200 Unique and Cool names for Boys and Girls

Since its release in 2017, PUBG has tens of millions of active players worldwide. Over the years, it has become not only one of the most played Battle Royale first-person shooter games, but also one of the most played mobile games of all time.

If you are new to the game or have just started eating chicken with your friends and are looking for a unique PUBG name that will set you apart from the crowd, here we have listed 200 unique PUBG names that are suitable for both boys and girls.

If you’re wondering how to change your name in PUBG, follow our guide linked below.

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  • Freakazoid
  • Pulse Fire
  • Right
  • Deadshot
  • Thuglord
  • Dear Director of Blue
  • It’s a cruel fact.
  • The green ghost
  • Flop Blossom
  • A breathtaking tornado
  • Tango Boss
  • Accurate arrow
  • Kill Veronica
  • Optimal aces
  • The Black Knight
  • Hostile bandits
  • Soil Cleaner
  • Local cooking stick
  • A happy murder.
  • The fear killers
  • Cockpit sling
  • Highland Monk
  • Left division
  • Jack Flipper
  • The butcher’s pig
  • Gif
  • Skidrow
  • Sacrum
  • BigBrother
  • A young weapon
  • Pro-Kopshot
  • The power of anger
  • The starving admirals
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • A controversial strategy
  • Chief Gunner
  • Muddled criminal.
  • Strange Love
  • Muddled criminal.
  • Elf Soldier
  • Bold thieves
  • The famous war
  • Agent47
  • Black Warrior
  • Fighters who are asking
  • Chugger
  • Blood System
  • Cause of death
  • Rock Duke
  • Eating bullets
  • The scandalous Michelle
  • Collateral damage
  • Gabriel Groomer.
  • Pulls 2 Pulls
  • Destroyer
  • A death veteran
  • Bravely walking alone
  • Tonight’s player
  • Working Pegasus
  • Agent Hercules
  • Star metal
  • Night magnet.
  • Chief Gunner
  • Optimal aces
  • The return of Alpha
  • The dance maniac
  • Abnormal vitality
  • Drawing of lots
  • Stop switch
  • a powerful mafia
  • A desperate fat man
  • Escapists
  • The vigilantes on strike
  • The organic punks
  • The dragon exercise
  • A powerful beast.
  • Agent Hercules
  • Star metal
  • Night magnet.
  • Chief Gunner
  • Optimal aces
  • The return of Alpha
  • The dance maniac
  • Abnormal vitality
  • Drawing of lots
  • Stop switch
  • royal lord
  • Ravager
  • Weapon Fleet
  • He’s gone crazy.
  • Municipal waste
  • Sleep the Hulk.
  • Recruiting Demon
  • Full metal
  • Rusty Gunner.
  • GoonLord
  • PUBGJesus
  • Gravedigger
  • Madness Killer
  • The butcher’s offer

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  • EvilCess
  • HawkGun
  • Mysterious hunter.
  • Black Canary Islands
  • The treasure devil
  • Fantastic woman.
  • The Lush Player
  • The talent of wild cats
  • A pink nightmare.
  • Miss Fix.
  • Wild mare
  • Problem chicks
  • The queen of freedom
  • Sangria the quack
  • A digital goddess
  • Old Ambrosia.
  • Curious Caroline
  • Crazy Cinderella.
  • A tragic girl.
  • Neptune’s daughter
  • broken legs
  • Anonymous girl
  • cursed warrior
  • Ash
  • A hot lap
  • Lady Deadman.
  • Culturist
  • Beemo
  • Medusa of the head
  • Female knife
  • panda heart
  • Princess Pinckney
  • Dangerous virgin
  • A light in the foreground
  • The queen of acid
  • Floyd GunGirl.
  • Beans for players
  • mafia princess
  • Titanium Beetle
  • Emerald Goddess
  • Killer eye.
  • Extreme Saturn
  • War Miss
  • Evil Muffin
  • The black star
  • destiny woman
  • The property of the devil
  • master executioner
  • A brave warrior
  • SunnySideDead
  • the queen of Harley
  • Miss Mafia
  • The girl from hell
  • The black queen
  • The devil Quinn.
  • Winner
  • Witch of Destiny
  • The Lush Player
  • The talent of wild cats
  • A pink nightmare.
  • Miss Fix.
  • Wild mare
  • Problem chicks
  • The Queen of Freedom
  • Sweets for the eyes
  • Hungry shark.
  • PreDator
  • Muddled criminal.
  • Irresistible Vertigo
  • Bullet Funk.
  • The subliminal killer
  • Crazy gun.
  • A sexy unicorn
  • Demon hunters.
  • The death trap
  • Akali
  • Baron Fiora
  • Demon Janna.
  • Calisto
  • Sister BoneBreactor
  • Carmaleute
  • Similar ideas
  • Miss Fortune
  • Throat grate
  • Quinn
  • Rell
  • hunting for Senna
  • The coupon fight
  • CombatSharp Trist
  • Ghostly weather vane.
  • Yuumi’s Hot Sling
  • SummerDeath
  • The royal daughter
  • Female knife
  • WaveKiller
  • Laughing plush
  • Burnpacer
  • The anger of the lion
  • The serial killer
  • Mass Damage

If you didn’t find a suitable name for your PUBG character in this list, you can also try generating unique names in name generators like NickFinder, and you can even style these names on websites like Lingojam.

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If you want to add a little spice to your PUBG name, you can add any of the following characters to your name.

٭ Ł × ®
【】 ⦇⦈

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Yathart Singh.

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How can we make this subreddit even better?: Suggestions for improving engagement and discussion.

I read

r/truegame for quite some time, and I’ve had a lot of discussion and reflection on the subject. If this subdit works, it really works. But there are many times when it doesn’t work. We’ve seen all the posts wind up on this topic…. so it can play its full part. Yes, it happens sometimes, but I think it happens more here than it should.

I have been thinking about some ways to improve the activity in this sub-law, however it is used. Many of the changes in attitude, some require a little more effort in terms of engagement – but all are designed to increase the quality and quantity of active contributions here. As always, these are just suggestions. That’s it:

1) Reconsider the lowest price.
2) Prepare discussion questions.
3) Avoid absolute language.
4) Steelman, if applicable.
5) Don’t limit yourself to the OP.

Proposal 1 : Reconsider the result.

This is probably the biggest mindset change we can make. When I’m browsing something new, I almost always find at least one thread that is 0 upvotes, which would be perfect for starting a good discussion. I click on it often and find 40% positive votes or very low value. Other positions may stay in single digits forever with only 53% of the vote or something.

A post with 0 karma is one of the most direct killers of Reddit discussions: few people see it, when people see it they are discouraged from participating (even if they are interested) because very few people see their comments and come back, and it tells the PO that your efforts were worthless and may cause them to abandon the post entirely. For a subreddit that expects posts with higher eforth and comment value, these effects are amplified.

Here’s an example from a few weeks ago (when I started thinking about writing this post). The PO wrote a good short description of what he was asking, gave some examples, and of course asked a clear discussion question. I was fascinated by the conversations and it made me think about the examples I saw.

He never went beyond 0 karma, and after a while the PO just deleted his post. I hope this didn’t cause them to leave the subreddit or stop posting in the future, because I liked their question and they made an effort.

Here’s what I propose: Do not use the bottom of the page to express your disagreement. Don’t use the bottom of the page to say you’re not interested. Reserve derogatory quotes for rude comments, incredibly low posts, or the same post you’ve seen thirty times this week. Don’t forget to increase voting rights not only based on agreement or interest, but also based on effort or ability.

Proposal for the implementation of the model series : Change the text in the summary to a positive/negative vote to encourage use for submissions rather than personal approval.

Proposal for Implementation of Mod (Strict) : Remove the down key.

Proposal 2 : Make discussion questions.

Another important point, especially for the posters here: Give readers something understandable to engage with. If someone reads your post and doesn’t know how to get involved, you’ll get more information about exactly what we should be discussing in the comments than actual involvement. Think about the explicit topics you want people to relate to – this will help them understand your arguments better, and makes access to the discussion immediately accessible. It’s a win-win situation. Even if you have an argument, you need to be able to articulate it clearly so that people will engage with it. Always give readers a clear opportunity to participate.

Proposal for the implementation of the model series : Include a clear thesis or discussion question or something similar in the rules.

