CAMP suggestions from a player(s) who love to build

I know under this sub-heading requests are often made for the CAP, and in the last three days we have seen many requests ranging from an increase in the budget, to adding more junk, more letters, and more postal options.

As an anonymous contributor to CAMPaholics who started this game in BETA and has a penchant for moving and rebuilding my camp, usually three times a week, I have encountered many quirks and construction tricks (which I will not mention here for fear of being reported) while building CAMPS. I’m still missing a few), but also a lot of mistakes. I want to share some of my ideas with you and also consolidate some of the ideas that have been put forward by the community.

Before I do, I have to congratulate the guy who created the saved inventory plans and the ability to have several of them; I know I’ll use them a lot once they’re in use.

Let’s start with the community’s suggestions from the last few days:

  1. Simplify construction restrictions. This is pretty straightforward; many building restrictions seem arbitrary, such as only being able to use two foundation stairs for the ground floor, or only being able to use the stairs on one floor (small floors with one tile for the upper floors), or only being able to use those stairs that are high enough for the actual stairs, such as the stairs from a modern kit. It is high enough to harmonize with the wall/plinth and would actually look like a staircase leading to the second floor of NICE. Lamps take up a lot of room in the budget and seem random, although most can be used for neon signs in camps that work as a business (‘s like mine). What bothers me the most is the impossibility of placing the lower floors in parts of the warehouse where the foundations cannot be placed. There are a few places (especially on monorails) where you can’t build a foundation, so you won’t have walls or floors unless you’re willing to use things like rugs and cabinets as walls. It’s doable, but not as clean and cheap.

  1. Other theme building kits. I’d like to see more; what I have is a modern construction kit (white panel walls, with foundation and porch stairs). I know there were a few kits, but aside from the SCOREBOARD glass and cell wall kits, which to my knowledge have not been on sale at the Atomic Store since, there were no new options for use as an outdoor structure. No, I’m not talking about prefabricated structures (like a flying fortress, cheese dome, or greenhouse dome), although those are fresh, they are much harder to integrate into a building because they don’t have the flexibility that a foundation with walls can achieve.
  2. Other display options. It’s also a bit of a problem; the current showcases are inflexible. Some of them are easy to use, for example. B. wall panels for weapons, but, as with decoration, some are difficult to use in most buildings, either because they do not match the style of desert buildings dictated by other furniture, or because they are not suitable for use outside the museum. If we had additional displays, like B. a mat with multiple displays that we could slap on any surface, we could decorate more easily.
  3. Disorder in the camp and accommodation objects. It’s kind of an extension of the above; a lot of people REALLY want the chance to show off their cool stuff. I broadly agree and have a personal suggestion below.

I won’t go into all the bugs, but I continue to find it annoying that you can’t put wooden barriers on the floors (only the foundations) and that you can’t put support posts. I’m sure there are many reports of bugs in the CAMP system, and they hear plenty of them.

Here are some of my own suggestions, taken from informal conversations with other people or gained after the game:

  1. Triangular (or wedge-shaped) foundations / floors. Someone mentioned it in a conversation on a Reddit thread, and I wanted to talk about it here.I’m not new to building angular buildings, but I think it would be easier to make better structures if we had triangular bases, like in many other survival games with tree mechanics (like Rust or Unturned). We could have been a very different population in a very different kind of game, but the foundations of the triangle would have added a lot more in terms of building possibilities. We could have functional round towers.
    The problem is that you have to determine which angles will work, and one size fits all would not be a good idea. If you only add a view/dimension of the base or ceiling of a triangle, it is easier to implement an equilateral triangle. The sides are all the same size, so you could give the sides the length of a whole wall and do that, although it would take three solid triangles to offset the width of two square platforms, if that means anything. Personally, I would suggest a 67.5/67.5/45 shim with a wall width of 1 laterally between A and B, so that two shims are at a 90 degree angle in space, which would facilitate the transition between two square shims, although I would want both if that were an option, because the number of possibilities these two simple things offer is greater than one can imagine without seeing it in practice.

