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No wonder the brand from the fashion capital of the world, Italy, now rules the world. Or at least in the fashion world.

The mere mention of Prada conjures up images of elegant accessories, fierce handbags and luxurious clothing for many – and for good reason.

There’s a reason you have such a reputation. There is something attractive about branded clothing. Prada has become one of the most influential companies in the world, selling a wide range of very expensive products (both in appearance and price).

Many of these things have inspired the creators of user-generated content, and some of them have even been reproduced perfectly.

Discover the best the Internet has to offer at Prada CC!

1. decoration of the cover of the Prada

Prada Clutch Decor CC for The Sims 4

Refer to this CC

You can’t let your Sim experience a rich and famous lifestyle without Prada handbags scattered throughout the house.

And once they have that euphoric attitude, everyone wants a piece of it.

Yes, it was a Britney Spears reference. Was he pressed a little too hard? It could have been.

But I had to put it here somewhere, because that’s the feeling I get from Prada.

I know money can’t buy happiness, but it’s definitely a good luck charm for your Sims.

2. prada block heels

Prada Block Heels CC for TS4

Refer to this CC

I really wish the game had a realistic sound effect when you wear sim heels.

Imagine the performance they can achieve on a wooden floor or walkway.

Even if you have to simulate the game, these DallasGirl wedges will make your sim look unstoppable.

Prada shoulder bag

Prada Shoulder Bag CC - TS4

Refer to this CC

Bags are the first thing I think of when I hear “Prada.”

This shoulder bag from badddiesims (exact name if any) is a simple yet exciting way to add designer accessories to your game.

This little triangle logo will make a lot of people happy.

4. Prada cloudburst thunder knit sneakers

Prada Cloudburst Sneakers CC - TS4

Refer to this CC

Apparently Prada makes sneakers?

Honestly, I had no idea they made shoes before I started this list. I saw the heels and I thought, okay, that makes sense.

But sneakers? What a nice surprise. For me, anyway. I feel like it’s an old story for everyone…. ….

Whether you already know it or are just starting to get into it like me, these shoes are a solid replica of reality for your Sims.

I would say I have almost never experienced a vacation like this. Store 4 must really love Prada! And soon all your sims will love it too.

5. Flaming Prada sandals

Prada Flame Sandals Mod - TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

I know there are a lot of beautiful clothes in the world of fashion. Most of the things I see are not exactly ordinary clothes, or something a normal person would wear to go shopping.

But nothing could have prepared me for Prada’s Fire Sandals.

I really like it.

It’s the cutest sandal shape, and the flames come off the heel! I couldn’t have imagined anything more beautiful.

Choose from the brightest and most vibrant shades of red, blue, pink or gel.

As if that wasn’t surprising enough, Prada socks are an added bonus. It’s probably the only time socks really go well with sandals.

Why? Because Prada. It’s all about summarizing, isn’t it?

6. Prada hobo bag

Prada Hobo Bag Design - TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

Here we have two for the price of one again, this time a mix of two luxury brands.

You get a Gucci shirt with an integrated Prada bag!

Pretty cool, right?

Two for the price of one, and the price in this case is zero simoleon. However, I doubt that real companies offer such deals.

There are actually several t-shirts to choose from here, from regular t-shirts to t-shirts from other designers, as well as t-shirts with flowers and graphic designs. Eansims really covers all the bases with this CC set.

It’s actually a brilliant idea that I’d like to see more of. Handbags have always been a focal point for The Sims. I can understand why, because no matter what I do, my Sims spend the most time in them.

But it’s still fun to experiment with little things like this here and there.

And if you want more Gucci CCs in your Sim’s life, check out our other CC lists here.

7. velvet handbag milana prada

Velvet Milano Prada Handbag in The Sims 4

Refer to this CC

I’m the kind of person who sees “Milano” and immediately thinks of cookies. But that velvet bag could have changed that.

This wallet really looks like velvet, a material I still appreciate. It comes in five shades, from white to black.

All crazy, of course.

Your sim will be ready in no time.

Eighth Prada bag.

Basic Prada Bag CC for The Sims 4

Refer to this CC

Finally, I would like to introduce you to this luxury bag from PlatinumLuxeSims.

It looks a lot like many of the bag accessories listed above, but this is a decorative item! Perfect to place in a Sim’s home, or to add some clutter to a wealthy Sim.

Give the guests who come into your home and walk around because they are paying rent something to really see.

I mean, don’t do that. It’s too mean. Be humble.

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