Proposal 3 : Avoid absolute language.

That’s probably what kills my interest in the job or the comment the most. Please, Saint, try to avoid absolute language. There’s a reason why things like Mechanic X are terrible and have no traction whatsoever. Instead of saying that Game X is the best game of all time (the current post I remember), we should say that Game X does amazing things to make the .

I get it. We all have strong opinions here. I’m gonna go talk to the Final Fantasy II people. But think about what this absolute language really does:

  • This reduces the size of the discussion landscape. Instead of saying that Game Y also made great innovations that led to XYZ, some of which were better than X or Man, I never realized that Game X did all that. I was particularly impressed… that you attracted people with the most absolute statement. No, X was no good. Or yes, X was great. I liked it too. It’s much less interesting and leads to less engaging sub-discussions.
  • It focuses on an absolute statement. We’re all here as critical people who like to argue (this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone). But when we see fruit on hand, we tend to focus on that. It’s easy to argue the absolute claim, and you’ll see a lot of commentary focusing on that.
  • We get the impression that the PO doesn’t want to debate. This point is often overlooked by posters who use absolute language, but if someone writes a comment that relates to your position, it’s an investment. And if they don’t think it’s worth it, they’ll skip the job. If someone sees the position and thinks it is open to participation and discussion, it makes it easier to invest. If they see and interpret the message as something for which they only need approval or argumentation, they can simply avoid it. You don’t want to give the impression that you are too uptight and that the discussion is not worthwhile.

Avoid it if you can. It sets the initial tone for the entire post (or comment), and this first impression is very important. Express your contribution in a way that expresses a willingness to listen to disagreement or nuance.

Proposal 4 : Steelman, if you will.

The Wiktionary defines steelworker as (verb) Refuting a version of an argument that is stronger than the one given; correcting errors in an argument before refuting it.

In many ways, he is the exact opposite of a stooge. We’ve all seen posts that don’t ask a clear discussion question, where the central thesis is weak, where the examples are poor, where the OP uses absolute language, etc… but there is still an interesting nugget hidden in the general postulate. Feel free to sidestep any weakness and strengthen the discussion! Whether you present another thesis, provide a stronger example, or offer advice to the OP, we should try to do more.

I have seen many threads with a good idea, but a weak example where all the comments are about denigrating is the return to low fruit concepts. But I rarely saw anyone do it well, so X was a bad example…. But that said, the OP makes some sense with other examples. I’ve also seen it happen at the Y. It can be invaluable in generating discussion, and I’d love to see more of it.

Many of us here are new to this kind of engagement. A good argument needs practice! Formulating thoughts is clearly an art! A little kindness can go a long way.

Proposal 5 : Don’t limit yourself to the operating room.

This is very similar to point 4, but important enough to separate: They should not be limited by the actions of the OP. Instead of treating the item as a written document and arguing through the PO, change your mind so that this is the beginning of a possible discussion. This could go fast! (And I hope this is a hint for other suggestions!).

Is the OP close to the thought you had, but didn’t have time to meet? Commentary at the highest level! It can be more useful to explore a topic in more depth than to communicate it directly. I wasn’t able to ask discussion questions to the OP, but can you identify some? Then you must abandon them!

Don’t be afraid to take the first job and go somewhere else with it (if that makes sense).


Thanks for reading! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this (and perhaps other suggestions)!

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be included in the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason to publish it in that year. Therefore, upcoming games with a simple announcement and no major release date will not be considered.

By 2020, there will be a ton in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games waiting for you in the first half of 2020.

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10 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler should download

Regular travelers often need someone to inform them about hotels, vacation periods and places to visit. When you’re planning a vacation, you have to rely solely on your smartphone. I wonder how? Downloading a travel app to your smartphone is the best way to manage all your travel needs, including booking, in an inspired way.

Whether you are looking for advice on the time of your next flight, a hotel reservation for a stay or anything else, you can get it all through a variety of user-friendly applications. Still, travel applications give you access to a digital dictionary of the country you are going to. Thanks to some travel requests, you can also rent a cheap car in Dubai wherever you travel.

Here are some of the best travel apps you should install on your smartphone to get all the travel updates.

1. Living room secondary

Do you often spend time waiting in an airport lounge? If this is the case, you won’t have to wait any longer for flight time. Lounge Buddy is the best travel app that provides airline status updates. Even if your flight is delayed by a few minutes, you will be informed.

The Lounge buddy application gives you all the information you need for your stay in the lounge. Instead of saving time, take advantage of the waiting time by entering the room. In the members’ lobby, you can use the Wi-Fi, eat your meals and sit down to relax.

2. Triplet

Triplt is a great travel app that automatically backs up all your stuff. Whether you want to book flight routes, hotels, rental cars or travel tickets, this application makes it easy for you and also confirms your reservations. Business travelers must purchase an annual subscription to this application for $49 per year.

In addition to these booking options, Triplt offers its users a platform to share information with their loved ones. If you z. For example, if someone picks you up at the airport, you can give them the information about your triplets. This way, your friends and family can estimate the exact timing of your planting.

3. Hilton Honour

It was noted that business travelers organize and book all things before departure. If you are a person who often travels between countries, you should download the Hilton HHonors application. With this great application, you can eliminate all your worries about room selection.

Yes! You will be amazed by the most amazing feature Choose your number from this travel app. The application displays a full map of the hotel you want to stay in. Based on the floor plan, you can decide whether you want to live upstairs or downstairs. You also have the option to book a luxury room with all amenities.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb is an intriguing application for high-end families who prefer to live in rental properties rather than hotels. If you are looking for a house to rent, all you have to do is indicate the desired location, type of house, budget, dates and other basic elements. After entering this information you will receive the results according to your wishes.

In addition to choosing a rental property, Airbnb also offers its users the option of booking a rental property in advance. If you haven’t booked your home yet, you can do so now. But in order to rent a property in the area, you will have to hunt for houses without prior permission. Make your trip a comfortable experience with this application.

5. Surfing training

Couch surfing is another ideal travel application for travelers on a limited budget. Did you know that some locals offer couch surfing to travelers? In fact, couch surfing is a term used when a local traveler offers a free stay.

Of course, kush surfing doesn’t guarantee a luxurious and posh room, but it’s free. So why not consider contacting a local to stay home and save money to explore other destinations? You don’t have to worry about how to contact the locals. Install the Couchsurfing app on your phone and stay in touch with certain active locations.

6. Wallet with traces

Do you need a travel tracer for consumption? If this is the case, you will be happy to know that a wonderful travel expense tracking application can do the daily budget tracking for you. You will see many other tracking applications, but this application is very reliable because I used their budget organization feature.

You no longer have to check how much money you spent in a day. All you have to do is download a track wallet to your mobile phone. Each time you make a purchase, simply enter the amount you have deposited in your daily expense account. The application shows you an on-screen alert if you exceed a budget on the day of your vacation.

7. Packing unit

Do you often forget the essentials when you’re packing? That’s good. You will never forget the essentials you need to keep in your suitcase. No, I’m not going to suggest a list of what to take or not take. Because it all depends on the purpose of your trip.

Packpoint is a state-of-the-art application which unburdens your passengers. This application not only suggests the essential items for your trip, but also tells you how much clothing to bring. So stop relying on others and pack your own suitcase and follow instructions.

8. Serenity

Do you feel stressed and anxious during your flight? If you have a growing phobia, you may spend your travels in a constant state of anxiety. Have you ever tried to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with jet lag? You can also download the Tranquility application to help you relax.

The tranquility allows you not only to meditate and relax with soothing musical sounds, but also to become aware. You can listen to many self-care topics in this travel app to stay relaxed while traveling. As you listen to the meditative theme of tranquility, you will surely appreciate the spleen of flight. Download this application and relax.

9. Open picture

Among other travel-related needs, travelers are often hesitant to choose a restaurant. If you take good care of your health and eat well, you can also eat well. The Open Rice app gives you information on the most popular restaurants in Asia.

Open Rice not only lists the names of the restaurants, but also the dishes. So you should pick a dish and go to this restaurant. If you are tired of going out after a long flight, you can order food from the best restaurant in town right outside your door.

10. XE Currency Converter

Travelers who don’t have enough time to change money before departure should worry no more. Simply download the XE Currency Converter application to check the rates you receive.

