and it becomes difficult to see the road ahead, as the view is only around the players and the train locomotive.

The second biome, the desert, is very similar to the first, except that it no longer rains there, so it is highly recommended to freshen up before entering. The bandits still exist, because the bandits and the rivers no longer appear. Instead, there will be fewer open spaces, more hard rocks in the middle of the map, and more concentration on clearing the path ahead of you.

In the third biome, the snow biome, there are no more bandits, but there are yetis that trample the ground and can knock players off their feet. Combined with the snow, it’s very annoying to lose things. Snow slows players down and can pile up high enough to hide items. The course forces players to pay attention to the layout of the levels. Trees are easy to identify, but stone, compared to hard rock, is difficult to distinguish, hence the importance of attention to detail. A light car is very important here, as the snow can melt, exposing most of the screen when you get in.

The fourth biome, Halloween/Ad, brings relief from the snow, but also its own terrors. The night will no longer slow down players or cause problems during the race. The first big difference is that water has been replaced by the value of lava, to fill the bucket with water this must be done by steam geysers, so access to water is a priority. Bridges have to be built with stone, which makes wood less useful because it always accumulates. Sasquatch replaces my drool, which must be removed with a bucket of water. We can’t kill them, so we can pick them up and keep them away from the lava to prevent them from reigniting, or we can blow them up with dynamite. A handy strategy is to blow them up in the train to set it on fire, which kills the slime and quickly extinguishes the flames. NOTE, for the achievement of easily releasing 10 silt, find one and bring it to the geyser next to the lava with the train/player, then proceed to burn and discard the silt.

The fifth biome, space, offers some relief at first, but can quickly overwhelm the player. Water is no longer an issue, players should rather worry about oxygen meters. Now, a bucket and a tank of water and oxygen bubbles and sillies. The players can fly, but many stone bridges have to be built to lay tracks for the train. The biggest obstacle here is the management and clearance of runways, as free resources can pile up and become a problem, as well as the adjustment to the management of oxygen meters. Meteors will occur that can destroy paths and roads. That’s why it’s very important to use a bucket as a shield to stop a meteorite in case it lands on an important place. No enemies to fear.

The last biome, Mars, has the characteristics of the fifth. Bioms, except that the train now runs on a normal surface so fewer bridges are needed, but lots of patches because the screen is full of resources and few open areas. Each zone has a path of green blocks from top to bottom that must be cut in the opposite direction to continue the movement. You have to attack it with an axe/pick to get through. On these vines are 3 heads that shoot fireballs at the player, killing the player unless the player is in an oxygen bubble, either with a hit or a bucket. Still no night, bridges have to be built with stone, and oxygen is always a problem. One of the advantages is the amount of resources, especially with dynamite: players rarely struggle with materials.

Tips and Things

Here is a brief section on bad gambling habits and why they are bad. Not everything here is bad, but maybe it’s better to spend your time somewhere else on the train.

The first, number one, is the early placement of the last piece. You need to give players enough time to lay tracks to start the next level, make the train stop at the beginning and clear the wood/stone around the station to avoid a claustrophobic start and make it easier for trains to line up.

Another bad habit is to finish a song early and hold it in your hand while waiting to place it at the end. This is useful when approaching the train, but some players tend to wait as soon as enough tracks are available, usually when the train is still at 15. Instead, you help build the rails and move them forward for the next round or clear a path to start the next round.

As mentioned earlier, not using the tool to transfer raw materials is a waste of time, because you have to clean the station instead. Obviously, making a stack of resources should be your next step, but only if you have nothing else to cut into.

Working with the axe/pickaxe is not easy, just boring. In addition to generating resources, you must constantly open paths and clear the way for other players. Lack of access to water or other materials is a problem that most people face. Operating a field is a real puzzle and it’s very bad, you always have to mine/chop around the tracks and keep moving.

