Best Servants in Fate Grand Order

The Servants of the Rock of the Great Order differ in many ways, including the Noble Phantasm (NP), a unique special attack launched during battle. When choosing a server, the first thing to take into account is the style of play you prefer, as well as the specific role and general value you want to bring to the table. Knowing why servants are strong and how to use them as a team is essential in deciding which one to choose. However, this guide recommends first level options – all of which are considered the most desirable: recognition of team applications, scoring, competencies, skills and overall performance in the game.

Altria Pendragon (Sagittarius) image via

Altria can spam her NP like no other servant. She has offensive and defensive qualities at team level, but also a great use. Strengths include the acquisition of top class FNs, the ability to maintain a team and sufficient relevance for challenging quests. Among the various shortcomings are the unreliability of the FN exits, the lack of flight or invincibility skills, and the limited possibilities for self-healing in situations. For players who want to make their way through the queen of the NPs, Altria is the perfect choice.

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Defined as a one-man support army, Merlin makes full use of the multiplication buffer. His special support capabilities include healing in a single turn (team-wide), loading NP in a single turn, and generating critical stars in a single turn using his NP, which has proved invaluable in challenging quests. Marlin’s main strengths are the support in case of damage, the maintenance of the terrain and a great regularity. On the contrary, his vulnerability to major damage and penetrating attacks, his vulnerability, his demands and his upgrade time are his drawbacks. However, Merlin is a great help if you want to do some serious damage.

Skathach-Skadi image via

The undisputed goddess of speed, Skathach-Skadi can launch rapid attacks and has a large NP load. She also has a strong influence on the way the masters play, which once again shows how valuable she is as a substitute. The main assets are the phantasmagorical Noble Loop (rapid attack), the phantasmagorical Noble Charge, the enormous damage and the critical hits. Their disadvantages include the low frequency of attacks (clearly defined as support staff), the low survival rate and a noble fantasy that is difficult to recharge at times when it is most needed.

Tamamo-no-mae image via

Tamamo-no-Me gives his team a large amount of money to pay the NP’s while they reduce their number. If you are looking for a foreign defender, this is the girl for you – thanks to her skills in reducing reloading and recharging through her NP. As said, this servant is best suited to work in an artistic team and should be for general use in such an environment. In her element, however, her use of skills is unparalleled and she is an essential part of any artistic team.

Zhuge Liang (El Melloi II) image via

Zhuge is one of the best supporters in the game. His impressive ability to make his entire team work (both offense and defense) while charging his NP sensors shows that he provides constant support to all the teams he’s part of. As mentioned above, in addition to its flexible NP load and large NP support programmes, its full support and usefulness for the team are among its most important assets. Some weaknesses are the limited defensive capacities and a lower ceiling than for more specialised carriers.

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