The World is Full of Secrets (2018) Blu-Ray Review



A very unusual and unknown film, A World Full of Secrets is kind of an endurance test for those expecting a traditional film because they don’t care how most films are made or what they expect. It follows its own path and in its composition almost resembles a student film.


Five teenage girls tell each other scary stories day and night and try to scare each other. But as night falls, the stories intensify and by the end of the night, the girls’ entire lives will change forever.

Review :

Five Waifish teenage girls (played by Helena Burger, Dennis Gregory, Ayla Gutman, Alexa Shae Nisiak and Violet Piper) hang out at home one afternoon and decide that each of them will tell the others a scary story to see who can tell the scariest story of all. Stories are told in their entirety, some lasting up to 20 minutes or more, straight from a character to the camera, and the camera never wanders away, and all the stories have something in common: They refer to violence against young women, some of them even going so far as to describe in detail how these women are raped, humiliated and/or murdered in a gruesome way. Between stories, the girls order a pizza or challenge each other to do strange things, like mocking fate to show them their future, or speculating about Lucifer in strange rituals. At the end of the night, the girls meet a fate that is left to the imagination of the viewer, but through the voice of one of the girls, which has aged, we learn that something unspeakable happened to them all night.

A very unusual and unknown film, A World Full of Secrets is kind of an endurance test for those expecting a traditional film because they don’t care how most films are made or what they expect. It follows its own path and in its composition almost resembles a student film. These are very long shots in which the young actresses deliver extremely long monologues (with mistakes that were not intentional). This is certainly brave on the part of writer/director Graham Swan, but it’s also annoying, especially since the dialogue seems to have been recorded and recited from memory like a play. The words never come out of the characters’ mouths, and the film suffers a lot from stilted delivery. However, the film appeals to you if you are patient and pay attention to details. There are clues as to how these girls are doing, and sometimes it feels very real and disturbing. Girls end up getting kidnapped? Tortured? Raped? Murdered? Who knows? Another strange and inexplicable aspect of the film is that for some reason it was shot in 1996. Why 1996? What about 1979? Or 1987? What’s a year? The fact that the film is narrated by an old woman gives the impression that the survivor of these events is looking far back in time to remember that fateful day, but 1996 seems too young. It’s one of those crazy choices director Swann makes, and I don’t mind it. There are some great moments in the film, but all in all it’s an odd duck.

The World is Full of Secrets was recently released on Blu-ray by Kino Lorber, and although the cover says nothing about the film, it includes an audio commentary by Swon, a deleted scene and trailer, and an insert booklet with an essay about the film.

How to Use Syncplay to Synchronize VLC Player on Multiple Computers

Syncplay is an open source computer program that is compatible with multiple operating systems. It’s completely free software. It also supports multiple languages. First of all, you can synchronize your video files even if you and your friend are on different networks!

To use Syncplay and synchronize videos with the VLC player on multiple computers, you need to

  1. Start Syncplay.
  2. Select the server and enter the server password (if available).
  3. Create a room within the server and invite other members to join.

Syncplay works with VLC, MPC-HC, MVP and many other media players. But here I focused on the VLC player. Since VLC is another open source free program. Then let’s get started.

But we need to install Syncplay first. If you have not yet installed Syncplay, please follow our installation guide.

Synchronization Installation Guide

Download and install Syncplay

Syncplay is available on the Syncplay website.

  1. First go to and select your operating system. Downloading will start automatically.

  1. After downloading Syncplay, select the desired language and click OK.
  2. Then agree to the terms.

  1. Finally, select a destination folder and check the box on your desktop to find it easily.

  1. Click on the Install button and it will try to install.

VCR error140.dll (option)

After the installation process, try performing Syncplay on the device. Sometimes it doesn’t work on many Windows devices and gives this error message.

If your computer displays this, you don’t have to worry, there is no problem with your computer. Easily download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.

You can find the download page here:

After the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistribtable, Syncplay must be executed on the device.

Now let’s learn how to synchronize Syncplay with the VLC player. But first download the VLC player if you don’t already have one.

Its use is completely free and safe. You can download it at

Syncing the VLC player on multiple computers with Syncplay

Syncplay has a fairly simple user interface. So it is very easy and fun to use. Follow the steps below to play the videos on Syncplay.