  1. Partial walls / foundations. We already have half walls (vertical) and we have half a block for the upper floors, but we don’t have half walls (horizontal) and half a block of foundations.I was able to use the foundation bumping to get half walls to some extent, but it’s still a whole wall cut in half with another wall in the middle.

  1. Ceiling wallpaper. It’s talked about so much in the community, I’d love to see it. Even though many ceilings are not flat, if the ceiling wallpaper flattens the lower level, that’s fine too, because many designs are just worse because the roof doesn’t match the interior of the building.
  2. Models. Display cases for clothing/armaments. That would be great, especially since some people have cool outfits/costumes that they would love to show off, but can’t (because they can only give their ally one set). Maybe even a bunch of mannequins with poses for him to hold and display weapons.
  3. Search for advertisements/suppliers. I can’t tell the difference between the rifle on the wall and the TS/E/25 rifle on the wall. If we could examine it and see what the stances/effects are on it, we might be more impressed with the presentation of the weapon. But from a functional standpoint, it would be good for other players’ items, since you can’t see the weapon/weapon mods in a given vending machine, since you can’t even see the silhouette of the weapon in the menu.
  4. More functional strength equipment. So you can hardly call it that, but the workshops in FO4 were able to make devices that had a lot of functionality, such as time delay switches. While most of these objects already exist in 76 (and new keyboard switches have even been added), it seems to me that we could get more functionality out of these objects. For example, for example… For example, the power button turns on for a short time (say 2 seconds) before turning off again, which is very handy for things like doors and speakers. It is possible to connect one of the transmitters to the terminal to send an output signal to the devices connected above it and activate them only when the transmitter detects something (this way you can set sirens to be activated only when the transmitter detects pipes). Actually, I wish the atomic plant could program the light panels on tube
    via the terminal to say a series of messages as they pass by.
  5. Bicycle items more often in the atomic store. This is hard to justify, except that it seems to take a whole year for some lots or items to be back in stock, even if they are in high demand or popular. I know it can affect sales, but I feel like more people would buy these packages if they were sold more often. The biggest obstacle for me when shopping in stores is timing, because I want to buy things, but sometimes the things I want are only available at a time of year when I can’t afford them. If he came back in a month, I’d be here, even without the discounts.
  6. CAMP Lighthouses. Camps can be lively, but it would be nice if they felt like a popular place. Something like a flag or a beacon to attract Universal NPCs who then leave the camp without any real functionality would be cool. Bonus points if these tags are grouped according to what they attract. Perhaps a raid flag to attract raiders, or a beacon to invite settlers, or even a communications station for the Brotherhood to drop by during patrols or rest periods. Having one of them in your camp with an ally makes for lively scenes where visitors to your camp can look into your shops, but notice that you and your ally are in a bar where three or four Wastelands and another player are, which can be a great opportunity for roleplaying. We already have a flexible system for that – it’s itinerant vendors who come by from time to time while we have a few active CAP allies.
  7. A random arrangement. This is my response to the request in paragraph 4 for interference in the Community’s proposals. It would be nice if there was a functional item that we could put in our inventory, and like the ammo converter, go up and select (non-legendary) items from our inventory to make a mess of. They are removed from the inventory and placed in the camping items menu as camping items, where they are shown as a display case, but without the display case, as a person in the middle. These items can eat up a budget in your warehouse just like any other constructed item, and the unit will simply refuse to add more if there is not enough budget to add more. All these objects have models anyway, so in many cases it would be cool to have some practical versions.
  8. Allies, collectors (and my beacons when added) in the underground shelters. One of the most common problems of people who use shelters is that they feel empty/empty. Most people don’t use them because they’re not very practical to use (you can’t draw resources from them, and camps have more creative freedom), so why not ask someone to put allies, collectors, and other npc items in a hideout? It will make him feel alive. Even if you remove the functionality of the collector, it will likely be placed for the personality and life it brings to the person. As for the allies: If I had the ability to place an ally (or several) in a lair, I could really access the daily/radial quests or functions of some/most of my allies without having to launch them into my camp, which just takes time.

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