Moreover, this application makes it easier for you to find the exact location of your exchange by indicating your location. So pay attention to the exchange rate of the other country and take your money accordingly,

So when you plan a trip, all you have to do is install these great travel applications and enjoy a luxurious trip. In addition, you should always look for the Rent a Car solutions if you are planning to travel to UAE soon.

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An Insight Into The Quality Mp3 Downloader

Uploading YouTube videos in MP3 format started a few years ago. At the time, many people were skeptical about how it would work. Some of their concerns related to the issue of copyright and the ease of downloading from the YouTube video platform.

People started taking these platforms seriously when they saw that they worked. The users of these platforms started to grow when everyone started uploading videos from all over the world to YouTube. The number of people who use video uploaders to upload videos to YouTube is impossible to estimate today, because there are many websites and many of them experience huge traffic every day.

Quality Mp3 Downloader

Top MP3 Downloader for downloading MP3s from YouTube

For the sake of clarity, we will list a few platforms, briefly describe them, and give an idea of how they are used to upload mp3 videos to YouTube.

1. Ontiva YouTube MP3 Downloader

Among the new downloaders that have appeared on the market is the Ontiva YouTube MP3 downloader. Ontiva has done a good job on branding, which has given it an advantage over its competitors. It is very easy to use. From the language icon on the page, you can select from many of the common languages on the site.

All this is done to make the site easily accessible. The loading speed is good. You have no problem registering. With Ontiva YouTube MP3 Downloader, you can also download multiple videos at once.

At this point, we need to know how to download YouTube videos in mp3 format using Ontiva YouTube MP3 Downloader.

Listing each step is the best way to give our readers a full understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. We summarize it in five steps

  • Copy the uniform resource locator called the clip URL link.
  • Open the Ontiva YouTube MP3 Downloader website and paste the copied link into the text box in the middle of the page.
  • Select the MP3 file format
  • Tap Convert, which is where the text box ends.
  • Conversion takes a few seconds. After the conversion, you need to click Download to save the video to your smartphone or laptop.

2. Evano YouTube MP3 Downloader

Evano is also one of the new chargers introduced not too long ago. As far as advertising is concerned, it must be acknowledged that Evano has managed to promote its platforms all over the Internet. With the huge publicity that Evano YouTube’s mp4 to mp3 downloader is launching, internet users have no choice but to try out the platform and see what it has to offer.

Since users have been using the platform, the Evano YouTube MP3 Downloader has received many positive reviews. It has excellent features like download speed, file accuracy and unique graphical user interface. It can be used without prior registration and also without payment.

It’s not our job to make articles too long. So, what we want to tell our readers here is that if they want to download videos with Evano YouTube MP3 Downloader, they can refer to the five steps for converting YouTube videos with Ontiva YouTube MP3 Downloader. If you apply the five steps correctly, your video will be downloaded perfectly with Evano YouTube MP3 Downloader.

3. VidMate YouTube MP3 Downloader

Vidmate YouTube MP3 Downloader has been around for a while now. It was introduced before the first two converters we already talked about – Ontiva YouTube MP3 Downloader and Evano YouTube MP3 Downloader. Vidmate was popular as a video player before people realized they could use it to download videos from YouTube.

VidMate YouTube MP3 Downloader

If you’ve used VidMate as a video player to watch movies on your device, you know what VidMate is good at. The quality of the video is very clear and you can use it for free. VidMate is a very fast downloader and has a nice graphical user interface to facilitate page navigation. It requires no registration and has no fixed limitations.

To avoid unnecessary repetitions that make our article long and also annoy our readers, we will use the method we used earlier. If you want to download YouTube videos with VidMate YouTube Downloader, you can refer to the five steps for downloading YouTube videos with Ontiva YouTube MP3 Downloader we talked about earlier.

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How to use the Windows Update Troubleshooter

In addition, Microsoft offers the Windows Update Troubleshooting Guide for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. For the first two the solutions are the same, for the second there is a separate section.

First you need to select the version of Windows you are using. The tool then prompts you to run the Windows Update diagnostics program.

Press Start Scan to find problems with Windows.

Press Repair All to troubleshoot proprietary technologies.

Scan the PC with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors that cause security problems and slowdowns. Once the scan is complete, the damaged files are replaced with new Windows files and components.

As you will see, there is no specific tool you can use to solve your update problems, but rather a series of steps you need to follow one after the other until you can install the updates.

For older systems, there is a list of commands that can be run on the command line to terminate the process.

Windows 10, on the other hand, has a series of small steps to discover the cause of the error.

Common sense suggests freeing up memory, forcing an upgrade process and updating the system drivers first.

Are most Windows errors due to outdated drivers? Update it like a pro now!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use troubleshooting guide, Microsoft’s Windows Upgrade Troubleshooting Guide is a handy tool. However, it may take longer to achieve this.

We therefore recommend a versatile tool like Restoro for a complete system check and a faster solution.

In addition, there are many other tools to repair the operating system.

Don’t forget to download the latest accumulated Windows updates after the repair.

If you’re facing a particular error code, we’ve probably already investigated the problem in our Windows Update help desk.

If all the solutions presented here have not solved the Windows Update problem, you need to reinstall or reinstall Windows. But we hope it doesn’t come to that.

FAQ: Learn more about the Windows update error

  • Why is my Windows Update not working?

There are many reasons why Windows updates are delayed or just don’t start or stop. These include damaged or missing files and system errors.

  • What does Windows Update troubleshooter do?

The Windows Update troubleshooter corrects any problems that may prevent you from installing the latest operating system updates.

  • How do I fix Windows Update on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has several specific diagnostics, including one for the upgrade process. You’ll find them in the Troubleshooting menu.

Still having problems?
Repair them with this tool:

  1. Download this PC recovery tool excellent on TrustPilot.com (can be downloaded from this page).
  2. Click on the Start Scanning button to scan for Windows issues that may be causing problems with the PC.
  3. Click Restore All to fix issues related to proprietary technologies (exclusive discount for our readers).

Restoro was downloaded by 0 players this month.

Editor’s comment : This article was originally published in December 2016 and revised and updated in January 2021 for timeliness, accuracy and completeness.

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6 Best Laptops For Seniors in 2021


We hope you enjoy the products we recommend! Please note that I may collect a percentage of sales through the links on this page. He helps us keep the lights on at night 😉

give up the foreplay. What is the best laptop for the elderly?

The fact is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer because not all seniors are the same. They have very different needs and requirements that we must meet. While some can’t keep up with technology, others are very good at using it. In fact, some older players are passionate gamers and computer problem solvers.

Of course, there are older people who are used to a simple installation and do not have the patience to deal with technical developments and details or even to change their current operating system.

Some of us also have elderly parents who are not at all familiar with computers and therefore need laptops and other comfortable and easy-to-use devices, while others still have physical disabilities that need to be modified with special accessibility features.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find the best laptops for seniors, including everything you need to know, and of course, a review of the best options we found.

What to focus on

For safety, use simple, easy-to-use devices. They are best suited for people who have no technical knowledge, don’t want to spend too much time troubleshooting, or have certain physical limitations that come with age.

This is especially true for those who are so used to the status quo that they don’t expect confusing changes, such as switching from Windows to Mac when even simple tasks like searching for files require a whole new learning curve.

Think about it: No one, young or old, wants to make and fix things all day and has the patience to do so. Instead, where possible, we want to get things done quickly. Besides, you don’t want your parents calling you in the middle of the night to fix your computer problems, do you?

How to find the best laptop for seniors

First, don’t make the common mistake of assuming your old computer is illiterate. After all, our elders are the generation that invented the computer in the first place.

Nor should you assume that he or she is able (or willing) to deal with new opportunities, which are often complex and overly focused. Even if your elderly parent seems to be getting along with his or her current device, you can always find ways to make things more user-friendly.

It is important that your purchase decision is based on the needs of those who will use the laptop. You should also keep in mind that you may need to make some modifications and adjustments to make the laptop more suitable for older people. Nevertheless, you should be able to find many suitable options on the market, and some of them are also very affordable.