On a similar theme: Don’t drop the tools to stack everything, leave everything scattered and keep generating new material, because once you stop generating, no one else will either.

In fact, making large stacks can be a visibility problem. Therefore, discuss in advance how large batteries should be constructed, whether it is one large battery or several smaller ones.

When making tracks, don’t turn your stack in the middle of a level. You’re wasting time trying to move the rails forward instead of putting them in place or using them to move the train forward, because in 9/10 of the cases they just get left behind. Even if you buy in advance, it would be best to extend the delay until the station is in sight, then you can stack them at the end.

Follow the easiest route when laying the track and coordinate with your team. If the crew is moving slowly or the train is coming, don’t build straight tracks, learn how to stop the train so your crew has more time to move forward.

When laying a track, avoid being in the middle of the track or crossing it unless necessary and coordinated. The location at the edge of the track provides more space and pushes the train against a rock wall that should not be accessible to people. Of course, if there are resources on both sides of the train, stay in the middle, but don’t give more work if the path can be simplified (Ex: at the top of the map, the train can be pushed straight, no one needs to go to the other side and try to squeeze unbreakable rocks, because the player doesn’t need to be on that side of the train, so plan before you block the side of the train.

Pay attention to your curves when laying the track.

Keep the train as straight as possible and in the clear spaces, so players don’t have to spend more time clearing wider tracks for the train, and have room to meander, which means more time for players on the track.

Note the total resources when reloading. Don’t waste wood on a light bulb or a rock in a charger if it means running out of tracks. Resource management is very important, and wasting cart mats instead of carts can end a run quickly.

It is very important to pay attention to the goal. In the beginning, it is important to set each screw to the maximum number of upgrades while the train is slow and reserve it for fast upgrades in the future. For example, missing simple objectives, like not killing animals or only having one player with the tool, is an easy mistake to avoid.

Try to learn each task in case a player dies or gets stuck behind a train. You don’t feel the pressure of not messing up track placement or making sure you clear the track or tracks in front of you when players get out of position.

If you are stuck, open the menu and select Restart. It gets you to the FORWARD of the train with what you are holding, which is useful in case of instability or in an emergency to move the rails forward. Expect a delay in closing, but it can save a race if you use it early enough.

You can get stuck in biomes for bolts to find a specific car you want to buy. Note that you have to drive at least to the next station AFTER you bought the car to upgrade, but all upgrades can be bought immediately.

Compare the forward and reverse gears before buying the bike. When the pace picks up, consider staying one or two laps longer to adjust to the speed, especially if the prep work is poorly done. If the bolts and trolleys are no problem, don’t hesitate to level them quickly.

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Warframe’s next-generation version lives up to the name in every way

I have almost 3,000 hours in Warframe. About 2,990 of those were spent on PCs. It’s not a criticism of the consoles, it’s just that Warframe is a beautiful thing on the PC. The game is so incredibly fluid and looks so fantastic on PC that it’s hard to switch to another platform for my ninja action. It’s always been hard to retire to consoles, and I only did it to convince friends to play.

But now that Warframe is on PlayStation 5, I can say with confidence that this problem has been solved. Digital Extreme’s next generation of excellent space shooter is a perfect example of the huge performance gap between the PS4 and Sony’s latest console. It’s also a great example of how the same game can become a whole new experience with increased graphical quality and scrolling speed.

After seven years of development, Warframe offers 45 different warframes to collect, hundreds of weapons and a wide range of missions, quests and activities to take part in. Almost everything in the game can be achieved through effort, though you’ll have to use the free premium in-game currency for many cosmetic options. However, when it comes to free games, Warframe is the fairest on the market, so don’t worry. All of which makes it an even more valuable addition to the potentially slim (but growing) PlayStation 5 series.

The difference between Warframe on PS4 and PS5 is remarkable. On Sony’s latest console, you can enjoy smooth and precise gaming with 4k resolution and 60 frames per second. This is exactly how you should experience the fluidity of Warframe. All of these extra frames make for an incredibly immersive motion system in the brilliance of Warframe. The increased resolution means everything you see is sharp and precise, with an extra layer of detail that brings the world to life.