Step 1: Configuration synchronization

  1. Open the program Syncplay. If you have followed our installation instructions correctly, a similar window will appear after opening Syncplay. In some cases, Syncplay may not be able to recognize the path to the media player. In this case, you need to click the Browse button and manually select the path to the VLC station.

  1. After selecting the path of the media player, you must enter the server address. Don’t worry if you don’t have servers. You can select any server integrated in the software. Or you can create your own server.

  1. Then you need to enter the password for your server. If you have selected one of the built-in servers, you do not need to perform this step.
  2. After entering the server password you can create a username. For example, I put my username as Achellice.

  1. Now make a standard room for your friends. It’s very simple. Click on the pencil icon. Enter a name for your room and click OK. For example, I created a document called ABCD.

  1. Then choose your room. Pay attention to the name of the piece. Because your friends have to come into the same room to sync the videos.

  1. When you have finished filling out the form, click Save Configuration and start Syncplay. You will be redirected to another window and your VLC player will start automatically.

Part of the configuration has been completed. Now let’s move on to the synchronization part.

Step 2: Configure it on any computer you want to synchronize.

This part’s pretty simple. All you have to do is tell your friends/colleagues to follow every movement.

Don’t forget that your buddies have to choose the exact server and room number. Otherwise they cannot get into your room and synchronization is not possible.

Step 3: Drag and drop videos to Syncplay

Once you’ve installed all the computers. Now it’s time to enjoy the show.

It’s also quite simple. When all the above parts are finished, you will see a window similar to this one.

Now you need to drag and drop the video file you want to view on Syncplay. Note that Syncplay does not offer streaming services. So each computer must have the same video file as the computer you want to synchronize. But it doesn’t have to be in the same size.

After dragging and dropping the video file in the window, you’ll see it like this.

I’m fine. I’m fine. Everyone to the registration room, I’m ready to watch! And Syncplay syncs the videos to the VLC player on all computers.

If all the above steps are followed carefully, any computer can watch any video on Syncplay remotely!

Chat function

Syncplay is excellent software. It even allows you to chat with any member. Type the message in the notification field and click Send.


  • Syncplay is a relatively new open source program. Still going on. So you might find some mistakes. You can report it on their homepage.
  • Video piracy is a crime. That’s why we don’t encourage players to play pirate videos on Syncplay.
  • The Windows scanner may consider Syncplay to be malicious. But that’s because it’s only available on the Syncplay-website and not in a certified store. In addition, Syncplay is considered safe by jotti and VirusTotal.
  • Do not download Syncplay from any source other than the official site. Because he can be evil.


Syncplay is really cool software to use in this time of pandemic. It is free and open source software, so the developers were not paid for their great creation. But you can always donate money if you can. Donations will motivate developers to make even cooler software like this one.

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Phishing for Social Media & Other Account Passwords (Update 2021)

If you read this article, you can see how phishing techniques can be used to crack passwords from email programs like Facebook Messenger or iMessage on iOS to read your chats.

It’s your friend Frankie again – this time I’m talking about the oldest and most common method of Internet commerce: Phishing.

Phishing is used to steal credit card numbers and hack into confidential Facebook or iMessage messages and chats.

If you give me a minute, I’ll give you a brief explanation of how this system works.

First of all, I must remind you that espionage or hacking into someone else’s account is a crime punishable by strict laws almost anywhere in the world. I do not approve of this behavior and I am not responsible for your actions. This manual is for information purposes only.

Here we go.

What is Phishing?

This is a form of fraudulent behaviour aimed at stealing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, account passwords and other sensitive data.


That’s how it works:

You will receive a fake email with legitimate images and logos from a brand you trust, such as Instagram, Facebook or your bank. In this e-mail or on the linked website you will be asked to enter personal data, such as your login name or credit card number.

Of course, this official form does not lead to the target, but your references are sent manually to the thief’s database.

You can read this guide for several reasons. For example, for parents who want to access their children’s social media accounts to protect them from online threats, for spouses of people suspected of fraud, or to protect themselves and their data after becoming victims of phishing scams.

No judgment here, these are all perfectly reasonable reasons. However, you should be aware that the information I provide is for general information purposes only – phishing is a criminal offence.

In short, I take no responsibility for the decisions you make with the information you receive.

What’s more, the people investigating the scam will be able to find you based on the clues that were left behind when the scam started.