Key items of note

When it comes to purchasing a laptop or other related device for a retiree, there are a few important factors to consider:

  1. Is he computer literate? For example, is your home computer still running Windows XP? Have you ever lent your Mac to an older person – and had a good experience? Is he used to Windows or Mac?
  2. What is the laptop used for? Does he only need a laptop for simple daily tasks like sending emails and reading the news? Is it active in online communities? Do they have hobbies, passions, or professions that require heavy use of equipment, such as B. Gaming or video editing?
  3. Does the older person have a physical disability such as poor vision, hearing loss or arm movement problems?

Minimum requirements

At a minimum, you should get a basic laptop with the following specifications:

  • DISPLAY: At least one 13-inch screen in Full HD resolution. It is preferable to use a larger size (15 to 17 inches), especially for people with visual impairments.
  • PROCESSOR: Any modern computer (except Pentium and Atom-based laptops) is suitable for everyday use and basic tasks.
  • ROM and DEVICE : 4GB for decent multitasking, 8GB for heavier tasks; 256GB for file, photo and video storage, and even home video editing.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: According to the senior you are used to.
  • KEYBOARD: Flawless, responsive, smooth, not spongy; preferably a normal-sized keyboard.

Additional functions

In addition to the above, a good sound system also contributes to a more pleasant experience for users with hearing difficulties. It’s also very handy to have two USB ports and an HDMI port, especially to be able to connect external keyboards and desktop panels if needed. It may also make sense to buy a lightweight laptop with a long-lasting battery if the older person likes to move and travel.

Best laptops for seniors

Here are your opinions on the best 2021 senior laptops:

Apple MacBook Air

Notebooks for seniors top 1

When it comes to laptops, in almost every category, MacBooks still come out on top. The Apple MacBook Air is no different than computers for the elderly. It has all the premium features you could want: a high-quality screen and keyboard, a (relatively) user-friendly operating system, and super-fast performance.

We could go on and on about what makes MacBooks so great, but chances are you already know that. Let’s talk about the drawbacks, which are not numerous. If your older employee is used to a Windows-based setup or if all their family, friends and colleagues use Windows, they may feel a little out of place and find the transition difficult. Another obstacle to a deal would be the price.

That’s about it. MacBook Air is one of the best laptops you can buy for young and old. However, if your senior has vision issues, you can opt for the 13-inch MacBook Pro instead, or better yet, the 16-inch version. Or, if he wants tech features, try the new Apple MacBook Air, which has a slightly better feature set than this machine, but is also more expensive.

  • 13-inch retina display
  • Intel Core i7 processor
  • 8GB RAM, 265GB SSD
  • Mac operating system
  • 12 hours battery life

ASUS Chromebook C202

Top 2 laptops for the elderly

If you’re looking for a Chromebook for seniors, the Asus Chromebook C202, a flexible notebook that meets the needs of the budding multitasker, is one of the most affordable and high-quality solutions. Although it is quite small (11.6 inches), it has a 180-degree hinge that allows users to turn the laptop into a book or tablet.

It’s a rugged notebook with impact-resistant components and rubber grips that can withstand accidental drops. The splashproof keyboard is also very thick and because the font size is 15% larger than most competitors, it’s easy to use, even for older users with vision problems.

Additionally, the seamless integration and functionality with Google Docs make this laptop an ideal tool for work (and study) tasks. It even allows the use of 64GB expandable SD memory and has a corresponding memory card slot. And, quite simply, it’s one of the cheapest laptops you can find.

  • 11.6 touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron N3060
  • 4 GB RAM, 16 GB storage
  • Operating System Chrome
  • 10 hours battery life

Acer Aspire E 15

Notebooks for seniors TOP 3

Another excellent budget option is the Acer Aspire E 15, which is ideal for fast processing. Simple controls and beautiful graphics make it a complete experience for casual users, professionals and all other types of users.

The E15 uses an eighth-generation Intel Core i3 processor that delivers reliable performance for most basic and medium tasks. It also has a long battery life, which is excellent for active users who often forget to charge their devices.

It’s also available in two versions: the cheaper version, with all the basic software for most workstations, or the slightly more expensive version, pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro, the Microsoft Office 365 suite, or expanded storage.

  • 15.6 Full HD display
  • Intel Core i3-8130U Processor
  • Operating system Windows 10 home
  • 13.5 hours battery life

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

Notebooks for seniors TOP 4

Here is an alternative to the Asus C202: The Asus Chromebook Flip C302 is an affordable notebook that stands out for its durability and quality. It’s a robust laptop that delivers fast and reliable performance with Chrome OS.

This is a good choice for basic tasks and simple games or photo editing. It may not have enough space to install programs and applications, but it is sufficient for most daily activities. Again, it’s incredibly cheap.

Indeed, the C302 and other Chromebooks are cheap, fast, portable, and long-lasting. However, this is definitely not for passionate gamers, nor for those with vision problems, as the screens are often small.

  • 12.5-inch Full HD touchscreen
  • Intel Core M3 processor
  • 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage
  • Operating System Chrome
  • 10 hours battery life

HP 14 flow

Top 5 laptops for the elderly

If you’re looking for a lightweight, fast and stylish laptop, we recommend the HP Stream, a 14-inch laptop that comes in a wide range of colors. It is an ideal and affordable choice for older users who only need basic functions like typing, surfing the web or sharing photos.

It has a very bright screen, easy to see in any light. Even the keyboard has volume, multimedia and brightness controls that work perfectly with Internet browsers and Windows Media Player.

And because it uses the Windows 10 operating system, it starts up quickly and runs smoothly. Other amazing features of this notebook include Office 365, a terabyte of cloud storage, a one-year limited warranty with 24/7 online support, and a slim, lightweight profile.

  • 14 HD backlit display
  • Intel Celeron N3060 Processor
  • 4 GB SDRAM, 32 GB memory
  • Operating system Windows 10 home

For more information about HP notebooks and desktops, please visit the HP website.

Dell Inspiron 14 5481

Notebooks for seniors TOP 6

The Dell Inspiron 14 is another great laptop for seniors. It is a flexible notebook that guarantees fun and entertainment and also offers many useful applications directly from the Microsoft Store.

This 2-in-1 laptop features a fast processor, bright display and MaxxAudio Pro speakers for a superior CinemaStream experience. You can also turn your laptop into a handy easel or tablet for easy viewing and editing.

Plus, it’s very easy to edit documents and photos with all the free and paid (but cheap) productivity applications, as well as all the cool games that everyone, regardless of age or lifestyle, is sure to enjoy playing.

  • 14 Ultra Live HD screen
  • Intel Core i3-8145U Processor
  • 4GB DRUM, 128GB SSD
  • Main operating system Windows 10 S

Laptop buying guide for retirees

An older person using a laptop

When buying a laptop for the elderly, it is important to realize that one person’s needs and preferences may be quite different from another’s. But there are some pretty common reasons to start.

For example, everyone (including you or me) wants to use the easiest laptop because it’s convenient and doesn’t have to deal with regular, annoying problems.

Again: Convenience and performance don’t always go hand in hand, and your elderly parents may have certain requirements for their laptop that should take precedence over ease of use in the usual sense.

First: Ask him

There is no better way to begin this journey than to ask your seniors what they want or need from a laptop, or at least what is not working or could be improved in their current or former facility.

You can’t be fooled by the misconception that older people are less tech-savvy, especially since many of them spend a lot of time in front of their computers and smartphones to stay connected to society and away from loneliness.

What is used for?

Most people, regardless of age, do the same activities and perform the same tasks on their laptops and mobile devices to keep up with their daily lives and stay in touch with their social circles.

This includes surfing the web, heavy use of email, managing banking, Facebook and other social media, participating in niche online communities, Skype and other related programs, and sharing, storing and printing photos.

Any modern laptop can easily handle all of these tasks; many can even do them simultaneously. However, if your line manager has special needs or requirements, for example B. video editing or gaming, you should be able to take these into account.

Maintain confidentiality; leave same frame

Like most of us, most seniors prefer to continue using what currently works for them and gives them comfort. For laptops, this means staying familiar by buying a laptop with the same configuration as your old device.

For example, if your elderly parents use Windows, don’t switch to a Mac laptop. If they like to move around the house and take their devices with them, get a tablet like the Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa instead of a laptop. Also, if you want large screens for watching videos, choose a laptop or desktop computer with the largest screen, like the Telikin 18 home office.

Don’t forget to save.