It’s not just a matter of changing the settings, as Warframe on PlayStation 5 has one of the most significant visual improvements the game has received in years. The game’s new and improved rendering offers excellent results and better dynamic lighting, making Warframe one of the best marauding shooter games on the market today.

Warframe’s environment design has always relied heavily on elements like lighting objects to add depth, but it looks much better with new renderings, which is honestly hard to describe. Playing the role of Excalibur and activating your raised sword to see the flickering flames of the sword fall beautifully on your Warframe is a beautiful thing.

If there’s one element of the PlayStation 5 that I’d like to see in PC games, it’s the touch controllers. Digital Extremes did a good job of using this new feature to add weight to the weapons. Shooting the string of my Parisian bow, feeling the tension build up in the adaptive triggers and then releasing the shot is fantastic, a whole new level of immersion that I wasn’t really expecting.

What’s even more exciting is to think about what Digital Extremes could offer in the future if they were able to fully utilize the power of the PlayStation 5 and add even more features to the game that simply wouldn’t work on the PS4. And if you’re afraid to leave your friends and your clan behind as you move on to the next generation, fear not. There’s cross-gaming between PS5 and PS4, so you can always play with your friends and enjoy 8 hours of group refereeing.

The next generation of Warframe demonstrates the increase in quality that developers can achieve on this new hardware, and it has especially affected my opinion of the excitement of thinking that old games can find their place on new consoles. If each game manages to do what Digital Extremes has done, I’ll be splitting my time more evenly between console and PC for the first time in a long time.

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PixARK Review –

Minecraft has become something of an icon in the gaming world. She created a formula so simple yet so well executed that many people are addicted to it. As with all successes, there have been numerous clones, some really good and some not so good. Which brings us to Pixar, an offshoot of the ARC: Survival Evolved, the game that brought us an open world of survival on an island full of dinosaurs. This is what happens when two worlds collide.

It should be noted that this is not a friendly game for newcomers. You will find many menus and flashing instructions, so it is better to read the instruction page. If you think you can just spawn in this world and take things at your own pace, you are sadly mistaken. There are systems upon systems to handle, including menus for things like crafting, skill points, inventory, maps and more. If you plan to invest your time in this game, it may not be much, but if you just want to get out there and build a few things, it may be quite difficult.

Once you get used to the interface and systems, it’s time to go on an adventure! But don’t go too far, because you’ll soon encounter dinosaurs that are 60 levels above you. This game has a heavy RPG mechanism, so it requires you to level up and ship weapons and equipment. Normally, it would be nice if the RNG game wasn’t terribly against you. When you start the game, you are randomly placed on a map that usually sends you to areas where the enemies are more numerous than you. The fact that the combat is confusing at times doesn’t help either. Sometimes enemies don’t suffer any damage when you hit them, and sometimes enemies that you can hit at random become healthy again. It’s not always clear what the enemy is up to and how, which makes the battle less exciting than it might have been.

Maybe you don’t want to fight the dinosaurs and maybe you just want to escape and explore the world. Well, be careful where you go, because this game makes the journey around the world as tedious as possible. The game’s map makes the world seem huge, but every time I ran in one direction, I quickly ran into an invisible wall. It’s especially annoying when you walk into a cave and hit one, forcing you to awkwardly jump to get out. Also, the movement in this game is terrible. Your character has strange movement animations that make even walking a routine, so even tasks like jumping over a block seem harder than they should be. It’s even worse when there’s almost no solid ground in the game, because every 5 feet there are blocks you have to jump over to move forward. It’s hard to imagine how bad the controls are without playing with them. Imagine if you had to stop every ten seconds and spend the same amount of time jumping over a block.