However, I have created this guide so that you have a complete guide that gives you all the details so you can :

  • Create a fake email sent from a social network (Facebook in the example).
  • Create a page similar to the Facebook login screen.
  • Access your database to retrieve your password

Or you can:

  • Learn how to protect your account against such attacks.

Moreover, Sun Tzu (a famous Japanese writer) says in his book The Art of War :

If you know your enemy, you have a better chance of defending yourself.

Now that we’ve eliminated that problem, let’s move on to what you need to know.

Obtaining the certificates (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) using Phishing techniques


  • Computer
  • Above-average computer skills
  • You have the possibility to use and create a new e-mail address.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and programming language
  • Understand you’re committing a crime using your phishing tactics.

If you meet these conditions or if you are happy with them, then you have come to the right place to continue reading.

This technology gives you access to Google, Gmail, Instagram, Outlook, Facebook and other social networks and accounts.

To simplify the instructions (and give an example that you can recognize), we can apply the phishing technique to Facebook.

No, miss: An effective way to hack into a Facebook account.

1. Creating a fake email account

One of the first steps is to create a fake email account from which you can send a message to the victim, so take the time to create one.

Personally, I advise you not to use traditional options such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

Think about it: Has Facebook ALWAYS sent you an email ending at No, I didn’t.

Ideally, you would like to buy a domain that is similar to, for example, Facebook. B. FacebookCommunication or FacebookAlerts. This will cost you money (usually 20 dollars).

Most email vendors do not want to allow the use of the trademarks of companies such as Instagram, Facebook and other similar organizations.

Choosing an alternative may also be an option, such as B. the less popular Yandex.

It is now time to type the text that will be sent with the e-mail. Below are some examples that you can personally copy, paste and change when it suits you.

Example 1

Dear Facebook user, During recent account checks we could not verify your data. In accordance with Facebook rules and regulations, which you agreed to when you signed up for our service, we need to verify your real information. All you have to do is log in and fill in the form that we will provide you with. Otherwise, we’ll have to close your account.

Example 2

Dear Facebook users, we have changed our privacy and usage policy. Log in to Facebook to accept the new terms and conditions. Failure to do so may result in deletion or suspension of your account.

Once you have created a fake email address and constructed the text of the message, you must proceed to the most difficult part: creating your phishing page. This page should look like the Facebook login page.

2. Create your own detailed Facebook login page

Before you can create your site, you need a web host. Here you can create a phishing page.
Free hosting services are always my first choice, and they are numerous (e.g.,, etc.).

  1. Choose one and log in. Just follow the procedure to create a new site.
  2. You can then download and extract this file (FilePhishing.rar). I made it myself to speed up your process. This is the HTML code used to copy the exact Facebook login page.
  3. Access to the list of files on the site – usually from the file manager (the wording may vary slightly depending on the host).
  4. Delete the .htaccess file and replace it with the file you downloaded two steps ago.
  5. To see the page you have, right-click on the Facebook file and click View.
  6. Now copy and paste the URL (link to page) into the email you created for your phishing attack.

If someone connects to a fake site, the data is saved and you get the jackpot!

3. Access to the database to view registration information

I bet you can’t wait to see if the plan works, can you?

To see them, just reconnect with the host and go to your website.

You can find a new log.txt file. If you right-click, you can click View and your Facebook data will appear.

I repeat, I take no responsibility for what you do.

Limitations of Phishing

Although you may be happy and would like to try this technique, I would like to temper your enthusiasm.

This approach has limitations, in particular with regard to finding information on access to data in a social network.

Let me show you something.

Limit 1 : Two-factor authentication may prevent you from trying to access your account with the data you receive. User account security is now commonplace and users receive an email alert for suspicious activity when an account is accessed (or attempted to access) from an unknown device. In these situations you run the risk of getting caught.


Limit 2: All the victim has to do is look at the URL when they reach your homepage to see that it’s not Facebook – the target may be suspicious.

Limit 3: They may end up in your junk mail folder, because modern email providers can often filter out messages with false links.

Limit 4 : Because it is an old technique, it is easy to recognize, even for those who have been online for years. It’s harder than you think to lure the victim into that trap.

Limit 5 : Modern web hosting programs can recognize the HTML page code as the file you upload and do not allow you to publish it.

Limit 6: If you are reported for your fraudulent activities, this can have serious consequences.