One important thing you should do is make sure that the existing installation used by your executive has a reliable backup, so that files and other important items are not lost during the transition.

Check and download the full installation or install the same copy on your new laptop, including software, settings and files. It is best to choose the same operating system and configure everything in the same way as on the old computer.

Processor and RAM

Unless your executive is a gamer, programmer, engineer or video editor, you don’t have to worry about speed and performance, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the latest hardware. For example, make sure you meet the minimum requirements. B. Intel or AMD processors and 4 to 8 GB of RAM.

However, if the intended user is one of the above users, you should look for suitable laptops. Here’s a list of the best laptops for engineers, for starters.


Older people generally like to keep family photos and other treasured memories, so it’s best to provide them with plenty of storage options. It should be at least 256 GB, but if your senior likes to store videos and other large files on his computer, consider a larger storage of 512 GB.

Anyway, if 1TB is good, in this case it would probably be a waste of space. The same goes for investments in SSDs.


While your elderly parents probably stay home most of the time and use their devices all over the house, it’s always best to choose a lightweight laptop that they can use more comfortably. The less weight the better, but even a 3 pound laptop will do.

Control panel

For users who suffer from vision, joint and hand movement problems, the typical keyboards of compact laptops are not the best option, let alone the on-screen keyboards of smartphones and touchscreen laptops.

Besides the fact that the letters are hard to see, they usually press several keys at once. So keep these tips in mind:

  • For older people with hand or joint problems, avoid tactile keyboards, tablets, iPads, small laptops and other devices with cluttered keyboards that are difficult to type on, even for ambulatory people. It is preferable to use full-size keyboards. If your laptop does not have one, buy an external keyboard to overcome these problems.
  • For older people with vision problems, you can even buy special keyboards that can be customized with large stickers, big keys and bright colors. He may be hard to find, but he’s definitely worth it.
  • Another option is to just buy big stickers, for example. B. Big Letters USA English keyboard stickers in black and yellow, and stick them on your senior’s current external keyboard or on the keyboard of a new laptop you’re buying.

Grandparents work on laptops


One of the things that young people are likely to benefit from is the ease with which we can use touchpads for laptops. A regular mouse is generally much easier to use for older users, especially those with physical limitations.

Touchpads make it easy to navigate the screen and move the cursor in the right direction. For some users, even a mouse can cause certain problems, such as hand tremors and a lack of fine motor skills. In this case, a ball mouse or a trackpad like the BIGtrack 2.0 trackball would be a more suitable option.

Pen or digital pen

If you’re not sure if your senior employee wants to (and can) use a pen or digital pen, forget about buying it, because it’s even harder to use and requires much more hand-eye coordination.

Smart assistants

Voice commands seem like a good and easy alternative, since all your senior employee has to do is say what they need instead of physically pointing them out, but you should be careful about investing in intelligent assistive technology. Many of these speech robots tend to speak quickly and require quick responses, which can be a problem for many.

Instead, consider a real assistant with exceptional help in Hometouch’s life.

Screen size

A bigger screen doesn’t necessarily mean the things on the screen get bigger; it just means more things fit on a screen. So it may be necessary to manually increase the size, especially for windows, fonts, etc.

  1. Open the control panel, click the Adjust IPS button, then zoom in to a comfortable size.
  2. You can also press the Windows and U keys simultaneously, then click on the magnifying glass and use the Windows and + keys to zoom in. This results in an increase of 25%.

Here’s an article on other ways to prepare a laptop for grandparents.

You might also consider buying larger display systems that don’t limit what you can see, even if you see more things on the screen. Or consider special magnification software for better management of specific or severe visual conditions.


If your grandparents wear thick glasses the size of the bottom of a bottle or work in an area where pixel size and image detail are particularly important, they don’t need more HD, so in extreme cases, investing in a full HD display is more than enough. Moreover, for people with vision problems, the magnification and size of the screen are more important than the resolution.


Notebook displays are currently available in a matte or glossy finish. Keep in mind that bright screens are worst in brightly lit areas, as they reflect too much sun and tire the eyes. On the other hand, matte displays are easier to view because they minimize glare.

Some useful tips:

  • If your grandparents prefer large screens, out of preference or personal necessity, it may be better to purchase a computer for the elderly, as desktops with large screens are more useful and installing external monitors on small laptops eliminates the need for a laptop.
  • Listen to your senior on his favorite operating system. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for them. There is an online forum where this topic is discussed, but it is best to ask your elderly parents what they prefer.
  • Laptop speakers are generally not as powerful as desktop speakers. Therefore, it is important to invest in a laptop that offers good sound quality (which usually means a large laptop that can install a decent sound system), especially if your elderly person has hearing problems.
  • Don’t compromise or solve the problem by buying the best headphones, because not everyone likes to wear something around their neck and ears all day. Not only can this be inconvenient, but it can also make using the device more difficult and cumbersome.

Ease of use

Contrary to what you may think, older people can easily absorb technology or learn anything as long as it is within their physical limitations and the technology is accessible.

The problem here is mainly the lack of patience to tackle supposedly complex tasks and problems, such as going through multiple steps and making tons of clicks to, say, send an email, create an account or solve a small problem.

A simple system will help. A streamlined layout and a simpler interface are important characteristics of user-friendliness. So when you buy a laptop for the elderly, it should not be packed with too many programs and features that they do not need and that will only complicate their lives.

Customer service

That said, it’s more than likely and completely normal for your grandparents to experience problems along the way, and unless you’re an IT professional, you’ll need a laptop from a brand that offers exceptional technical support, whether it’s live chat, phone calls, emails, etc.

In this case, Apple has the best customer service of any notebook brand on the market in most cases. Others are pretty good too; just look around, read customer reviews and check out forums on the internet to get a better idea.


Whatever laptop you choose, make sure it’s easy to use, comfortable, affordable and meets your senior’s needs, requirements and preferences. And of course, don’t forget a good internet connection.

After all, this is one of the great advantages of modern technology. In addition, older people who stay connected to family, friends and loved ones live longer and healthier lives. Here’s an article from the New York Times that elaborates on this.

You already found the best laptop for the elderly? Let us know in the comments so we can help others make their best choice too!

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MBR2GPT: Converting MBR to GPT Disk in Windows 10

Mbr2gpt.exe is a new utility integrated into the Windows 10 console that allows you to convert a hard drive with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition table to GPT (GUID Partition Table) without losing data or deleting an existing partition. The mbr2gpt tool can be used to convert the partition table in Windows PE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) or directly from Windows 10. This tool allows you to change the partition table from MBR to GPT, both on the data disk (non-system disk) and on the system disk where Windows 10 is installed (using the /allowFullOS option).

How does the MBR2GPT tool work?

The mbr2gpt.exe tool is part of a Windows 10 image of version 1703 (creator update). You can use mbr2gpt to convert a disk from MBR to GPT offline on earlier versions of Windows 10 (1507, 1511, and 1607). Earlier versions of Windows (Win 7/8.1) are not officially supported.

Pay attention. Previously, you could use the third-party tool gptgen to convert a non-system disk from MBR to GPT without losing your existing partitions. However, in order to convert the system disk, it was necessary to completely clean the disk, create a GPT partition table and new partitions, and then perform a clean installation of Windows 10.

The MBR2GPT documentation states that the following conditions must be met to convert the partition table of a hard drive to GPT :

  • The current partition table of the hard drive is the MBR ;
  • The disk has free space to place the primary and secondary GPT tables at the beginning and end of the disk;
  • The MBR table should contain no more than 3 partitions, one of which should be active (there should be no additional logical partitions);
  • The BCD configuration must have a boot record pointing to the Windows partition.

The logic of Mbr2gpt when converting an MBR disk to GPT is as follows:

  1. Disk Check ;
  2. If there is no EFI System Partition (ESP), it will be created using the free space of one of the partitions (if there is not enough free space, the error message Could not find space for an EFI System Partition will appear);
  3. The UEFI boot files are copied to the EFI partition;
  4. Metadata and GPT partition table are applied to the disk (MBR partition table is converted to GPT with no data loss on existing partitions);
  5. The BCD bootloader configuration has been updated.

Syntax of the MBR2GPT tool :

mbr2gpt /validate|convert [/disk:] [/logs:] [/map:=] [/allowFullOS].