As mentioned earlier, this game has role-playing mechanics, but they’ve also infused them with elements of survival, making the game slower than it should be. You have standard RPG stats like health, strength and stamina, but you also have stats about hunger and time. You may be able to influence them by increasing their skill points, but this takes a lot of time. Of course, the developers wanted players to suffer for a long time to make the game fun. Increasing your values as slowly as possible, even if you put a few points into a value, it seems to make almost no difference. To be honest it’s not too hard to get levels in the game, you can just kill enemies to get EXP or just hang around because you always get a very slow increase in EXP. There are letterboxes that offer side jobs that reward you with very meager EXP’s, but they’re not really worth it and make it seem like a half-finished job.

The brutality of the game can be summed up in the simple difficulty of extracting and placing blocks. The most basic and important feature of Minecraft, which every clone pays precious attention to in order to stand above all other game features, is done terribly in this game. The blocks are much smaller, so they are harder to touch. Also, there is no grid to indicate which block you hit, so extracting or placing blocks sometimes seems random. You might think it’s just a problem because of the third-person camera view, and maybe the first-person view is much better? Well, maybe he will if I ever find him. Changing the camera image should be as simple as pressing a button, but I’ve gone through all the menus and controls and still haven’t found a way to change the camera image. Again, a feature that should be so simple and practical becomes increasingly annoying and unnecessarily complicated.

So I’m not a fan of the game’s mechanics, controls or menus, but unfortunately the game continues to disappoint in the graphics department. He struggles to stay at just 30 feet per second, but usually at 20 feet per second. You might have a little sympathy for this, given the number of dinosaurs you’re trying to put on the screen, but then you realize how far away the map is drawn. It’s so short that you’re practically surrounded by a plume of fog for only a few feet, and even that may give the game more credit than it deserves. To make matters worse, the game has low resolution in docked and portable states. How can this game have so many technical shortcuts and still look horribly useless when Minecraft on the Switch has a smooth frame rate, large render distance, and sharp resolution. There is no excuse for the strong optimization of this game on the Switch.

While you can ignore all these problems, it is interesting to note that this game has both online and local multiplayer modes. We couldn’t try the local multiplayer mode because you have to play with someone who has a second copy of the game. As for online multiplayer, you can create your own servers and let people join other people’s worlds, or you can join other people’s worlds. Each server can hold up to 64 players, but every server I connected to only had a few. It should also be noted that all the problems mentioned in this study occurred in solo mode. As you can imagine, online multiplayer doesn’t offer a much better experience. Playing with others makes the game more fun, but only at the expense of the enjoyment of interacting with others, not the quality of the game itself. If you must play this game, online multiplayer is preferred if you have a good internet connection.

I’ve only talked about this game in glowing terms, so if I have to mention something positive, it should probably be the artistic style. Technical problems aside, the game looks great. It has a beautiful, colorful aesthetic that really sets it apart from any visualization you associate with Minecraft. If the models of the characters are a little rough, the dinosaurs all look fantastic. It’s always a pleasure to watch them run, and they have very solid animation.

The general problem with this game is that it’s too far removed from what made Minecraft great: Simplicity. The mining, the fighting, and even the simple movement are fantastically executed in this title, which PixARK should have copied. The fun and engaging simplicity of Minecraft is ruined here, and that’s precisely the biggest problem with the game. Then there are the technical problems and the lack of charm. The game doesn’t even have a soothing soundtrack to listen to while exploring, which means the game has almost every repairable quality you can imagine.

Pixark warehouse
  • Charts – 5/10
  • Sound – 2/10
  • Gameplay – 2/10
  • Late complaint – 3/10


Final thoughts : AFDB

PixARK is a Minecraft clone that should be avoided. There is a lot of boring content in this game. Everything that should be a simple function becomes much more complicated than it should be. When you walk around, it feels like a chore, you know you’re not comfortable. It feels like an unpolished early access experience, not a finished game for $40.

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