  • Usability : 2/10 – You should have a good understanding of HTML code, know how to create and manage new email addresses and have above average computer skills.
  • The risk of getting caught: 8/10 – It’s easier than ever to catch anglers using phishing systems thanks to new alerts and alerts that appear when phishing is detected or suspected.
  • Transparency of information : 2/10 – Information is not available immediately or in real time. You know that your victim can completely ignore the email, be the victim of spam or just feel that there is something wrong with the email.
  • Remote control is possible: No – you can’t work remotely with this information because you have to manually connect to the database you created to see if the victim has fallen into your trap or not.

Frankie’s take:

I wouldn’t advise you to try, because you’re more likely to get caught than not. It is also difficult to create a phishing page. This temporary challenge is not always solved, and when it occurs, you are not immediately aware of it.

Alternative to phishing

As you have seen, you may not be able to use the information collected if you purchase it.

Don’t despair! There is a solution.

A spyware program known as mSpy can help you in this area. Although there are different types of spyware, this is the best I’ve tried.

With this mSpy application you can spy on someone’s PC or smartphone.

It was originally designed to monitor your children’s activities to protect them from the darkness that lurks in the corners of the Internet. Of course, there are other applications, such as. For example, determining a partner’s loyalty or monitoring employee behavior on company electronic devices.

I have to remind you that whatever you’re planning, it’s still a crime.

With this in mind, let’s look at the software and what it can do.

You can expect this program to intercept messages on WhatsApp or Facebook or even monitor incoming and outgoing calls.

It is also a simple solution for the two-factor authentication used by popular social networks.

The main features of this application are the following:

  • SMS espionage
  • Access to social media activities (Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc.)
  • Read new conversations on WhatsApp and Messenger
  • Real-time GPS tracking (tracking movements)
  • View incoming and outgoing calls
  • Viewing photos and videos on your device
  • Reading and retrieving e-mails
  • To find out more about all the other features and how they work, click here.

You want more reasons to give the program a chance? You have access to technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes the installation steps and the problems that may occur while using the program.

For an annual subscription you will receive about $12 per month. He has a 98% satisfaction rate with the evaluations – personally I would rate him 100%.

It’s an interesting feeling to be able to follow the activity of a smartphone. You can read their conversations in almost any program – so you know who the target is communicating with and you can track the conversations.

No one can keep a secret from you.

It may seem like you’ve found a complete solution to your problem, but there’s one drawback: you must have access to the target smartphone or PC.

One of the limitations of using mSpy is the need for physical access to the device on which you collect the data, and this only once.

This was not always the case, but as with all spyware applications, new security updates have made it impossible to install mSpy remotely.

But let me meet you halfway, because I took the time to write this guide and help you solve your problems.

In case you don’t know how to get a mobile device from a victim, I made a video describing three infallible ways to get to the phone without arousing suspicion.


If you want to spy on someone who lives in another city or country, you cannot spy on their mobile device unless you physically reach them by visiting them. You could always hire a private investigator.

Okay, Frankie, how’s the mobile device monitoring app?

After the successful installation of the application, mSpy stores the device data and sends it to a secure server. From there, you can access your account at any time using any device connected to the Internet.

The person you’re stalking doesn’t know any of their phone’s applications because they work in stealth mode without being noticed.


✅ Free assistance 24 hours a day

✅ 100% safe and reliable

✅ Complete (spies on all most common applications, calls, and tracks movements).

✅ Affordable ($12 per month for an annual subscription).

❌ They need physical access to the victim’s mobile phone or PC.

You can try the demo and request the discount by clicking here.

You probably have a lot of questions for me.

Let me do my best to read your mind and help you push some of your concerns away.

Does the victim know that mSpy is installed on his phone or computer?

Certainly not! Both the smartphone application and the PC software are completely invisible. They leave no trace, making them impossible to target.

Can you find a free keylogging program?

Yes, that’s possible, but I’m not sure I would advise anyone to entrust their relationship to free software that offers no guarantees.

How much does this program cost?

Prices range from $12 to $70 depending on the package chosen.

Is it easy to install and use?

Yes, installation is quick and easy, and checking the information is even easier. You have a dashboard where you can follow everything that happens on the device in real time.

Can I use it on any device?

mSpy can be used on any device.

How long does it take to get results?

You can start retrieving information immediately after installation.