  • /validate – the disk is only checked if the partition table can be converted (including checking the free space to store the primary and secondary GPT tables) : 16 KB + 2 sectors at the beginning of the disk and 16 KB + 1 sector at the end) ;
  • /convert- Start converting the hard drive if the check was successful;
  • /disk:- specifies the number of the disk to be converted to GPT. If the number is not set, the system disk is converted (like the Diskpart: select disk system command).
  • /logs:- specifies the path to the directory where MBR2GPT should write the log files. If the path is not specified, the %windir-% folder is used. Log files: diagerr.xml, diagwrn.xml, setuperr.log and setupact.log ;
  • /map:- allows you to specify additional partition table mappings between the MBR and GPT. Например, /map:42={af9b60a0-1431-4f62-bc68-3311714a69ad}. The MBR partition number is specified in decimal notation, while the GPT GUID contains delimiters. You can specify more than one card at a time;
  • /allowFullOS- By default, MBR2GPT can only be used in Windows PE. You can use the allowFullOS parameter to convert the system disk directly from a running Windows 10.  This key allows you to run the tool in a full Windows environment. If you do not specify this setting when using mbr2gpt on Windows, an error occurs: ERROR: The MBR2GPT can only be used from the Windows pre-installation environment. Use /allowFullOS to cancel.

Convert the hard disk from MBR to GPT without losing the gift of Windows 10.

The process of converting MBR disk to GPT disk is not reversible. Before converting, make sure your computer supports UEFI.

Before converting the partition table, check the current system disk for MBR to GPT conversion:

mbr2gpt.exe /disk:0 /verify /records:C:logs /allowFullOS

MBR2GPT disk validation : An attempt is being made to check the drive 0
MBR2GPT : Retrieve the layout of the
MBR2GPT hard drive: Validation facility, disk sector size : 512

Line MBR2GPT : A successful test indicates that the disk can be converted. Line MBR2GPT : Failure of the disk layout check means that the disk cannot be converted because it does not meet the conditions.

Another common error, can’t find OS partition(s) for disk 0, is usually related to using a third party boot loader or selecting the wrong disk for the conversion. You can also try moving the Windows boot files to the system partition (bcdboot c:Windows /f bios /s c:), and checking the correct entries for the WinRE environment on the BCD (reagentc /disable && reagentc /enable).
If the system drive is encrypted with BitLocker, you must decrypt it before converting.

You can now convert the partition table on the system disk:

mbr2gpt.exe /convert/disk:0

The MBR2GPT will now try to convert disk 0.
If the conversion is successful, the player can only be started in GPT mode.
These changes cannot be undone!
MBR2GPT : We’re trying to convert the drive 0
MBR2GPT: Retrieve the layout of the
MBR2GPT hard drive: Format, disk sector size enable: 512 bytes
MBR2GPT : I am trying to reduce the
MBR2GPT system partition: I am trying to shrink the
MBR2GPT partition of the operating system: Creating an EFI
MBR2GPT system partition: Installation of the new boot files
MBR2GPT : Rebuilding the layout
MBR2GPT: The default migration of boot records is
MBR2GPT : Added boot record
MBR2GPT: Correction of the correspondence with the drive letter
MBR2GPT : Conversion completed successfully
MBR2GPT : Before the new system can boot correctly, the firmware must be changed to UEFI boot mode!

Converting a drive from MBR to GPT from a Windows 10 installation happens in seconds.

To force the computer to boot from a new EFI partition, you need to change its settings to boot in UEFI mode. Reboot the computer and change the boot mode in the UEFI configuration from Legacy (BIOS) to UEFI (Pure) and save the changes.

Windows 10 should start successfully. With msinfo32.exe you can check whether Windows 10 is booted in BIOS mode = UEFI.

The main advantages of switching to native UEFI mode and the GPT partition table :

  • You can create a partition that is larger than 2 TB ;
  • Protect your boot environment with the Secure Boot ;
  • ELAM (Early Launch Antimalware) Technology ;
  • Device Guard and Credential Guard in Windows 10 Enterprise ;
  • Measured load

Convert MBR to GPT when installing Windows 10

The mbr2gpt tools can be used when installing Windows 10. You have z. B. has created a UEFI bootable flash drive and is trying to install Windows 10 on a hard drive with an MBR partition table on a UEFI-based computer. In this case, an error is displayed:

Windows cannot be installed on this drive. The selected drive has an MBR partition table. On an EFI system, Windows can only be installed on GPT disks.

If you don’t want to lose the existing data partitions on the MBR disk (it was used to boot in legacy mode or on a BIOS computer) when you change the disk partition table to GPT, you can convert the MBR disk to GPT directly from the Windows 10 configuration window.

  1. Press Shift+F10 on the Windows 10 setup screen to open the command line for the WinPE environment;
  2. Check if you can change the partition table of the disk to GPT. Run the command: mbr2gpt /validate
  3. If the returned validation command ends successfully, you can convert this disk; if the error message Error disk geometry -1 appears, it is very likely that there are multiple disks connected to your computer. Run the diskpart -> disklist command to determine the disk numbers. A particular disk can be verified by its disk number with the command: mbr2gpt /validate /disk:0.
  4. To convert the partition table of a disk, run mbr2gpt /convert or with the disk number mbr2gpt /convert /disk:0.
  5. The mbr2gpt tool creates a new EFI boot partition from the system partition, copies the Windows boot loader into it and converts the partition table to GPT (existing partitions remain intact). Just go to the Windows 10 installation screen, click Update on the drive selection screen and start installing Windows 10 on the selected partition.

MBR2GPT Known issues

After converting the mbr2gpt partition table, BitLocker and Hyper-V (available in Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows 10) are the most common issues.

If you have converted the system drive and try to activate BitLocker, you may receive an error message: The system cannot find the specified file. This is probably an issue related to the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE).

Try renaming the %windir%System32RecoveryReAgent.xml file and activating BitLocker (a new ReAgent.xml will be created automatically).

An error may also occur when running Hyper-V virtual machines:

The virtual machine cannot start because the hypervisor is not working.

To resolve this error, you must enable the Hyper-V autostart in the BCD configuration:

BCDEDIT /Set {current} hypervisorlaunch type auto

If you try to convert disks with older versions of Windows (7/8.1), the tool generates the error message that mbr2gpt cannot install new boot files. In this case, it is recommended to perform an in-place upgrade to Windows 10 first and then just convert the partition table.

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Detailed Guide on Resolving Start Crashes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Messenger WhatsApp

Holder and knife 2 : Bannerlord is not running? The game that drove players crazy with anticipation and excitement is finally here! However, much to the dismay of users, bugs and other technical problems have been reported, such as black screens, no sound, or simply the game not launching at startup.

Problems also arise, such as. B. a white screen at the beginning of Bannerlord.

It’s pretty annoying when the banner owner doesn’t want to start after hours of waiting. I remember playing new mods for Warband while waiting for Bannerlord to load.

All of these problems hinder their gaming experience (and also cause a tsunami of memes).

And if you run into any annoying problems, just browse through the article and solve them.

The flagship

The owner of the banner does not activate a patch

Most players reported a common problem with Bannerlord not starting at launch. Let’s look at some ways to solve this problem. Here are the possible corrections:

1. Try restarting the PC

Try restarting the computer first. I know it sounds trivial, but it usually solves the problem for a few players.

2. Missing files MSVCP140.dll

Fixed banner by adding missing MSVCP140.dll files

If this doesn’t work and the game keeps crashing on startup, try starting the game from the installation folder and make sure the path to the game folder contains only Latin letters and numbers.

Either way, that’s what you have to play the game with. Later you might encounter the missing MSVCP140.dll file error or any other .dll file error.

Don’t worry, this error occurs mainly because your Microsoft Visual C++ distribution kit is not updated.

Remember, all you need to do is uninstall and then download and reinstall the Visual C++ distributions, which will automatically update the file and fix the bug.

One mistake you might make is to just download MSVCP140.dll separately. Don’t do that. This will fix this particular error, but will display an error for the other missing .dll file.

3. Disable firewall, antivirus software

If Bannerlord still doesn’t work or is broken, the problem may be that the antivirus software or Windows Defender detects the game as a Trojan horse.

So you either have to completely disable the antivirus software or delete the files in the game from the control and command. Also disable Windows Defender. Restart the game, it will be launched at startup.

