Add Zoom Meetings to WordPress (2021)

Looking for a plugin to add zoom meetings or webinars to your WordPress site?

With the global pandemic, many companies are being forced to put everything online – you could be one of them. Luckily, Zoom was there to take on the challenge and help everyone communicate digitally.

You still want to keep as many things on your own site as possible, and that’s where these WordPress Zoom Encounter plugins come in. These plugins allow you to create and manage meetings directly from your WordPress site. Some allow you to go even further and charge for admission, accept reservations and RSVPs, and more.

In this article, I will talk about the top five zoom plugins for WordPress that allow you to add zoom encounters to your website. Some of these plugins are 100% zoomed, others are regular event or booking plugins that offer special zoom integrations.

Let’s go!

The first five WordPress Zoom plugins in 2021

I’ll start with the plugins that are 100% Zoom oriented. Then I’ll talk about some other options that, while not 100% Zoom, can help you integrate Zoom meetings into your events or into the booking process.

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1. Video conferencing with Zoom

As the name suggests, video conferencing with zoom is a plugin that is 100% zoomed in. It is also Zoom’s most popular plugin, available for free on, where it is active on over 20,000 sites and has received 4.7 stars with over 135 comments.

This plugin allows you to manage meetings, webinars, recordings, users and zoom reports without leaving your WordPress dashboard, which is great.

The plugin does this using the Zoom API. The installation process requires the creation of the Zoom application, which takes 10 to 15 minutes. But once you do, it’s very convenient because you can manage everything without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

You can create new appointments as WordPress positions. You can also get a shortcut to add a custom message, page or message type. There are other sweets, for example:

  • Links to meetings for journalists
  • A countdown timer that indicates the start of the appointment and automatically adjusts to your local time zone.
  • View user details based on your Zoom account.

Adding shortcuts to common WordPress sites also means you can easily restrict access to them with any WordPress membership plugin.

If you want to monetize your Zoom meetings, the plugin also offers interesting features, but for that you need the paid version.

First, it integrates with WooCommerce so you can buy your Zoom appointments. It also integrates with WooCommerce appointments and bookings, so you can have Zoom meetings booked, which is useful if you are selling individual meetings (rather than a simple public meeting).

Another interesting feature is that it works with the WCFM Marketplace plugin, which allows you to create a market for scale inputs. For example, if you have several teachers in your yoga studio, you can allow each of them to publish their own paid evaluation products.

Price: Starts for free at The free version should be all you need if you can sign up for it.

If you want to sell appointments, the WooCommerce integration application costs $34 and the optional WooCommerce booking application costs $60.

Get a free version Get professional add-ons

2. eRoom

ERoom is another free plugin that allows you to add zoom appointments to WordPress.

The Zoom API allows you to manage meetings, schedules, and Zoom users without leaving your WordPress control panel. You get an administrative area where you can manage all your Zoom meetings and you can add meetings to any type of message, page or custom message via a shortcut.

If you want to restrict access to your meeting content, you can easily do so with a WordPress membership plugin.

If you want to sell access to your Zoom meetings directly, the developer also offers a paid add-on that integrates your meetings into WooCommerce. You can link Zoom Meetings to WooCommerce products that allow you to charge any price and accept payments through one of the many WooCommerce payment gateways.

In general, eRoom works in the same way as video conferencing with the Zoom plugin presented above.

Price: Starts for free at If you need a WooCommerce integration to sell access to your Zoom meetings, it will cost you $30 for an annual license or $99 for a lifetime license.

Get the free version of WooCommerce integration

3. Calendar of events

Event Calendar is the most popular plugin for event calendars on As the name suggests, you can add events to your website and display them in your calendar. Each event also has its own page with additional information.

The event calendar works for all types of events, from those with a human physical presence to digital events. It also has a dedicated zoom integration (via the Zoom API), which makes it listed as one of the best zoom plugins for WordPress.

Because the event calendar is integrated via the Zoom API, you can create and manage events directly from your WordPress dashboard. This means that you can automatically create a Zoom meeting when you organize a new event.

Better yet, your meeting is automatically added to your event calendar and all your participants are notified. You can also use the RSVP acceptance and ticketing features through the same Event Tickets developer plugin.

You can also hide the zoom link on your public event page and only show it to participants (either those who responded for free or those who bought a ticket).

Overall, it’s an excellent solution if you want a complete event management solution combined with Zoom integration.

Price: The events calendar is available for free on However, to access Zoom’s dedicated integration, you’ll need the Virtual Events add-on, which costs $69.

Get the free version Get the virtual events add-on

4. Amelia

Amelia is a very popular WordPress plugin for appointment scheduling. You can add one or more employees to your website, determine their availability and then allow visitors to book various services with these individuals.

It also has a dedicated Zoom integration, which means you can ask people to book a Zoom appointment directly from your website. If you offer one-on-one calls, this is a very good option for you.

In addition to individual meetings, you can also schedule group meetings, giving you another option. For example, you can offer online group fitness courses with or without a limit on the number of participants and allow multiple people to book these courses.

As a full booking plugin, Amelia also has features:

  • Check your availability (e.g. when people can make appointments).
  • Conference costs.
  • Limited capacity.
  • Set recurring appointments. For example, you can regularly zoom in on a particular customer every Monday at 10am.
  • Manage your customers.

In general: If you are an online service provider and want to offer your customers the ability to schedule individual or group appointments through your WordPress site, Amelia is an interesting option to consider.

If you want to see it in action, you can watch this video with detailed instructions. For more information, see our detailed review of Amelia.

Price: Amelia has a limited free version, but for zoom appointments you need a premium version. The premium version costs $59.

Go get Amelia.

5. Responsible for the event

Finally, we have Events Manager, another popular WordPress plugin for events. It offers many of the same features as the events calendar presented above.

Overall, I’d say the events calendar has a slightly better design and user interface. That said, I think the event manager deserves attention for an important reason:

The Zoom integration plugin is offered for free, while for the event calendar you have to pay for the virtual event extension. That’s why the Event Manager is a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

Zoom’s free integration module allows you to create webinars or meetings in your WordPress dashboard while creating an event. You can also manage all Zoom meetings from your WordPress dashboard.

Users can sign up for events and you can then send them unique Zoom meeting URLs to attend.

If you want to accept payments, the free integration plugin also integrates with Events Manager Pro, allowing you to pay for access and get more premium features.

Overall, this is probably the best option if you want a complete event management system and have a tight budget.

Price: The Event Manager plugin is free. The zoom integration plugin is also free. If you want access to premium event features, Event Manager Pro costs $75.

Get an Event Manager Get a Scale

What is the best WordPress plugin for meetings and webinars?

Now let’s move on to the important question: what is the best zoom plugin for meetings/webinars?

Well, that depends…

If you just need a simple solution to create and manage Zoom meetings from your WordPress dashboard, I think video conferencing with Zoom plugin is a good place to start. Or, eRoom is another solid option with a list of similar features.

On the other hand, if you want a more complete event plugin that integrates with Zoom, consider the Event Calendar + Virtual Events add-on for a premium paid solution or Event Manager for a robust free option.

And if you want to make individual or group reservations through Zoom, Amelia is definitely one of your best options.

Still have questions about how to integrate Zoom Meetings with WordPress? Ask in the comments!

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