  • Usability : 9/10 – You don’t need to know anything about computers, and you can get 24/7 help from customer service with a video tutorial if installation is difficult.
  • The risk of getting caught: 1/10 – This spyware sets the bar very high – it cannot be detected on the target device.
  • Transparency of information : 10/10 – You can start receiving information immediately after installing this software on your target device.
  • Remote control is possible: 10/10 – You can monitor the device even if it is no longer in the country (after installing the software).

Frankie’s take:

Remember that this software only works if it is physically installed on the receiver’s phone or computer. He can start sniffing right away, and if you need information quickly, this is the procedure for you.

I promised you a viable alternative to phishing, and I kept my word.

Speaking of phishing: Let’s come back to this topic so you can learn important lessons to protect yourself.

Phishing protection

Something to be etched into your brain, something you can use as an Internet mantra: No one can protect your data better than you.

You should take the time to protect the information in your devices. This means that one knows where they are stored and used, and that one enters them as little as possible.

E-mails and phishing messages always have a red flag to encourage you to act without thinking. B : If you don’t answer, your account will be closed after 48 hours.

I have put together a small but very comprehensive guide so as not to fall into a trap.

  • You should always check both the link in the email and the sender’s address before clicking on a link outside the message. It is often best to copy the link and paste it into the address bar.
  • Before clicking on a link, try to verify the origin and path. If you use a computer, when you hover the mouse over the link, you can get real information on the subject of the link.
  • As a general rule, you should follow the rules of conduct on the Internet when using secure connections that can be verified and secured. Public Wi-Fi hotspots can be a hotbed of trouble.
  • First check that the connection is HTTPS. The first time you open the page, by checking your domain name, you can avoid making a costly mistake by entering information you shouldn’t have. These factors are very important on websites that contain sensitive information, such as B. Your online banking, online shopping, social media connections, etc.
  • You may never share your personal information with a third party. Official companies will never ask you for confidential information or proof of identity via your e-mail.

I’ve tried to give you a complete overview of phishing and some ways to protect yourself. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them below.

Thank you so much!

PS – I have something very interesting that can be very useful for you: the best methods (tested by me) to access someone’s Instagram account and read DM messages.

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New PS Now Games January 2021, Complete List

All PlayStation users are enthusiastic about Sony’s announcement that new PS Now games will be released in January 2021. In this article we will discuss full information about these games. Sony has made more than 3 games available this month. You can play these games and have fun.

New PS Now games January 2021

New PS Now games January 2021

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PlayStation Now is a valuable cloud game subscription service that allows users to stream PS2, PS3 and PS4 games to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Sony Interactive Entertainment has developed this great service that allows users to stream games on different platforms. She was born on the 28th. January 2014 introduced. It is compatible with various platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.

New PS Now Games January 2021

There are now free games for PS Now for the month of January. Below is a list of these games, you can also read more information about them:

  1. Maneater (PlayStation 5 only)
  2. The shadow of the grave robber
  3. swift case

1. Video Game Eater

This is a great action RPG that will be available for free on PS Now in January. Tripwire Interactive is the developer of this game and Deep Silver is the publisher of this game. This game can be played on different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One,
PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This game supports single-player mode. You can play this game in the third person. In this game, players must control a baby bull shark that wants revenge on a shark hunter named Scaly Pete. This is one of the new PS Now games in January 2021.

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2. Knight of the Shadow of the Tomb

It’s also an amazing action-adventure video game that you can enjoy while playing. Eidos-Montréal is the developer of this game and Square Enix is the publisher of this game. This game is available on different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Stages, PlayStation 4, Linux, Xbox One and macOS. This game also supports single-player mode. In this game, the player must take the role of Lara Croft. This game is full of fun, adventure and thrills. This is the second new PS Now Games January 2021. This game has a simple and intuitive gameplay.

3. Cases of greed

It’s a great action RPG. Spiders is the developer of this game and Focus Home Interactive is the publisher of this game. This game is available on different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. Single user mode is supported. This game is full of adventure. It is an island paradise discovered by the colonial powers of several nations. They found it in both monsters and magic. Players must play the role of The Sarde.

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We’ve explained all the details of the new PS Now games coming out in January 2021. If you’ve played one of these games and you want to share your experience, feel free to do so. You can also contact us for more information. As soon as we receive information about other games, we will inform you first.


This was the complete guide to the new PS Now games for January 2021. We would like to end this article with the hope that you have received complete information about these games. If you have any questions on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us in the Comment section. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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