Many problems when starting the game are due to a bad installation. Check for errors during installation, try uninstalling the game and running the installer again.


4. Switch off external monitoring

Another problem that can lead to boot errors is the use of third-party monitoring software such as MSI Afterburner or GeForce Experience. Disable the third-party software you are using and the problem will be solved.

Configure the system so that the bank log does not work

5. Deactivating background programs

Try to turn off unnecessary programs running in the background. They prevent Bannerlord from starting by consuming too much memory or by limiting the game’s start process.

Instead of closing all programs one by one, you can start Windows in safe mode or disable certain services in the system configuration.

Use the following guide to disable system configuration services step by step.

 sys config Disable certain services in the system configuration.

6. Try reinstalling thebanner.

Assembly and installation of the clinker banner. Failure to start may be caused by an incorrect installation procedure.

Try to think of errors that may have occurred during the installation, which we usually leave out and only later when they cause problems.

And if you remember some of them, try to uninstall and reinstall the game with the antivirus software turned off, because antivirus software can accidentally delete important files during installation.

In addition to reinstalling, make sure your hard drive has enough space for the game. Also, try running the game as an administrator in compatibility mode with different versions of Windows.

Bannerlord supports all major operating systems, including Windows 10, 8 and 7.

7. Windows and GPU Driver Update

Still no luck? Before you lose hope, try checking what version of Windows 10 is running on your computer. If it is an old outdated version, upgrade to the latest version and start the game.

Also make sure to update your GPU drivers: for Nvidia, click here, for AMD, click here, and restart your computer once the installation is complete.

Device Manager

Download the DDU to completely remove all old drivers from the computer.

GPU manufacturers typically develop special drivers that optimize gameplay for specific games. Upgrading to the latest drivers is therefore not always useful, but it is something to keep in mind.

Users should try to avoid using the beta versions of the GPU drivers, as they are usually riddled with terrible bugs that cause undetectable problems in games.

Another thing is to install the latest version of DirectX for smooth operation. It can be found and downloaded from the official Microsoft website.

Does the game work? Read this article to learn more about grouping banners.

Banner owner: Launcher does not start

Not starting the banner logger is a problem reported by many users after trying to add mods to the game.

The banner editor is one of those mods that users have downloaded. This is a small mod that essentially allows users to add customization options to their profile banner.

Some users have reported that after downloading the seemingly harmless Vortex modification software and trying to get the game to work, it didn’t work.

A failed custom report :

…it (Bannerold) stops just before reaching the home screen. It doesn’t even give an error message, it just stops loading….

Unfortunately, removing the modifier and reinstalling Windows does not bring back the problem. Users regret installing software that seems to work well in other games.

Opinions of users :

…he did the same to me. I’m sorry I installed it.

Proposed method of banner attachment Do not start

If you got the game from Steam, try to start the game directly from the folder located at

C:Program Files (x86)Steam ApplicationSpeedMotion & Blade II BannerlordbinWin64_Shipping_ClientBannerLord.exe

Another solution is to first remove all mods managed by Vortex in the modules folder:

Steam library/common/urban/IIBannerlord/module

If this doesn’t work, go to the modules folder, try deleting the Submodule.xml XML file and start the launcher.

A tip would be to only run one custom module at a time.

National carrier does not start: FPS low Suspension

Games like Bannerlord show a huge amount of information per image, and on top of that, the game is always in Early Access.

This overloads the GPU, which is already struggling to maintain the desired frame rate.

When overloaded, it is not possible to provide the user with a continuous, non-turbulent image stream on the GPU.

Therefore, in order to extract as many images as possible, the user must install new drivers for the graphics card. This method is known to significantly improve the frame rate.

The user should also try to optimize CPU and memory usage in the task manager (opened by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE). Removing all non-viable programs from the Task Manager that consume CPU and memory resources will allow Bannerlord to run smoothly.

After all, you have to go into the game’s graphics settings and remove the antialiasing, which is just an unnecessary luxury and doesn’t affect image quality much.

Reduce the display settings to what the computer can handle without getting stuck or crashing in the middle of the game.

The banner owner does not start after an office failure

This problem can usually be easily solved by lowering the graphics parameters. Go to the graphics settings and reduce the resolution to what the computer can handle without crashing.

Most GPUs simply don’t have the power to maintain a high level of graphics.

Always be on the lookout for new game patch installations. These optimize the game so it runs smoothly. Don’t forget to enable automatic patch installation, which is usually the case.

Bank owner not working: Black screen

Users have reported a case where the game virtually crashed and a blank black screen appeared while game sounds could be heard in the background.

Some reports indicate that this problem may occur because the resolution of the game is higher than the resolution of your monitor.

In this case, try pressing ALT + Enter and the game will start in windows mode. Now go to settings and change the game resolution to native resolution.

The problem may also be related to the GPU. Therefore, check whether the graphics card meets the minimum requirements and install the latest drivers.

Sometimes a black screen may appear due to insufficient CPU power. Some users have also reported a white screen issue when starting the game.

National carrier does not start: Suspended installation

To solve this problem, first check that the hard drive has the minimum space required for the installation.

Note that downloading the game requires some hard drive space and 1-2 gigabytes of additional disk space, otherwise the game may not work properly.

Please make sure your internet service is working properly, as problems with your internet connection may interrupt the download.

Also, disable your antivirus software that prevents downloading files such as B..exe, as they can be mistaken for a Trojan horse.

Bank owner not working: Control does not work Correction

Sometimes the controls stop working, and the main reason is usually that another device is connected to the computer, for example. B. A mouse, keyboard, etc. similar

Try to remove extra material to regain control of the game.

If the user has a connected gamepad, try using software that mimics the Xbox gamepad, remember games officially only support Xbox gamepads.

Banner Leader: No noise correction

Users report that when they start Bannerlord, they don’t hear any of the songs in the startup theme, or it seems that the sound card is not connected.

To resolve this issue, try deleting the Mount and Blade II Bannerlord folder from the Documents folder and restarting the game.

Also check if the sound works in other programs. If that is the case, at least the sound card is working properly.

Next, make sure sound is enabled in the game settings, and also make sure the correct sound device is selected in the Windows sound settings.

If the user has an external audio card installed, check to see if all the proper drivers are installed and updated or not.

Holder and knife 2 : The flag bearer is probably the biggest outing of the year. He deserves all the admiration he can get, thanks to the impressive work of TaleWorlds. Reminder: The game is still in its infancy, so a few bugs here and there shouldn’t be a problem.

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How to Make an Ark Non-Dedicated Session? How to Join?

You know you can have a free session of l’Arche. An unassigned L’Arche survival session has its advantages, and if you are interested in doing an unassigned L’Arche session, then you have come to the right place, because in this article we will discuss how to do an unassigned L’Arche session and how to participate in it, so let’s get started.

Unassigned Ark Session

More information can be found here: Destiny 2 Server Down January 19, 2021 | Destiny 2 Update 3.0.2 Patch Out

Before you start an Ark Non-dedicated session, you should know the pros and cons of sessions or servers, and what is the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated servers, take a look.

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. A dedicated server is a server where you cannot play on the same instance of the program. For example, if you’re talking about whether a dedicated server runs the world, is there a real simulation that you can see on the screen and what else? Or do you do it without all that and just have some sort of control screen?

So here’s the answer. A dedicated server or session is simply a program that resides on the game world, and it is not the version of the game. There is no graphical representation or simulation of the world, and it is just a program running. In addition, you can only see the world in clients that connect to a dedicated server and play. The server does not require a GPU, CPU, RAM or storage.

So now you know the difference between a dedicated Ark server and a non-dedicated Ark server or any game.

More information can be found here: How to create a clan in Destiny 2? Simple instructions 2021

How can I benefit from a free l’Arche session?

Here are all the steps you need to follow to make a l’Arche session non-dedicated.

The first thing you need to do is click on the host/local, there you need to set up all the mods like introducing the mods and correcting the stats for the server, also watch the video below to know more about this step. After configuring the mods, click on the non-dedicated server and you can set the server name and administrator password.

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When you are done, you now need to join your friends and to do this, click on Ark, then click on the session filter and select the non-specific sessions, then you can just enter the name of the server and join the session.

So all you have to do is make l’Arche a non-dedicated session or a non-dedicated server for l’Arche.

And it’s all thanks to this guy called Svetuga. He posted a video on youtube showing how to create his own uncommitted Ark server and how to join it. We recommend that you watch the video once to better understand the situation.

If you experience any problems creating your own non-dedicated server in Ark evolved survival, let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to watch the video as well.

So it was a matter of making l’Arche an unholy session? How to join.

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I hope you like our approach to the theme How to make an ark optional? How to join.


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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 series: What’s new and different?

After dozens of leaks in the weeks leading up to the announcement, Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy S smartphone range at an online event on Thursday.

With the radically different design and relatively low prices introduced by Samsung, the new devices attracted a lot of attention, but how did Samsung get there?

From downgrading the display to removing the expandable memory, there are many things that are different from the previous generation. This article compares the S21 and S20 series to keep you up to date on the new features and differences between the two generations of flagship ships in the Galaxy.

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The design of the smartphone has become monotonous as each manufacturer follows the design of the other. But this year, Samsung tried to bring something new to the table with the camera module.

The Korean manufacturer has retained the high-contrast camera module, although the body now appears to have merged with the camera frame.

What's new and different? S21 Ultra, S21+ and S21 (from left to right)

A new matte finish is also available across the line. The smaller S21 also continues the trend of replacing the rear window with plastic. All of last year’s models had muted colors, but reflective glass panels that gave them a shiny, fingerprint-like appearance.

Like last year’s Note 20 Ultra, the S21 series also uses Gorilla Glass Victus, which promises better scratch resistance and drop protection.

The devices are available in the following colour variants:

Galaxy S20 Series

  • Galaxy S20: Grey, blue, pink
  • Galaxy S20+:  Grey, blue, black
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra : Grey, black

Galaxy S21 Series

  • Galactica S21: Purple, white, pink, grey
  • Galactica S21+: Purple, silver, black
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: Black, Silver

In some regions, devices ordered on Samsung’s official website are available in additional colors. These are red and gold for the S21+ and brown, navy and titanium for the S21 Ultra.

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High refresh rate panels are a highly coveted feature of smartphone displays, and last year’s models offered it, but with a caveat.

The S20 series has a QHD+ display, but if users want to use 120 Hz, the resolution must be set to 1080p. In the new S21 and S21+ models, the FHD+ panel (2400 x 1800) has replaced the QHD+ (3200 x 1440).

What's new and different? The S20 series has panels with a resolution of 1440p.

The S21 Ultra retains the QHD+ display and now supports 120 Hz at this resolution – a significant improvement over the S20 Ultra. The software is also now capable of adapting to the content being displayed, along the lines of Apple’s ProMotion technologies in the iPad Pro range.

The S21 Ultra also offers a holder for the S Pen, which is now available as an optional accessory. If you already have one, it will also work with your new smartphone.

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This year’s use of the SoC also offers a significant generational leap. The Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 used in the new devices feature built-in 5G modems, a 5nm manufacturing process for higher efficiency and 25% and 30% improved processor performance over the previous generation Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990, respectively.

Series The Samsung S21 is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 in some areas.

For customers, the fact that devices with Exynos processors are still being sold in some regions may be an issue. Samsung claims to have improved its chip, but only time will tell.

In the previous year’s models, these chipsets were powered by the 4000mAh, 4500mAh and 5000mAh batteries of the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra respectively. For the new devices, the batteries for the S21 and S21 Ultra have remained the same, but the S21+ has been increased to 4800 mAh.

All phones support 25W fast charge, 15W wireless charge and 4.5W reverse charge. The S20 Ultra also supports speeds up to 45W, which has been removed from the S21 Ultra.

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Unlike the slightly different camera system of the S20 and S20+, the newer models, the S21 and S21+, have the same configuration.

The S20 features a three-lens system consisting of a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 64-megapixel telephoto lens. The S20+ adds a depth sensor to this setting, giving it a total of four lenses.

The S21 and S21 Plus models have similar features to the previous generation, including a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 64-megapixel telephoto lens. So, as before, users can expect better camera performance thanks to updates in digital photo algorithms.

What's new and different? Galaxy S21 Plus

The S20 Ultra features a four-camera system including a 12 megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor, 108 megapixel wide-angle sensor, 48 megapixel telephoto lens and a depth sensor. But the large 108-megapixel sensor caused focus issues – the solution came when Samsung introduced the laser autofocus system on the Note 20 Ultra.

The S21 Ultra implements the improvements of Note 20 Ultra and offers a four-camera configuration consisting of a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle lens with autofocus, a 108 MP wide-angle lens and two 10 MP telephoto lenses, one of which offers a 3x optical zoom and the other a 10x optical zoom.

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While the S21 series has seen price drops in key Western markets, smartphones have seen a slight price increase in India – likely due to the inclusion of 5G-compatible hardware that was missing from last year’s models.

Also, if you’re a consumer who prefers Samsung because of its expandable memory, the S21 series comes off sadly.

The prices according to the storage options for the different models are shown below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

  • The S20 boots are available with 66,999 INR or 999 USD for 8 GB RAM (12 GB in the US) and 128 GB internal memory.
  • The S20+ boots on INR 73,999, or $1,199 for 8GB of RAM (12GB in the US) and 128GB of internal storage.
  • The S20 Ultra boots at 92,999 INR or $1,399 USD for 12GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

  • The S21 boots on 69,999 INR, or $799 for 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.
  • The S21+ starts at 81,999 INR or $999 for 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.
  • The S21 Ultra boots at 1,05,999 INR, or $1,199 for 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.
Category Galaxy S20 series Galaxy S21 series
show S20 : QHD 6.2-inch + AMOLED InfinityO
S20+ : 6.7-inch QHD + AMOLED InfinityO
dynamic display S20 Ultra : 6.9-inch QHD + AMOLED InfinityO
dynamic display (120Hz only used with FHD+ resolution)
S21 : 6.2 inch FHD + AMOLED Infinity-O dynamic display (120 Hz adaptive, between 48 Hz-120 Hz)S21 + : 6.7 inch FHD + AMOLED Infinity-O dynamic display (120 Hz adaptive, between 48 Hz-120 Hz)S21 Ultra : 6.8 inch QHD + AMOLED Infinity-O dynamic display (120 Hz adaptive, between 10 Hz-120 Hz)S21 Ultra : 6.8 inch QHD + AMOLED Infinity-O dynamic display (120 Hz adaptive, between 10 Hz-120 Hz)S21 Ultra : 6.8 inch QHD + AMOLED Infinity-O dynamic display (120 Hz adaptive, between 10 Hz-120 Hz)
Processor Snapdragon 865, Exynos 990
(chipsets vary by region).
Snapdragon 888, Exynos 2100
(chipsets vary by region).
Camera Rear
S20 : 12MP ultra-wide + 12MP wide angle + 64MP telephoto
S20+ : 12MP ultra-wide + 12MP wide angle + 64MP telephoto + depth sensor
S20 Ultra : 12MP ultra-wide + 108MP wide-angle + 48MP telephoto (3X zoom) + depth sensorFace
S20 : 10MP
S20+ : 10MP
S20 Ultra : 40 MEGAPIXEL
S21 : Lens 12MP Ultra Wide + 12MP Wide + 64MP Telephoto
S21+ : 12MP ultra wide + 12MP wide angle + 64MP telephoto
S21 ultra : 12MP ultra wide + 108MP wide + 10MP telephoto (3x zoom) + 10MP telephoto (1x zoom) + laser autofocus sensorSilk
S21 : 10MP
S21+ : 10MP
S21 Ultra : 40 MEGAPIXEL
Storage S20 : 128GB
S20+ : 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
S20 Ultra : 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
(options may vary by region)
S21 : 128 GB, 256 GB
S21+ : 128GB, 256GB
S21 Ultra : 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
(options may vary by region)
RAM S20 : 8GB, 12GB
S20+ : 8GB, 12GBS20 Ultra : 8GB, 12GB, 16GB
(options may vary by region)
S21 : 8GBS21+: 8GBS21 Ultra : 12GB, 16GB
Battery S20: 4000 mAh
S20+: 4500 mAh
S20 Ultra: 5000 mAh
S21: 4000 mAh
S21+: 4800 mAh
S21 Ultra: 5000 mAh

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